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CoCoMIC: Code Completion By Jointly Modeling In-file and Cross-file Context

no code implementations20 Dec 2022 Yangruibo Ding, Zijian Wang, Wasi Uddin Ahmad, Murali Krishna Ramanathan, Ramesh Nallapati, Parminder Bhatia, Dan Roth, Bing Xiang

While pre-trained language models (LM) for code have achieved great success in code completion, they generate code conditioned only on the contents within the file, i. e., in-file context, but ignore the rich semantics in other files within the same project, i. e., cross-file context, a critical source of information that is especially useful in modern modular software development.

Code Completion

PLUE: Language Understanding Evaluation Benchmark for Privacy Policies in English

no code implementations20 Dec 2022 Jianfeng Chi, Wasi Uddin Ahmad, Yuan Tian, Kai-Wei Chang

To this end, we introduce the Privacy Policy Language Understanding Evaluation (PLUE) benchmark, a multi-task benchmark for evaluating the privacy policy language understanding across various tasks.

Language Modelling Natural Language Understanding

Pre-trained Language Models for Keyphrase Generation: A Thorough Empirical Study

1 code implementation20 Dec 2022 Di wu, Wasi Uddin Ahmad, Kai-Wei Chang

However, there lacks a systematic study of how the two types of approaches compare and how different design choices can affect the performance of PLM-based models.

Keyphrase Extraction Keyphrase Generation

Multi-lingual Evaluation of Code Generation Models

1 code implementation26 Oct 2022 Ben Athiwaratkun, Sanjay Krishna Gouda, Zijian Wang, Xiaopeng Li, Yuchen Tian, Ming Tan, Wasi Uddin Ahmad, Shiqi Wang, Qing Sun, Mingyue Shang, Sujan Kumar Gonugondla, Hantian Ding, Varun Kumar, Nathan Fulton, Arash Farahani, Siddhartha Jain, Robert Giaquinto, Haifeng Qian, Murali Krishna Ramanathan, Ramesh Nallapati, Baishakhi Ray, Parminder Bhatia, Sudipta Sengupta, Dan Roth, Bing Xiang

Using these benchmarks, we are able to assess the performance of code generation models in a multi-lingual fashion, and discovered generalization ability of language models on out-of-domain languages, advantages of multi-lingual models over mono-lingual, the ability of few-shot prompting to teach the model new languages, and zero-shot translation abilities even on mono-lingual settings.

Code Completion Code Generation +2

ContraGen: Effective Contrastive Learning For Causal Language Model

no code implementations3 Oct 2022 Nihal Jain, Dejiao Zhang, Wasi Uddin Ahmad, Zijian Wang, Feng Nan, Xiaopeng Li, Ming Tan, Ramesh Nallapati, Baishakhi Ray, Parminder Bhatia, Xiaofei Ma, Bing Xiang

Despite exciting progress in large-scale language generation, the expressiveness of its representations is severely limited by the \textit{anisotropy} issue where the hidden representations are distributed into a narrow cone in the vector space.

Code Generation Code Search +4

FixEval: Execution-based Evaluation of Program Fixes for Programming Problems

1 code implementation15 Jun 2022 Md Mahim Anjum Haque, Wasi Uddin Ahmad, Ismini Lourentzou, Chris Brown

To address this issue, we introduce FixEval, a benchmark comprising of buggy code submissions to competitive programming problems and their corresponding fixes.

BanglaNLG and BanglaT5: Benchmarks and Resources for Evaluating Low-Resource Natural Language Generation in Bangla

1 code implementation23 May 2022 Abhik Bhattacharjee, Tahmid Hasan, Wasi Uddin Ahmad, Rifat Shahriyar

This work presents BanglaNLG, a comprehensive benchmark for evaluating natural language generation (NLG) models in Bangla, a widely spoken yet low-resource language.

Conditional Text Generation Dialogue Generation +1

Retrieval Enhanced Data Augmentation for Question Answering on Privacy Policies

no code implementations19 Apr 2022 Md Rizwan Parvez, Jianfeng Chi, Wasi Uddin Ahmad, Yuan Tian, Kai-Wei Chang

Prior studies in privacy policies frame the question answering (QA) tasks as identifying the most relevant text segment or a list of sentences from the policy document for a user query.

Data Augmentation Question Answering +1

Representation Learning for Resource-Constrained Keyphrase Generation

1 code implementation15 Mar 2022 Di wu, Wasi Uddin Ahmad, Sunipa Dev, Kai-Wei Chang

State-of-the-art keyphrase generation methods generally depend on large annotated datasets, limiting their performance in domains with limited annotated data.

