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Efficient Annotation of Medieval Charters

1 code implementation24 Jun 2023 Anguelos Nicolaou, Daniel Luger, Franziska Decker, Nicolas Renet, Vincent Christlein, Georg Vogeler

Diplomatics, the analysis of medieval charters, is a major field of research in which paleography is applied.

object-detection Object Detection

A Vessel-Segmentation-Based CycleGAN for Unpaired Multi-modal Retinal Image Synthesis

no code implementations5 Jun 2023 Aline Sindel, Andreas Maier, Vincent Christlein

Unpaired image-to-image translation of retinal images can efficiently increase the training dataset for deep-learning-based multi-modal retinal registration methods.

Image Registration Image-to-Image Translation +1

Combining OCR Models for Reading Early Modern Printed Books

1 code implementation11 May 2023 Mathias Seuret, Janne van der Loop, Nikolaus Weichselbaumer, Martin Mayr, Janina Molnar, Tatjana Hass, Florian Kordon, Anguelos Nicolau, Vincent Christlein

Moreover, we developed a system using local font group recognition in order to combine the output of multiple font recognition models, and show that while slower, this approach performs better not only on text lines composed of multiple fonts but on the ones containing a single font only as well.

Font Recognition Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

WordStylist: Styled Verbatim Handwritten Text Generation with Latent Diffusion Models

1 code implementation29 Mar 2023 Konstantina Nikolaidou, George Retsinas, Vincent Christlein, Mathias Seuret, Giorgos Sfikas, Elisa Barney Smith, Hamam Mokayed, Marcus Liwicki

Our proposed method is able to generate realistic word image samples from different writer styles, by using class index styles and text content prompts without the need of adversarial training, writer recognition, or text recognition.

Data Augmentation Denoising +4

ODOR: The ICPR2022 ODeuropa Challenge on Olfactory Object Recognition

no code implementations24 Jan 2023 Mathias Zinnen, Prathmesh Madhu, Ronak Kosti, Peter Bell, Andreas Maier, Vincent Christlein

The Odeuropa Challenge on Olfactory Object Recognition aims to foster the development of object detection in the visual arts and to promote an olfactory perspective on digital heritage.

Domain Adaptation Few-Shot Learning +3

Transfer Learning for Olfactory Object Detection

no code implementations24 Jan 2023 Mathias Zinnen, Prathmesh Madhu, Peter Bell, Andreas Maier, Vincent Christlein

We investigate the effect of style and category similarity in multiple datasets used for object detection pretraining.

object-detection Object Detection +1

ArtFacePoints: High-resolution Facial Landmark Detection in Paintings and Prints

1 code implementation17 Oct 2022 Aline Sindel, Andreas Maier, Vincent Christlein

Facial landmark detection plays an important role for the similarity analysis in artworks to compare portraits of the same or similar artists.

Facial Landmark Detection Image Registration +2

A Multi-modal Registration and Visualization Software Tool for Artworks using CraquelureNet

no code implementations18 Aug 2022 Aline Sindel, Andreas Maier, Vincent Christlein

For art investigations of paintings, multiple imaging technologies, such as visual light photography, infrared reflectography, ultraviolet fluorescence photography, and x-radiography are often used.

Multi-modal Retinal Image Registration Using a Keypoint-Based Vessel Structure Aligning Network

no code implementations21 Jul 2022 Aline Sindel, Bettina Hohberger, Andreas Maier, Vincent Christlein

Our method extracts convolutional features from the vessel structure for keypoint detection and description and uses a graph neural network for feature matching.

Image Registration Keypoint Detection

ICC++: Explainable Image Retrieval for Art Historical Corpora using Image Composition Canvas

no code implementations22 Jun 2022 Prathmesh Madhu, Tilman Marquart, Ronak Kosti, Dirk Suckow, Peter Bell, Andreas Maier, Vincent Christlein

In this work, we present a novel approach called Image Composition Canvas (ICC++) to compare and retrieve images having similar compositional elements.

Image Retrieval Retrieval

SliTraNet: Automatic Detection of Slide Transitions in Lecture Videos using Convolutional Neural Networks

1 code implementation7 Feb 2022 Aline Sindel, Abner Hernandez, Seung Hee Yang, Vincent Christlein, Andreas Maier

With the increasing number of online learning material in the web, search for specific content in lecture videos can be time consuming.

Module-Power Prediction from PL Measurements using Deep Learning

no code implementations31 Aug 2021 Mathis Hoffmann, Johannes Hepp, Bernd Doll, Claudia Buerhop-Lutz, Ian Marius Peters, Christoph Brabec, Andreas Maier, Vincent Christlein

While these areas can be easily identified from electroluminescense (EL) images, this is much harder for photoluminescence (PL) images.


