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FairComp: Workshop on Fairness and Robustness in Machine Learning for Ubiquitous Computing

no code implementations22 Sep 2023 Sofia Yfantidou, Dimitris Spathis, Marios Constantinides, Tong Xia, Niels van Berkel

From a social perspective, we will examine the relationship between fairness and UbiComp research and identify pathways to ensure that ubiquitous technologies do not cause harm or infringe on individual rights.


Benchmarking Uncertainty Quantification on Biosignal Classification Tasks under Dataset Shift

no code implementations16 Dec 2021 Tong Xia, Jing Han, Cecilia Mascolo

A biosignal is a signal that can be continuously measured from human bodies, such as respiratory sounds, heart activity (ECG), brain waves (EEG), etc, based on which, machine learning models have been developed with very promising performance for automatic disease detection and health status monitoring.

Benchmarking Classification +2

One-shot Transfer Learning for Population Mapping

1 code implementation13 Aug 2021 Erzhuo Shao, Jie Feng, Yingheng Wang, Tong Xia, Yong Li

Thus, obtaining fine-grained population distribution from coarse-grained distribution becomes an important problem.

Population Mapping Scheduling +1

Uncertainty-Aware COVID-19 Detection from Imbalanced Sound Data

no code implementations5 Apr 2021 Tong Xia, Jing Han, Lorena Qendro, Ting Dang, Cecilia Mascolo

To handle these issues, we propose an ensemble framework where multiple deep learning models for sound-based COVID-19 detection are developed from different but balanced subsets from original data.


The INTERSPEECH 2021 Computational Paralinguistics Challenge: COVID-19 Cough, COVID-19 Speech, Escalation & Primates

no code implementations24 Feb 2021 Björn W. Schuller, Anton Batliner, Christian Bergler, Cecilia Mascolo, Jing Han, Iulia Lefter, Heysem Kaya, Shahin Amiriparian, Alice Baird, Lukas Stappen, Sandra Ottl, Maurice Gerczuk, Panagiotis Tzirakis, Chloë Brown, Jagmohan Chauhan, Andreas Grammenos, Apinan Hasthanasombat, Dimitris Spathis, Tong Xia, Pietro Cicuta, Leon J. M. Rothkrantz, Joeri Zwerts, Jelle Treep, Casper Kaandorp

The INTERSPEECH 2021 Computational Paralinguistics Challenge addresses four different problems for the first time in a research competition under well-defined conditions: In the COVID-19 Cough and COVID-19 Speech Sub-Challenges, a binary classification on COVID-19 infection has to be made based on coughing sounds and speech; in the Escalation SubChallenge, a three-way assessment of the level of escalation in a dialogue is featured; and in the Primates Sub-Challenge, four species vs background need to be classified.

Binary Classification Representation Learning

Reinforced Contact Tracing and Epidemic Intervention

no code implementations4 Feb 2021 Tao Feng, Sirui Song, Tong Xia, Yong Li

In this paper, we develop an Individual-based Reinforcement Learning Epidemic Control Agent (IDRLECA) to search for smart epidemic control strategies that can simultaneously minimize infections and the cost of mobility intervention.

AttnMove: History Enhanced Trajectory Recovery via Attentional Network

no code implementations3 Jan 2021 Tong Xia, Yunhan Qi, Jie Feng, Fengli Xu, Funing Sun, Diansheng Guo, Yong Li

A considerable amount of mobility data has been accumulated due to the proliferation of location-based service.

Rewriting by Generating: Learn Heuristics for Large-scale Vehicle Routing Problems

no code implementations1 Jan 2021 Hansen Wang, Zefang Zong, Tong Xia, Shuyu Luo, Meng Zheng, Depeng Jin, Yong Li

The large-scale vehicle routing problem is defined based on the classical VRP with usually more than one thousand customers.

Exploring Automatic Diagnosis of COVID-19 from Crowdsourced Respiratory Sound Data

4 code implementations10 Jun 2020 Chloë Brown, Jagmohan Chauhan, Andreas Grammenos, Jing Han, Apinan Hasthanasombat, Dimitris Spathis, Tong Xia, Pietro Cicuta, Cecilia Mascolo

This work opens the door to further investigation of how automatically analysed respiratory patterns could be used as pre-screening signals to aid COVID-19 diagnosis.

BIG-bench Machine Learning COVID-19 Diagnosis

UrbanRhythm: Revealing Urban Dynamics Hidden in Mobility Data

no code implementations3 Nov 2019 Sirui Song, Tong Xia, Depeng Jin, Pan Hui, Yong Li

In this paper, to reveal urban dynamics, we propose a novel system UrbanRhythm to reveal the urban dynamics hidden in human mobility data.


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