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On the Connection Between MPNN and Graph Transformer

no code implementations27 Jan 2023 Chen Cai, Truong Son Hy, Rose Yu, Yusu Wang

Graph Transformer (GT) recently has emerged as a new paradigm of graph learning algorithms, outperforming the previously popular Message Passing Neural Network (MPNN) on multiple benchmarks.

Graph Learning

ViDeBERTa: A powerful pre-trained language model for Vietnamese

1 code implementation25 Jan 2023 Cong Dao Tran, Nhut Huy Pham, Anh Nguyen, Truong Son Hy, Tu Vu

This paper presents ViDeBERTa, a new pre-trained monolingual language model for Vietnamese, with three versions - ViDeBERTa_xsmall, ViDeBERTa_base, and ViDeBERTa_large, which are pre-trained on a large-scale corpus of high-quality and diverse Vietnamese texts using DeBERTa architecture.

Language Modelling named-entity-recognition +4

Predicting Drug-Drug Interactions using Deep Generative Models on Graphs

1 code implementation14 Sep 2022 Nhat Khang Ngo, Truong Son Hy, Risi Kondor

However, most existing approaches model the node's latent spaces in which node distributions are rigid and disjoint; these limitations hinder the methods from generating new links among pairs of nodes.

Link Prediction

Learning to Represent Programs with Code Hierarchies

no code implementations31 May 2022 Minh H. Nguyen, Nghi D. Q. Bui, Truong Son Hy, Long Tran-Thanh, Risi Kondor

To address these issues, we propose a method for representing code as a hierarchy (Code Hierarchy), in which different code components are represented separately at various levels of granularity.

Clone Detection Code Classification +1

Temporal Multiresolution Graph Neural Networks For Epidemic Prediction

1 code implementation30 May 2022 Truong Son Hy, Viet Bach Nguyen, Long Tran-Thanh, Risi Kondor

In this paper, we introduce Temporal Multiresolution Graph Neural Networks (TMGNN), the first architecture that both learns to construct the multiscale and multiresolution graph structures and incorporates the time-series signals to capture the temporal changes of the dynamic graphs.

Graph Learning Time Series

Learning Multiresolution Matrix Factorization and its Wavelet Networks on Graphs

1 code implementation2 Nov 2021 Truong Son Hy, Risi Kondor

Multiresolution Matrix Factorization (MMF) is unusual amongst fast matrix factorization algorithms in that it does not make a low rank assumption.

reinforcement Learning

Multiresolution Equivariant Graph Variational Autoencoder

2 code implementations2 Jun 2021 Truong Son Hy, Risi Kondor

In this paper, we propose Multiresolution Equivariant Graph Variational Autoencoders (MGVAE), the first hierarchical generative model to learn and generate graphs in a multiresolution and equivariant manner.

Graph Generation Image Generation +2

The general theory of permutation equivarant neural networks and higher order graph variational encoders

1 code implementation8 Apr 2020 Erik Henning Thiede, Truong Son Hy, Risi Kondor

Previous work on symmetric group equivariant neural networks generally only considered the case where the group acts by permuting the elements of a single vector.

Graph Generation Graph Learning +2

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