SmartPatch: Improving Handwritten Word Imitation with Patch Discriminators

1 code implementation21 May 2021 Alexander Mattick, Martin Mayr, Mathias Seuret, Andreas Maier, Vincent Christlein

As of recent generative adversarial networks have allowed for big leaps in the realism of generated images in diverse domains, not the least of which being handwritten text generation.

Data Augmentation Handwritten Text Recognition +1

How Will Your Tweet Be Received? Predicting the Sentiment Polarity of Tweet Replies

1 code implementation21 Apr 2021 Soroosh Tayebi Arasteh, Mehrpad Monajem, Vincent Christlein, Philipp Heinrich, Anguelos Nicolaou, Hamidreza Naderi Boldaji, Mahshad Lotfinia, Stefan Evert

As a strong baseline, we propose a two-stage DL-based method: first, we create automatically labeled training data by applying a standard sentiment classifier to tweet replies and aggregating its predictions for each original tweet; our rationale is that individual errors made by the classifier are likely to cancel out in the aggregation step.

Twitter Sentiment Analysis

Deep Learning-based Patient Re-identification Is able to Exploit the Biometric Nature of Medical Chest X-ray Data

1 code implementation15 Mar 2021 Kai Packhäuser, Sebastian Gündel, Nicolas Münster, Christopher Syben, Vincent Christlein, Andreas Maier

Our verification system is able to identify whether two frontal chest X-ray images are from the same person with an AUC of 0. 9940 and a classification accuracy of 95. 55%.


Pixel-wise Distance Regression for Glacier Calving Front Detection and Segmentation

no code implementations9 Mar 2021 Amirabbas Davari, Christoph Baller, Thorsten Seehaus, Matthias Braun, Andreas Maier, Vincent Christlein

In this work, we propose to mitigate the class-imbalance between the calving front class and the non-calving front class by reformulating the segmentation problem into a pixel-wise regression task.


Glacier Calving Front Segmentation Using Attention U-Net

no code implementations8 Jan 2021 Michael Holzmann, Amirabbas Davari, Thorsten Seehaus, Matthias Braun, Andreas Maier, Vincent Christlein

An essential climate variable to determine the tidewater glacier status is the location of the calving front position and the separation of seasonal variability from long-term trends.

Enhancing Human Pose Estimation in Ancient Vase Paintings via Perceptually-grounded Style Transfer Learning

1 code implementation10 Dec 2020 Prathmesh Madhu, Angel Villar-Corrales, Ronak Kosti, Torsten Bendschus, Corinna Reinhardt, Peter Bell, Andreas Maier, Vincent Christlein

(2) To improve the already strong results further, we created a small dataset (ClassArch) consisting of ancient Greek vase paintings from the 6-5th century BCE with person and pose annotations.

Image Retrieval Pose Estimation +3

ICFHR 2020 Competition on Image Retrieval for Historical Handwritten Fragments

1 code implementation20 Oct 2020 Mathias Seuret, Anguelos Nicolaou, Dominique Stutzmann, Andreas Maier, Vincent Christlein

In particular, we investigate the performance of large-scale retrieval of historical document fragments in terms of style and writer identification.

Image Retrieval Retrieval

Deep Learning-based Pipeline for Module Power Prediction from EL Measurements

1 code implementation30 Sep 2020 Mathis Hoffmann, Claudia Buerhop-Lutz, Luca Reeb, Tobias Pickel, Thilo Winkler, Bernd Doll, Tobias Würfl, Ian Marius Peters, Christoph Brabec, Andreas Maier, Vincent Christlein

However, knowledge of the power at maximum power point is important as well, since drops in the power of a single module can affect the performance of an entire string.

Understanding Compositional Structures in Art Historical Images using Pose and Gaze Priors

1 code implementation8 Sep 2020 Prathmesh Madhu, Tilman Marquart, Ronak Kosti, Peter Bell, Andreas Maier, Vincent Christlein

These compositions are useful in analyzing the interactions in an image to study artists and their artworks.

The Notary in the Haystack -- Countering Class Imbalance in Document Processing with CNNs

no code implementations15 Jul 2020 Martin Leipert, Georg Vogeler, Mathias Seuret, Andreas Maier, Vincent Christlein

In classification, notarial instruments are distinguished from other documents, while the notary sign is separated from the certificate in the segmentation task.

Binary Classification Classification +2

Proof of Concept: Automatic Type Recognition

no code implementations15 Jul 2020 Vincent Christlein, Nikolaus Weichselbaumer, Saskia Limbach, Mathias Seuret

The type used to print an early modern book can give scholars valuable information about the time and place of its production as well as its producer.

