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KiPT: Knowledge-injected Prompt Tuning for Event Detection

no code implementations COLING 2022 Haochen Li, Tong Mo, Hongcheng Fan, Jingkun Wang, Jiaxi Wang, Fuhao Zhang, Weiping Li

Then, knowledge-injected prompts are constructed using external knowledge bases, and a prompt tuning strategy is leveraged to optimize the prompts.

Event Detection

Joint Event Extraction via Structural Semantic Matching

no code implementations6 Jun 2023 Haochen Li, Tianhao Gao, Jingkun Wang, Weiping Li

Event Extraction (EE) is one of the essential tasks in information extraction, which aims to detect event mentions from text and find the corresponding argument roles.

Event Detection Event Extraction

NVTC: Nonlinear Vector Transform Coding

1 code implementation CVPR 2023 Runsen Feng, Zongyu Guo, Weiping Li, Zhibo Chen

In theory, vector quantization (VQ) is always better than scalar quantization (SQ) in terms of rate-distortion (R-D) performance.

Image Compression Quantization

Exploiting Hybrid Semantics of Relation Paths for Multi-hop Question Answering Over Knowledge Graphs

no code implementations COLING 2022 Zile Qiao, Wei Ye, Tong Zhang, Tong Mo, Weiping Li, Shikun Zhang

Answering natural language questions on knowledge graphs (KGQA) remains a great challenge in terms of understanding complex questions via multi-hop reasoning.

Answer Selection Knowledge Graphs +3

Eliciting Knowledge from Pretrained Language Models for Prototypical Prompt Verbalizer

1 code implementation14 Jan 2022 Yinyi Wei, Tong Mo, Yongtao Jiang, Weiping Li, Wen Zhao

The distances between the embedding at the masked position of input and prototypical embeddings are used as classification criterion.

Contrastive Learning Language Modelling +3

The Parameter Sensitivities of a Jump-diffusion Process in Basic Credit Risk Analysis

no code implementations26 Nov 2021 Bin Xie, Weiping Li

We detect the parameter sensitivities of bond pricing which is driven by a Brownian motion and a compound Poisson process as the discontinuous case in credit risk research.

Pricing S&P 500 Index Options with Lévy Jumps

no code implementations19 Nov 2021 Bin Xie, Weiping Li, Nan Liang

We analyze various jumps for Heston model, non-IID model and three L\'evy jump models for S&P 500 index options.

Blind Quality Assessment for Image Superresolution Using Deep Two-Stream Convolutional Networks

no code implementations13 Apr 2020 Wei Zhou, Qiuping Jiang, Yuwang Wang, Zhibo Chen, Weiping Li

Numerous image superresolution (SR) algorithms have been proposed for reconstructing high-resolution (HR) images from input images with lower spatial resolutions.

Image Quality Assessment

Prior-enlightened and Motion-robust Video Deblurring

no code implementations25 Mar 2020 Ya Zhou, Jianfeng Xu, Kazuyuki Tasaka, Zhibo Chen, Weiping Li

Various blur distortions in video will cause negative impact on both human viewing and video-based applications, which makes motion-robust deblurring methods urgently needed.


Region Normalization for Image Inpainting

1 code implementation23 Nov 2019 Tao Yu, Zongyu Guo, Xin Jin, Shilin Wu, Zhibo Chen, Weiping Li, Zhizheng Zhang, Sen Liu

In this work, we show that the mean and variance shifts caused by full-spatial FN limit the image inpainting network training and we propose a spatial region-wise normalization named Region Normalization (RN) to overcome the limitation.

Image Inpainting

Asynchronous Episodic Deep Deterministic Policy Gradient: Towards Continuous Control in Computationally Complex Environments

1 code implementation3 Mar 2019 Zhizheng Zhang, Jiale Chen, Zhibo Chen, Weiping Li

Not limited to the control tasks in computationally complex environments, AE-DDPG also achieves higher rewards and 2- to 4-fold improvement in sample efficiency on average compared to other variants of DDPG in MuJoCo environments.

Continuous Control Reinforcement Learning (RL)

Review of Deep Learning

no code implementations5 Apr 2018 Rong Zhang, Weiping Li, Tong Mo

In recent years, China, the United States and other countries, Google and other high-tech companies have increased investment in artificial intelligence.

Video-based Sign Language Recognition without Temporal Segmentation

no code implementations30 Jan 2018 Jie Huang, Wengang Zhou, Qilin Zhang, Houqiang Li, Weiping Li

Worse still, isolated SLR methods typically require strenuous labeling of each word separately in a sentence, severely limiting the amount of attainable training data.

Segmentation Sentence +1

An influence-based fast preceding questionnaire model for elderly assessments

no code implementations22 Nov 2017 Tong Mo, Rong Zhang, Weiping Li, Jingbo Zhang, Zhonghai Wu, Wei Tan

The practice in an elderly-care company shows that the FPQM can reduce the number of attributes by 90. 56% with a prediction accuracy of 98. 39%.

Comparative Deep Learning of Hybrid Representations for Image Recommendations

no code implementations CVPR 2016 Chenyi Lei, Dong Liu, Weiping Li, Zheng-Jun Zha, Houqiang Li

In many image-related tasks, learning expressive and discriminative representations of images is essential, and deep learning has been studied for automating the learning of such representations.

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