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Parameter-efficient Continual Learning Framework in Industrial Real-time Text Classification System

no code implementations NAACL (ACL) 2022 Tao Zhu, Zhe Zhao, Weijie Liu, Jiachi Liu, Yiren Chen, Weiquan Mao, Haoyan Liu, Kunbo Ding, Yudong Li, Xuefeng Yang

Catastrophic forgetting is a challenge for model deployment in industrial real-time systems, which requires the model to quickly master a new task without forgetting the old one.

Continual Learning text-classification +1

TencentPretrain: A Scalable and Flexible Toolkit for Pre-training Models of Different Modalities

1 code implementation13 Dec 2022 Zhe Zhao, Yudong Li, Cheng Hou, Jing Zhao, Rong Tian, Weijie Liu, Yiren Chen, Ningyuan Sun, Haoyan Liu, Weiquan Mao, Han Guo, Weigang Guo, Taiqiang Wu, Tao Zhu, Wenhang Shi, Chen Chen, Shan Huang, Sihong Chen, Liqun Liu, Feifei Li, Xiaoshuai Chen, Xingwu Sun, Zhanhui Kang, Xiaoyong Du, Linlin Shen, Kimmo Yan

The proposed pre-training models of different modalities are showing a rising trend of homogeneity in their model structures, which brings the opportunity to implement different pre-training models within a uniform framework.

A Simple and Effective Method to Improve Zero-Shot Cross-Lingual Transfer Learning

1 code implementation COLING 2022 Kunbo Ding, Weijie Liu, Yuejian Fang, Weiquan Mao, Zhe Zhao, Tao Zhu, Haoyan Liu, Rong Tian, Yiren Chen

Existing zero-shot cross-lingual transfer methods rely on parallel corpora or bilingual dictionaries, which are expensive and impractical for low-resource languages.

text-classification Text Classification +3

SAMP: A Toolkit for Model Inference with Self-Adaptive Mixed-Precision

no code implementations19 Sep 2022 Rong Tian, Zijing Zhao, Weijie Liu, Haoyan Liu, Weiquan Mao, Zhe Zhao, Kimmo Yan

The latest industrial inference engines, such as FasterTransformer1 and TurboTransformers, have verified that half-precision floating point (FP16) and 8-bit integer (INT8) quantization can greatly improve model inference speed.


Semantic Matching from Different Perspectives

1 code implementation14 Feb 2022 Weijie Liu, Tao Zhu, Weiquan Mao, Zhe Zhao, Weigang Guo, Xuefeng Yang, Qi Ju

In this paper, we pay attention to the issue which is usually overlooked, i. e., \textit{similarity should be determined from different perspectives}.

Text Matching text similarity

Topic Detection and Tracking with Time-Aware Document Embeddings

no code implementations12 Dec 2021 Hang Jiang, Doug Beeferman, Weiquan Mao, Deb Roy

TDT systems aim to cluster a corpus of news articles by event, and in that context, stories that describe the same event are likely to have been written at around the same time.

Event Detection

TunaGAN: Interpretable GAN for Smart Editing

no code implementations16 Aug 2019 Weiquan Mao, Beicheng Lou, Jiyao Yuan

In this paper, we introduce a tunable generative adversary network (TunaGAN) that uses an auxiliary network on top of existing generator networks (Style-GAN) to modify high-resolution face images according to user's high-level instructions, with good qualitative and quantitative performance.


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