Classification General Classification +2

Re-ranking for Writer Identification and Writer Retrieval

no code implementations14 Jul 2020 Simon Jordan, Mathias Seuret, Pavel Král, Ladislav Lenc, Jiří Martínek, Barbara Wiermann, Tobias Schwinger, Andreas Maier, Vincent Christlein

We show that a re-ranking step based on k-reciprocal nearest neighbor relationships is advantageous for writer identification, even if only a few samples per writer are available.

Re-Ranking Retrieval

Recognizing Characters in Art History Using Deep Learning

1 code implementation31 Mar 2020 Prathmesh Madhu, Ronak Kosti, Lara Mührenberg, Peter Bell, Andreas Maier, Vincent Christlein

We present experiments and analysis on three different models and show that the model trained on domain related data gives the best performance for recognizing character.

Spatio-Temporal Handwriting Imitation

2 code implementations24 Mar 2020 Martin Mayr, Martin Stumpf, Anguelos Nicolaou, Mathias Seuret, Andreas Maier, Vincent Christlein

Then, a method for online handwriting synthesis is used to produce a new realistic-looking text primed with the online input sequence.

Weakly Supervised Segmentation of Cracks on Solar Cells using Normalized Lp Norm

no code implementations30 Jan 2020 Martin Mayr, Mathis Hoffmann, Andreas Maier, Vincent Christlein

To this end, we apply normalized Lp normalization to aggregate the activation maps into single scores for classification.

General Classification Management +2

ICDAR 2019 Competition on Image Retrieval for Historical Handwritten Documents

1 code implementation8 Dec 2019 Vincent Christlein, Anguelos Nicolaou, Mathias Seuret, Dominique Stutzmann, Andreas Maier

This competition investigates the performance of large-scale retrieval of historical document images based on writing style.

Image Retrieval Retrieval

Deep Generalized Max Pooling

1 code implementation14 Aug 2019 Vincent Christlein, Lukas Spranger, Mathias Seuret, Anguelos Nicolaou, Pavel Král, Andreas Maier

Global pooling layers are an essential part of Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN).

Fast and robust detection of solar modules in electroluminescence images

no code implementations19 Jul 2019 Mathis Hoffmann, Bernd Doll, Florian Talkenberg, Christoph J. Brabec, Andreas K. Maier, Vincent Christlein

We compare our method to the state of the art and show that it is superior in presence of perspective distortion while the performance on images, where the module is roughly coplanar to the detector, is similar to the reference method.

Adversarial and Perceptual Refinement for Compressed Sensing MRI Reconstruction

1 code implementation28 Jun 2018 Maximilian Seitzer, Guang Yang, Jo Schlemper, Ozan Oktay, Tobias Würfl, Vincent Christlein, Tom Wong, Raad Mohiaddin, David Firmin, Jennifer Keegan, Daniel Rueckert, Andreas Maier

In addition, we introduce a semantic interpretability score, measuring the visibility of the region of interest in both ground truth and reconstructed images, which allows us to objectively quantify the usefulness of the image quality for image post-processing and analysis.

MRI Reconstruction Open-Ended Question Answering

Hyper-Hue and EMAP on Hyperspectral Images for Supervised Layer Decomposition of Old Master Drawings

no code implementations29 Jan 2018 AmirAbbas Davari, Nikolaos Sakaltras, Armin Haeberle, Sulaiman Vesal, Vincent Christlein, Andreas Maier, Christian Riess

In this work, we propose an image processing pipeline that operates on hyperspectral images to separate such layers.

Towards Arbitrary Noise Augmentation - Deep Learning for Sampling from Arbitrary Probability Distributions

no code implementations12 Jan 2018 Felix Horger, Tobias Würfl, Vincent Christlein, Andreas Maier

Our model has high sampling efficiency and is easily applied to any probability distribution, without the need of further analytical or numerical calculations.

Encoding CNN Activations for Writer Recognition

no code implementations21 Dec 2017 Vincent Christlein, Andreas Maier

The encoding of local features is an essential part for writer identification and writer retrieval.


Image Registration for the Alignment of Digitized Historical Documents

no code implementations12 Dec 2017 AmirAbbas Davari, Tobias Lindenberger, Armin Häberle, Vincent Christlein, Andreas Maier, Christian Riess

In this work, we conducted a survey on different registration algorithms and investigated their suitability for hyperspectral historical image registration applications.

Image Registration

Sketch Layer Separation in Multi-Spectral Historical Document Images

no code implementations10 Dec 2017 AmirAbbas Davari, Armin Häberle, Vincent Christlein, Andreas Maier, Christian Riess

High-resolution imaging has delivered new prospects for detecting the material composition and structure of cultural treasures.

Unsupervised Feature Learning for Writer Identification and Writer Retrieval

no code implementations25 May 2017 Vincent Christlein, Martin Gropp, Stefan Fiel, Andreas Maier

The focus lies on the ICDAR17 competition dataset on historical document writer identification (Historical-WI).

Classification Clustering +2

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