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C3SASR: Cheap Causal Convolutions for Self-Attentive Sequential Recommendation

no code implementations2 Nov 2022 Jiayi Chen, Wen Wu, Liye Shi, Yu Ji, Wenxin Hu, Xi Chen, Wei Zheng, Liang He

We evaluate the effectiveness of the proposed model in terms of both accurate and calibrated sequential recommendation.

Sequential Recommendation

IDP-PGFE: An Interpretable Disruption Predictor based on Physics-Guided Feature Extraction

no code implementations28 Aug 2022 Chengshuo Shen, Wei Zheng, Yonghua Ding, Xinkun Ai, Fengming Xue, Yu Zhong, Nengchao Wang, Li Gao, Zhipeng Chen, Zhoujun Yang, Zhongyong Chen, Yuan Pan, J-TEXT team

Understanding why a predictor makes a certain prediction can be as crucial as the prediction's accuracy for future tokamak disruption predictors.

DACSR: Decoupled-Aggregated End-to-End Calibrated Sequential Recommendation

no code implementations22 Apr 2022 Jiayi Chen, Wen Wu, Liye Shi, Yu Ji, Wenxin Hu, Wei Zheng, Liang He

In this work, we focus on the calibrated recommendations for sequential recommendation, which is connected to both fairness and diversity.

Fairness Sequential Recommendation

Long-Tail Session-based Recommendation from Calibration

no code implementations5 Dec 2021 Jiayi Chen, Wen Wu, Wei Zheng, Liang He

Accurate predictions in session-based recommendations have progressed, but a few studies have focused on skewed recommendation lists caused by popularity bias.

Session-Based Recommendations

The Stackelberg Equilibrium for One-sided Zero-sum Partially Observable Stochastic Games

no code implementations17 Sep 2021 Wei Zheng, Taeho Jung, Hai Lin

We propose a space partition approach to solve the game iteratively and show that the value function of the leader is piece-wise linear and the value function of the follower is piece-wise constant for multiple stages.

Action Detection

Subject-independent Human Pose Image Construction with Commodity Wi-Fi

no code implementations22 Dec 2020 Shuang Zhou, Lingchao Guo, Zhaoming Lu, Xiangming Wen, Wei Zheng, Yiming Wang

Existing papers achieve good results when constructing the images of subjects who are in the prior training samples.

A Multi-View Dynamic Fusion Framework: How to Improve the Multimodal Brain Tumor Segmentation from Multi-Views?

no code implementations21 Dec 2020 Yi Ding, Wei Zheng, Guozheng Wu, Ji Geng, Mingsheng Cao, Zhiguang Qin

Moreover, the multi-view fusion loss, which consists of the segmentation loss, the transition loss and the decision loss, is proposed to facilitate the training process of multi-view learning networks so as to keep the consistency of appearance and space, not only in the process of fusing segmentation results, but also in the process of training the learning network.

Brain Tumor Segmentation MULTI-VIEW LEARNING +1

Graph Neural Network Encoding for Community Detection in Attribute Networks

no code implementations6 Jun 2020 Jianyong Sun, Wei Zheng, Qingfu Zhang, Zongben Xu

Based on the new encoding method and the two objectives, a multiobjective evolutionary algorithm (MOEA) based upon NSGA-II, termed as continuous encoding MOEA, is developed for the transformed community detection problem with continuous decision variables.

Community Detection

Protein structure and sequence re-analysis of 2019-nCoV genome does not indicate snakes as its intermediate host or the unique similarity between its spike protein insertions and HIV-1

no code implementations8 Feb 2020 Chengxin Zhang, Wei Zheng, Xiaoqiang Huang, Eric W. Bell, Xiaogen Zhou, Yang Zhang

As the infection of 2019-nCoV coronavirus is quickly developing into a global pneumonia epidemic, careful analysis of its transmission and cellular mechanisms is sorely needed.

KRM-based Dialogue Management

no code implementations2 Dec 2019 Wenwu Qu, Xiaoyu Chi, Wei Zheng

A KRM-based dialogue management (DM) is proposed using to implement human-computer dialogue system in complex scenarios.

Dialogue Management Management

A Random Interaction Forest for Prioritizing Predictive Biomarkers

no code implementations4 Oct 2019 Zhen Zeng, Yuefeng Lu, Judong Shen, Wei Zheng, Peter Shaw, Mary Beth Dorr

Precision medicine is becoming a focus in medical research recently, as its implementation brings values to all stakeholders in the healthcare system.

Air Quality Measurement Based on Double-Channel Convolutional Neural Network Ensemble Learning

no code implementations19 Feb 2019 Zhenyu Wang, Wei Zheng, Chunfeng Song

In this paper, we propose a method for air quality measurement based on double-channel convolutional neural network ensemble learning to solve the problem of feature extraction for different parts of environmental images.

Ensemble Learning Self-Learning

Ball: An R package for detecting distribution difference and association in metric spaces

2 code implementations9 Nov 2018 Jin Zhu, Wenliang Pan, Wei Zheng, Xueqin Wang

The rapid development of modern technology facilitates the appearance of numerous unprecedented complex data which do not satisfy the axioms of Euclidean geometry, while most of the statistical hypothesis tests are available in Euclidean or Hilbert spaces.


Regression trees for longitudinal and multiresponse data

no code implementations21 Sep 2012 Wei-Yin Loh, Wei Zheng

Previous algorithms for constructing regression tree models for longitudinal and multiresponse data have mostly followed the CART approach.


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