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CoMo: Controllable Motion Generation through Language Guided Pose Code Editing

no code implementations20 Mar 2024 Yiming Huang, Weilin Wan, Yue Yang, Chris Callison-Burch, Mark Yatskar, Lingjie Liu

Text-to-motion models excel at efficient human motion generation, but existing approaches lack fine-grained controllability over the generation process.

Out-of-Distribution Detection using Neural Activation Prior

no code implementations28 Feb 2024 Weilin Wan, Weizhong Zhang, Cheng Jin

Our neural activation prior is based on a key observation that, for a channel before the global pooling layer of a fully trained neural network, the probability of a few neurons being activated with a large response by an in-distribution (ID) sample is significantly higher than that by an OOD sample.

Out-of-Distribution Detection

DiffusionPhase: Motion Diffusion in Frequency Domain

no code implementations7 Dec 2023 Weilin Wan, Yiming Huang, Shutong Wu, Taku Komura, Wenping Wang, Dinesh Jayaraman, Lingjie Liu

In this study, we introduce a learning-based method for generating high-quality human motion sequences from text descriptions (e. g., ``A person walks forward").

TLControl: Trajectory and Language Control for Human Motion Synthesis

no code implementations28 Nov 2023 Weilin Wan, Zhiyang Dou, Taku Komura, Wenping Wang, Dinesh Jayaraman, Lingjie Liu

Controllable human motion synthesis is essential for applications in AR/VR, gaming, movies, and embodied AI.

Motion Synthesis

Learn to Predict How Humans Manipulate Large-sized Objects from Interactive Motions

no code implementations25 Jun 2022 Weilin Wan, Lei Yang, Lingjie Liu, Zhuoying Zhang, Ruixing Jia, Yi-King Choi, Jia Pan, Christian Theobalt, Taku Komura, Wenping Wang

We also observe that an object's intrinsic physical properties are useful for the object motion prediction, and thus design a set of object dynamic descriptors to encode such intrinsic properties.

Human-Object Interaction Detection motion prediction +1

MulayCap: Multi-layer Human Performance Capture Using A Monocular Video Camera

no code implementations13 Apr 2020 Zhaoqi Su, Weilin Wan, Tao Yu, Lingjie Liu, Lu Fang, Wenping Wang, Yebin Liu

We introduce MulayCap, a novel human performance capture method using a monocular video camera without the need for pre-scanning.

Part Segmentation for Highly Accurate Deformable Tracking in Occlusions via Fully Convolutional Neural Networks

no code implementations5 Aug 2019 Weilin Wan, Aaron Walsman, Dieter Fox

While recent work has shown direct estimation techniques can be quite powerful, geometric tracking methods using point clouds can provide a very high level of 3D accuracy which is necessary for many robotic applications.

Data Augmentation Pose Estimation

Dynamic High Resolution Deformable Articulated Tracking

no code implementations21 Nov 2017 Aaron Walsman, Weilin Wan, Tanner Schmidt, Dieter Fox

The last several years have seen significant progress in using depth cameras for tracking articulated objects such as human bodies, hands, and robotic manipulators.

Pose Estimation Vocal Bursts Intensity Prediction

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