Denoising Domain Adaptation +4

Retrieval Augmented Code Generation and Summarization

1 code implementation Findings (EMNLP) 2021 Md Rizwan Parvez, Wasi Uddin Ahmad, Saikat Chakraborty, Baishakhi Ray, Kai-Wei Chang

To mimic developers' code or summary generation behavior, we propose a retrieval augmented framework, REDCODER, that retrieves relevant code or summaries from a retrieval database and provides them as a supplement to code generation or summarization models.

 Ranked #1 on Code Generation on CodeXGLUE - CodeSearchNet (using extra training data)

Code Generation Code Summarization +1

AVATAR: A Parallel Corpus for Java-Python Program Translation

1 code implementation26 Aug 2021 Wasi Uddin Ahmad, Md Golam Rahman Tushar, Saikat Chakraborty, Kai-Wei Chang

Program translation refers to migrating source code from one programming language to another.


Syntax-augmented Multilingual BERT for Cross-lingual Transfer

1 code implementation ACL 2021 Wasi Uddin Ahmad, Haoran Li, Kai-Wei Chang, Yashar Mehdad

In recent years, we have seen a colossal effort in pre-training multilingual text encoders using large-scale corpora in many languages to facilitate cross-lingual transfer learning.

Cross-Lingual Transfer named-entity-recognition +7

Improving Zero-Shot Cross-Lingual Transfer Learning via Robust Training

1 code implementation EMNLP 2021 Kuan-Hao Huang, Wasi Uddin Ahmad, Nanyun Peng, Kai-Wei Chang

Pre-trained multilingual language encoders, such as multilingual BERT and XLM-R, show great potential for zero-shot cross-lingual transfer.

text-classification Text Classification +3

Text2App: A Framework for Creating Android Apps from Text Descriptions

2 code implementations16 Apr 2021 Masum Hasan, Kazi Sajeed Mehrab, Wasi Uddin Ahmad, Rifat Shahriyar

We overcome this limitation by transforming natural language into an abstract intermediate formal language representing an application with a substantially smaller number of tokens.

Code Generation Language Modelling

Unified Pre-training for Program Understanding and Generation

1 code implementation NAACL 2021 Wasi Uddin Ahmad, Saikat Chakraborty, Baishakhi Ray, Kai-Wei Chang

Experiments on code summarization in the English language, code generation, and code translation in seven programming languages show that PLBART outperforms or rivals state-of-the-art models.

Clone Detection Code Generation +7

Intent Classification and Slot Filling for Privacy Policies

1 code implementation ACL 2021 Wasi Uddin Ahmad, Jianfeng Chi, Tu Le, Thomas Norton, Yuan Tian, Kai-Wei Chang

We refer to predicting the privacy practice explained in a sentence as intent classification and identifying the text spans sharing specific information as slot filling.

General Classification intent-classification +2

Simple or Complex? Learning to Predict Readability of Bengali Texts

1 code implementation9 Dec 2020 Susmoy Chakraborty, Mir Tafseer Nayeem, Wasi Uddin Ahmad

Determining the readability of a text is the first step to its simplification.

GATE: Graph Attention Transformer Encoder for Cross-lingual Relation and Event Extraction

1 code implementation6 Oct 2020 Wasi Uddin Ahmad, Nanyun Peng, Kai-Wei Chang

Recent progress in cross-lingual relation and event extraction use graph convolutional networks (GCNs) with universal dependency parses to learn language-agnostic sentence representations such that models trained on one language can be applied to other languages.

Event Extraction Graph Attention

PolicyQA: A Reading Comprehension Dataset for Privacy Policies

1 code implementation Findings of the Association for Computational Linguistics 2020 Wasi Uddin Ahmad, Jianfeng Chi, Yuan Tian, Kai-Wei Chang

Prior studies in this domain frame the QA task as retrieving the most relevant text segment or a list of sentences from the policy document given a question.

Question Answering Reading Comprehension

Cross-lingual Dependency Parsing with Unlabeled Auxiliary Languages

1 code implementation CONLL 2019 Wasi Uddin Ahmad, Zhisong Zhang, Xuezhe Ma, Kai-Wei Chang, Nanyun Peng

We conduct experiments on cross-lingual dependency parsing where we train a dependency parser on a source language and transfer it to a wide range of target languages.

Cross-Lingual Transfer Dependency Parsing +2

Context Attentive Document Ranking and Query Suggestion

5 code implementations5 Jun 2019 Wasi Uddin Ahmad, Kai-Wei Chang, Hongning Wang

We present a context-aware neural ranking model to exploit users' on-task search activities and enhance retrieval performance.

Document Ranking Retrieval

Multi-Task Learning for Document Ranking and Query Suggestion

1 code implementation ICLR 2018 Wasi Uddin Ahmad, Kai-Wei Chang, Hongning Wang

We propose a multi-task learning framework to jointly learn document ranking and query suggestion for web search.

Document Ranking Multi-Task Learning

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