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Safe Stabilization for Stochastic Time-Delay Systems

no code implementations21 Nov 2022 Wei Ren

This paper addresses the safe stabilization problem of stochastic nonlinear time-delay systems.

Razumikhin and Krasovskii Approaches for Safe Stabilization

no code implementations26 Apr 2022 Wei Ren, Raphael M. Jungers, Dimos V. Dimarogonas

Based on the sliding surface functional, a feedback control law is established to investigate the stabilization and safety objectives simultaneously.

BABD: A Bitcoin Address Behavior Dataset for Pattern Analysis

1 code implementation10 Apr 2022 Yuexin Xiang, Yuchen Lei, Ding Bao, Wei Ren, Tiantian Li, Qingqing Yang, Wenmao Liu, Tianqing Zhu, Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo

Cryptocurrencies are no longer just the preferred option for cybercriminal activities on darknets, due to the increasing adoption in mainstream applications.

Event-Triggered Tracking Control of Networked Multi-Agent Systems

no code implementations22 Feb 2022 Wei Ren, Dimos V. Dimarogonas

This paper studies the tracking control problem of networked multi-agent systems under both multiple networks and event-triggered mechanisms.

Lyapunov Conditions for Input-to-State Stability of Hybrid Systems with Memory

no code implementations30 Jan 2022 Wei Ren, Junlin Xiong

This paper studies input-to-state stability for hybrid systems with memory, which models hybrid dynamics affected by time delays.

MAMRL: Exploiting Multi-agent Meta Reinforcement Learning in WAN Traffic Engineering

no code implementations30 Nov 2021 Shan Sun, Mariam Kiran, Wei Ren

Traffic optimization challenges, such as load balancing, flow scheduling, and improving packet delivery time, are difficult online decision-making problems in wide area networks (WAN).

Decision Making Meta-Learning +4

Event-Triggered Tracking Control of Networked and Quantized Control Systems

no code implementations19 Oct 2021 Wei Ren, Dimos V. Dimarogonas, Raphael Jungers

This paper studies the tracking control problem of networked and quantized control systems under both multiple networks and event-triggered mechanisms.

Reachability-based Control Synthesis under Signal Temporal Logic Specifications

no code implementations15 Oct 2021 Wei Ren, Raphael Jungers

In this paper, we investigate the controller design problem for linear disturbed systems under signal temporal logic (STL) specifications imposing both spatial and temporal constraints on system behavior.

Zonotope-based Controller Synthesis for LTL Specifications

no code implementations2 Aug 2021 Wei Ren, Julien Calbert, Raphael Jungers

Once the LTL specification can be satisfied, the next step is to design a controller to guarantee the satisfaction of the LTL specification for dynamic systems.

A Lightweight Privacy-Preserving Scheme Using Label-based Pixel Block Mixing for Image Classification in Deep Learning

1 code implementation19 May 2021 Yuexin Xiang, Tiantian Li, Wei Ren, Tianqing Zhu, Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo

Experimental findings on the testing set show that our scheme preserves image privacy while maintaining the availability of the training set in the deep learning models.

Data Augmentation Image Classification +1

Razumikhin-type Control Lyapunov and Barrier Functions for Time-Delay Systems

no code implementations12 May 2021 Wei Ren

Following the Razumikhin approach, we propose a novel control Lyapunov-Razumikhin function to facilitate the controller design and to achieve the stabilization objective.

Distributed Visual-Inertial Cooperative Localization

no code implementations23 Mar 2021 Pengxiang Zhu, Patrick Geneva, Wei Ren, Guoquan Huang

In this paper we present a consistent and distributed state estimator for multi-robot cooperative localization (CL) which efficiently fuses environmental features and loop-closure constraints across time and robots.

Stability and $\mathcal{H}_{\infty}$ Performance Analysis of Stochastic Linear Networked and Quantized Control Systems

no code implementations4 Mar 2021 Wei Ren, Junlin Xiong

This paper studies the stability and $\mathcal{H}_{\infty}$ performance analysis problem for linear networked and quantized control systems with both communication delays random packet losses.

Critical Risk Indicators (CRIs) for the electric power grid: A survey and discussion of interconnected effects

1 code implementation19 Jan 2021 Judy P. Che-Castaldo, Rémi Cousin, Stefani Daryanto, Grace Deng, Mei-Ling E. Feng, Rajesh K. Gupta, Dezhi Hong, Ryan M. McGranaghan, Olukunle O. Owolabi, Tianyi Qu, Wei Ren, Toryn L. J. Schafer, Ashutosh Sharma, Chaopeng Shen, Mila Getmansky Sherman, Deborah A. Sunter, Lan Wang, David S. Matteson

We also provide relevant critical risk indicators (CRIs) across diverse domains that may influence electric power grid risks, including climate, ecology, hydrology, finance, space weather, and agriculture.


Distributed Continuous-Time Optimization with Time-Varying Objective Functions and Inequality Constraints

1 code implementation4 Sep 2020 Shan Sun, Wei Ren

Different from most studied distributed optimization problems with time-invariant objective functions and constraints, the optimal solution in this paper is time varying and forms a trajectory.

Optimization and Control

Generating Image Adversarial Examples by Embedding Digital Watermarks

2 code implementations14 Aug 2020 Yuexin Xiang, Tiantian Li, Wei Ren, Tianqing Zhu, Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo

We devise an efficient mechanism to select host images and watermark images and utilize the improved discrete wavelet transform (DWT) based Patchwork watermarking algorithm with a set of valid hyperparameters to embed digital watermarks from the watermark image dataset into original images for generating image adversarial examples.

Stability of Multi-Dimensional Switched Systems with an Application to Open Multi-Agent Systems

no code implementations2 Jan 2020 Mengqi Xue, Yang Tang, Wei Ren, Feng Qian

It shows that through a proper transformation, the seeking of the (practical) consensus performance of the open MAS with disconnected digraphs boils down to that of the (practical) stability property of an $M^3D$ system with unstable subsystems.

Tracking Control of Nonlinear Networked and Quantized Control Systems with Communication Delays

no code implementations20 Oct 2019 Wei Ren, Junlin Xiong

The communication network is to guarantee the information transmission among the plant, the reference system and the controller.

Systems and Control Systems and Control 93D09, 93C10, 93C95

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