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Advancing Surgical VQA with Scene Graph Knowledge

2 code implementations15 Dec 2023 Kun Yuan, Manasi Kattel, Joel L. Lavanchy, Nassir Navab, Vinkle Srivastav, Nicolas Padoy

We highlight that the primary limitation in the current surgical VQA systems is the lack of scene knowledge to answer complex queries.

Question Answering Visual Question Answering

Jumpstarting Surgical Computer Vision

no code implementations10 Dec 2023 Deepak Alapatt, Aditya Murali, Vinkle Srivastav, Pietro Mascagni, AI4SafeChole Consortium, Nicolas Padoy

Methods: In this work, we employ self-supervised learning to flexibly leverage diverse surgical datasets, thereby learning taskagnostic representations that can be used for various surgical downstream tasks.

Self-Supervised Learning Transfer Learning

Learning Multi-modal Representations by Watching Hundreds of Surgical Video Lectures

1 code implementation27 Jul 2023 Kun Yuan, Vinkle Srivastav, Tong Yu, Joel L. Lavanchy, Pietro Mascagni, Nassir Navab, Nicolas Padoy

SurgVLP constructs a new contrastive learning objective to align video clip embeddings with the corresponding multiple text embeddings by bringing them together within a joint latent space.

Automatic Speech Recognition Contrastive Learning +6

Dissecting Self-Supervised Learning Methods for Surgical Computer Vision

1 code implementation1 Jul 2022 Sanat Ramesh, Vinkle Srivastav, Deepak Alapatt, Tong Yu, Aditya Murali, Luca Sestini, Chinedu Innocent Nwoye, Idris Hamoud, Saurav Sharma, Antoine Fleurentin, Georgios Exarchakis, Alexandros Karargyris, Nicolas Padoy

Correct transfer of these methods to surgery, as described and conducted in this work, leads to substantial performance gains over generic uses of SSL - up to 7. 4% on phase recognition and 20% on tool presence detection - as well as state-of-the-art semi-supervised phase recognition approaches by up to 14%.

Action Triplet Recognition Self-Supervised Learning +3

Unsupervised domain adaptation for clinician pose estimation and instance segmentation in the operating room

1 code implementation26 Aug 2021 Vinkle Srivastav, Afshin Gangi, Nicolas Padoy

Second, to address the domain shift and the lack of annotations, we propose a novel unsupervised domain adaptation method, called AdaptOR, to adapt a model from an in-the-wild labeled source domain to a statistically different unlabeled target domain.

Privacy Preserving Semi-Supervised Human Pose Estimation +3

Artificial Intelligence in Surgery: Neural Networks and Deep Learning

1 code implementation28 Sep 2020 Deepak Alapatt, Pietro Mascagni, Vinkle Srivastav, Nicolas Padoy

Deep neural networks power most recent successes of artificial intelligence, spanning from self-driving cars to computer aided diagnosis in radiology and pathology.

Self-Driving Cars

Human Pose Estimation on Privacy-Preserving Low-Resolution Depth Images

1 code implementation16 Jul 2020 Vinkle Srivastav, Afshin Gangi, Nicolas Padoy

Human pose estimation (HPE) is a key building block for developing AI-based context-aware systems inside the operating room (OR).

2D Human Pose Estimation Pose Estimation +2

Neuro-Endo-Trainer-Online Assessment System (NET-OAS) for Neuro-Endoscopic Skills Training

no code implementations16 Jul 2020 Vinkle Srivastav, Britty Baby, Ramandeep Singh, Prem Kalra, Ashish Suri

The objective of the current study was to develop a modified version (Neuro-Endo-Trainer-Online Assessment System (NET-OAS)) by providing a stand-alone system with online evaluation and real-time feedback.

Self-supervision on Unlabelled OR Data for Multi-person 2D/3D Human Pose Estimation

1 code implementation16 Jul 2020 Vinkle Srivastav, Afshin Gangi, Nicolas Padoy

2D/3D human pose estimation is needed to develop novel intelligent tools for the operating room that can analyze and support the clinical activities.

3D Human Pose Estimation 3D Pose Estimation +1

Face Detection in the Operating Room: Comparison of State-of-the-art Methods and a Self-supervised Approach

no code implementations29 Nov 2018 Thibaut Issenhuth, Vinkle Srivastav, Afshin Gangi, Nicolas Padoy

Methods: We propose a comparison of 6 state-of-the-art face detectors on clinical data using Multi-View Operating Room Faces (MVOR-Faces), a dataset of operating room images capturing real surgical activities.

Domain Adaptation Face Detection

MVOR: A Multi-view RGB-D Operating Room Dataset for 2D and 3D Human Pose Estimation

1 code implementation24 Aug 2018 Vinkle Srivastav, Thibaut Issenhuth, Abdolrahim Kadkhodamohammadi, Michel de Mathelin, Afshin Gangi, Nicolas Padoy

In this paper, we present the dataset, its annotations, as well as baseline results from several recent person detection and 2D/3D pose estimation methods.

3D Human Pose Estimation 3D Pose Estimation +2

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