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Trajectory Planning of Cellular-Connected UAV for Communication-assisted Radar Sensing

no code implementations27 Jul 2022 Shuyan Hu, Xin Yuan, Wei Ni, Xin Wang

Being a key technology for beyond fifth-generation wireless systems, joint communication and radar sensing (JCAS) utilizes the reflections of communication signals to detect foreign objects and deliver situational awareness.

Trajectory Planning

Balancing Accuracy and Integrity for Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface-aided Over-the-Air Federated Learning

no code implementations17 Jul 2022 Jingheng Zheng, Hui Tian, Wanli Ni, Wei Ni, Ping Zhang

Under perfect channel state information (CSI), the new framework minimizes the aggregated model's distortion and retains the local models' recoverability by optimizing the transmit beamformers of the devices, the receive beamformers of the BS, and the RIS configuration in an alternating manner.

Federated Learning Robust Design

Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning for Cost- and Delay-Sensitive Virtual Network Function Placement and Routing

no code implementations24 Jun 2022 Shaoyang Wang, Chau Yuen, Wei Ni, Guan Yong Liang, Tiejun Lv

Then, the joint VNF P&R problem is decoupled into two iterative subtasks: placement subtask and routing subtask.

Exploring Deep Reinforcement Learning-Assisted Federated Learning for Online Resource Allocation in Privacy-Persevering EdgeIoT

1 code implementation15 Feb 2022 Jingjing Zheng, Kai Li, Naram Mhaisen, Wei Ni, Eduardo Tovar, Mohsen Guizani

Federated learning (FL) has been increasingly considered to preserve data training privacy from eavesdropping attacks in mobile edge computing-based Internet of Thing (EdgeIoT).

Edge-computing Federated Learning +1

Three-dimensional Cooperative Localization of Commercial-Off-The-Shelf Sensors

no code implementations3 Nov 2021 Yulong Wang, Shenghong Li, Wei Ni, David Abbott, Mark Johnson, Guangyu Pei, Mark Hedley

We propose an efficient approach to solve the corresponding permutation combinatorial optimization problem, which integrates continuous space cooperative localization and permutation space likelihood ascent search.

Combinatorial Optimization

Navigation of a UAV Equipped with a Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface for LoS Wireless Communication with a Ground Vehicle

no code implementations18 Oct 2021 Mohsen Eskandari, Hailong Huang, Andrey V. Savkin, Wei Ni

In this work, we propose an RIS-outfitted UAV (RISoUAV) to secure an uninterrupted line-of-sight (LoS) link with a ground moving target (MT).

Joint Resource Management for MC-NOMA: A Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach

no code implementations29 Mar 2021 Shaoyang Wang, Tiejun Lv, Wei Ni, Norman C. Beaulieu, Y. Jay Guo

This paper presents a novel and effective deep reinforcement learning (DRL)-based approach to addressing joint resource management (JRM) in a practical multi-carrier non-orthogonal multiple access (MC-NOMA) system, where hardware sensitivity and imperfect successive interference cancellation (SIC) are considered.

Management reinforcement-learning

Joint Optimization of Trajectory, Propulsion and Thrust Powers for Covert UAV-on-UAV Video Tracking and Surveillance

no code implementations22 Dec 2020 Shuyan Hu, Wei Ni, Xin Wang, Abbas Jamalipour, Dean Ta

Autonomous tracking of suspicious unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) by legitimate monitoring UAVs (or monitors) can be crucial to public safety and security.

Tensor-based Multi-dimensional Wideband Channel Estimation for mmWave Hybrid Cylindrical Arrays

no code implementations10 Sep 2020 Zhipeng Lin, Tiejun Lv, Wei Ni, J. Andrew Zhang, Ren Ping Liu

Channel estimation is challenging for hybrid millimeter wave (mmWave) large-scale antenna arrays which are promising in 5G/B5G applications.

Signal Processing

Analysis and Optimization of Service Delay for Multi-quality Videos in Multi-tier Heterogeneous Network with Random Caching

no code implementations21 Jul 2020 Xuewei Zhang, Tiejun Lv, Yuan Ren, Wei Ni, Norman C. Beaulieu

Aiming to minimize service delay, we propose a new random caching scheme in device-to-device (D2D)-assisted heterogeneous network.

Nested Hybrid Cylindrical Array Design and DoA Estimation for Massive IoT Networks

no code implementations20 Jul 2020 Zhipeng Lin, Tiejun Lv, Wei Ni, J. Andrew Zhang, Ren Ping Liu

As a result, only a small number of RF chains are required to preserve the DoF of the UCyA.

Cooling-Aware Resource Allocation and Load Management for Mobile Edge Computing Systems

no code implementations19 Jun 2020 Xiaojing Chen, Zhouyu Lu, Wei Ni, Xin Wang, Feng Wang, Shunqing Zhang, Shugong Xu

Driven by explosive computation demands of Internet of Things (IoT), mobile edge computing (MEC) provides a promising technique to enhance the computation capability for mobile users.

Edge-computing Management +1

Intelligent Reflecting Surface Aided Multi-User Millimeter-Wave Communications for Coverage Enhancement

no code implementations6 Oct 2019 Yashuai Cao, Tiejun Lv, Wei Ni

Intelligent reflecting surface (IRS) is envisioned as a promising solution for controlling radio propagation environments in future wireless systems.

On-board Deep Q-Network for UAV-assisted Online Power Transfer and Data Collection

no code implementations4 Jun 2019 Kai Li, Wei Ni, Eduardo Tovar

A key challenge is online MPT and data collection in the presence of on-board control of a UAV (e. g., patrolling velocity) for preventing battery drainage and data queue overflow of the sensing devices, while up-to-date knowledge on battery level and data queue of the devices is not available at the UAV.

Q-Learning reinforcement-learning

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