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RoadMap: A Light-Weight Semantic Map for Visual Localization towards Autonomous Driving

1 code implementation4 Jun 2021 Tong Qin, Yuxin Zheng, Tongqing Chen, Yilun Chen, Qing Su

Finally, the semantic map is compressed and distributed to production cars, which use this map for localization.

Autonomous Driving Visual Localization

AVP-SLAM: Semantic Visual Mapping and Localization for Autonomous Vehicles in the Parking Lot

2 code implementations3 Jul 2020 Tong Qin, Tongqing Chen, Yilun Chen, Qing Su

In this paper, we exploit robust semantic features to build the map and localize vehicles in parking lots.

Autonomous Vehicles Navigate

Data-driven learning of non-autonomous systems

no code implementations2 Jun 2020 Tong Qin, Zhen Chen, John Jakeman, Dongbin Xiu

To circumvent the difficulty presented by the non-autonomous nature of the system, our method transforms the solution state into piecewise integration of the system over a discrete set of time instances.

A Non-Intrusive Correction Algorithm for Classification Problems with Corrupted Data

no code implementations11 Feb 2020 Jun Hou, Tong Qin, Kailiang Wu, Dongbin Xiu

A novel correction algorithm is proposed for multi-class classification problems with corrupted training data.

Classification General Classification +1

Structure-preserving Method for Reconstructing Unknown Hamiltonian Systems from Trajectory Data

no code implementations24 May 2019 Kailiang Wu, Tong Qin, Dongbin Xiu

We present a numerical approach for approximating unknown Hamiltonian systems using observation data.

A General Optimization-based Framework for Local Odometry Estimation with Multiple Sensors

4 code implementations11 Jan 2019 Tong Qin, Jie Pan, Shaozu Cao, Shaojie Shen

We validate the performance of our system on public datasets and through real-world experiments with multiple sensors.

Visual Odometry

A General Optimization-based Framework for Global Pose Estimation with Multiple Sensors

4 code implementations11 Jan 2019 Tong Qin, Shaozu Cao, Jie Pan, Shaojie Shen

We highlight that our system is a general framework, which can easily fuse various global sensors in a unified pose graph optimization.

Pose Estimation

Data Driven Governing Equations Approximation Using Deep Neural Networks

no code implementations13 Nov 2018 Tong Qin, Kailiang Wu, Dongbin Xiu

We demonstrate that the ResNet block can be considered as a one-step method that is exact in temporal integration.

Estimating Metric Poses of Dynamic Objects Using Monocular Visual-Inertial Fusion

no code implementations21 Aug 2018 Kejie Qiu, Tong Qin, Hongwen Xie, Shaojie Shen

By introducing an additional constraint in the time domain, our monocular visual-inertial tracking system can obtain continuous six degree of freedom (6-DoF) pose estimation without scale ambiguity.

3D Object Tracking Object Tracking +1

Online Temporal Calibration for Monocular Visual-Inertial Systems

1 code implementation2 Aug 2018 Tong Qin, Shaojie Shen

Visual and inertial fusion is a popular technology for 6-DOF state estimation in recent years.

Autonomous Driving Robot Navigation +1

Stereo Vision-based Semantic 3D Object and Ego-motion Tracking for Autonomous Driving

no code implementations ECCV 2018 Peiliang Li, Tong Qin, Shaojie Shen

We propose a stereo vision-based approach for tracking the camera ego-motion and 3D semantic objects in dynamic autonomous driving scenarios.

Autonomous Driving Motion Estimation +2

Reducing Parameter Space for Neural Network Training

1 code implementation22 May 2018 Tong Qin, Ling Zhou, Dongbin Xiu

For neural networks (NNs) with rectified linear unit (ReLU) or binary activation functions, we show that their training can be accomplished in a reduced parameter space.

Relocalization, Global Optimization and Map Merging for Monocular Visual-Inertial SLAM

1 code implementation5 Mar 2018 Tong Qin, Perliang Li, Shaojie Shen

In this paper, we propose a monocular visual-inertial SLAM system, which can relocalize camera and get the absolute pose in a previous-built map.

Pose Estimation

VINS-Mono: A Robust and Versatile Monocular Visual-Inertial State Estimator

11 code implementations13 Aug 2017 Tong Qin, Peiliang Li, Shaojie Shen

A monocular visual-inertial system (VINS), consisting of a camera and a low-cost inertial measurement unit (IMU), forms the minimum sensor suite for metric six degrees-of-freedom (DOF) state estimation.


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