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Frugal Paradigm Completion

no code implementations ACL 2020 Alex Erdmann, er, Tom Kenter, Markus Becker, Christian Schallhart

Lexica distinguishing all morphologically related forms of each lexeme are crucial to many language technologies, yet building them is expensive.

Evaluating Long-form Text-to-Speech: Comparing the Ratings of Sentences and Paragraphs

no code implementations9 Sep 2019 Rob Clark, Hanna Silen, Tom Kenter, Ralph Leith

We compare the results obtained from evaluating sentences in isolation, evaluating whole paragraphs of speech, and presenting a selection of speech or text as context and evaluating the subsequent speech.

Speech Synthesis Text-To-Speech Synthesis

CHiVE: Varying Prosody in Speech Synthesis with a Linguistically Driven Dynamic Hierarchical Conditional Variational Network

no code implementations17 May 2019 Vincent Wan, Chun-an Chan, Tom Kenter, Jakub Vit, Rob Clark

The prosodic aspects of speech signals produced by current text-to-speech systems are typically averaged over training material, and as such lack the variety and liveliness found in natural speech.

Sentence Speech Synthesis

HiTR: Hierarchical Topic Model Re-estimation for Measuring Topical Diversity of Documents

1 code implementation12 Oct 2018 Hosein Azarbonyad, Mostafa Dehghani, Tom Kenter, Maarten Marx, Jaap Kamps, Maarten de Rijke

For measuring topical diversity of text documents, our HiTR approach improves over the state-of-the-art measured on PubMed dataset.

Topic Models

Attentive Memory Networks: Efficient Machine Reading for Conversational Search

1 code implementation19 Dec 2017 Tom Kenter, Maarten de Rijke

We argue that the process of building a representation of the conversation can be framed as a machine reading task, where an automated system is presented with a number of statements about which it should answer questions.

Conversational Search Information Retrieval +2

Neural Networks for Information Retrieval

no code implementations13 Jul 2017 Tom Kenter, Alexey Borisov, Christophe Van Gysel, Mostafa Dehghani, Maarten de Rijke, Bhaskar Mitra

Machine learning plays a role in many aspects of modern IR systems, and deep learning is applied in all of them.

Information Retrieval Retrieval

Siamese CBOW: Optimizing Word Embeddings for Sentence Representations

2 code implementations ACL 2016 Tom Kenter, Alexey Borisov, Maarten de Rijke

We present the Siamese Continuous Bag of Words (Siamese CBOW) model, a neural network for efficient estimation of high-quality sentence embeddings.

Sentence Sentence Embeddings +1

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