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Intelligent Reflecting Surface Aided Multi-Tier Hybrid Computing

no code implementations18 Aug 2023 Yapeng Zhao, Qingqing Wu, Guangji Chen, Wen Chen, Ruiqi Liu, Ming-Min Zhao, Shaodan Ma, Yuan Wu

Moreover, the results indicate that the DT assisted MEC system can precisely achieve the balance between local computing and task offloading since real-time system status can be obtained with the help of DT.


Analysis and Optimization of Wireless Federated Learning with Data Heterogeneity

no code implementations4 Aug 2023 Xuefeng Han, Jun Li, Wen Chen, Zhen Mei, Kang Wei, Ming Ding, H. Vincent Poor

With the rapid proliferation of smart mobile devices, federated learning (FL) has been widely considered for application in wireless networks for distributed model training.

Federated Learning Scheduling

Mobility-Aware Joint User Scheduling and Resource Allocation for Low Latency Federated Learning

no code implementations18 Jul 2023 Kecheng Fan, Wen Chen, Jun Li, Xiumei Deng, Xuefeng Han, Ming Ding

As an efficient distributed machine learning approach, Federated learning (FL) can obtain a shared model by iterative local model training at the user side and global model aggregating at the central server side, thereby protecting privacy of users.

Federated Learning Scheduling

Intelligent Omni Surfaces assisted Integrated Multi Target Sensing and Multi User MIMO Communications

no code implementations13 Jul 2023 Ziheng Zhang, Wen Chen, Qingqing Wu, Zhendong Li, Xusheng Zhu, Jinhong Yuan

Drawing inspiration from the advantages of intelligent reflecting surfaces (IRS) in wireless networks, this paper presents a novel design for intelligent omni surface (IOS) enabled integrated sensing and communications (ISAC).

Recursive LMMSE-Based Iterative Soft Interference Cancellation for MIMO Systems to Save Computations and Memories

no code implementations27 Jun 2023 Hufei Zhu, Wen Chen, Yanyang Liang

Firstly, a reordered description is given for the linear minimum mean square error (LMMSE)-based iterative soft interference cancellation (ISIC) detection process for Mutipleinput multiple-output (MIMO) wireless communication systems, which is based on the equivalent channel matrix.

A Laplacian Pyramid Based Generative H&E Stain Augmentation Network

1 code implementation23 May 2023 Fangda Li, Zhiqiang Hu, Wen Chen, Avinash Kak

Hematoxylin and Eosin (H&E) staining is a widely used sample preparation procedure for enhancing the saturation of tissue sections and the contrast between nuclei and cytoplasm in histology images for medical diagnostics.

Transmissive Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface Transmitter Empowered Cognitive RSMA Networks

no code implementations4 May 2023 Ziwei Liu, Wen Chen, Zhendong Li, Jinhong Yuan, Qingqing Wu, Kunlun Wang

In this paper, we investigated the downlink transmission problem of a cognitive radio network (CRN) equipped with a novel transmissive reconfigurable intelligent surface (TRIS) transmitter.

Design of Two-Level Incentive Mechanisms for Hierarchical Federated Learning

no code implementations9 Apr 2023 Shunfeng Chu, Jun Li, Kang Wei, Yuwen Qian, Kunlun Wang, Feng Shu, Wen Chen

In this paper, we design two-level incentive mechanisms for the HFL with a two-tiered computing structure to encourage the participation of entities in each tier in the HFL training.

Federated Learning Vocal Bursts Valence Prediction

Gradient Sparsification for Efficient Wireless Federated Learning with Differential Privacy

no code implementations9 Apr 2023 Kang Wei, Jun Li, Chuan Ma, Ming Ding, Feng Shu, Haitao Zhao, Wen Chen, Hongbo Zhu

Specifically, we first design a random sparsification algorithm to retain a fraction of the gradient elements in each client's local training, thereby mitigating the performance degradation induced by DP and and reducing the number of transmission parameters over wireless channels.

Federated Learning Scheduling +1

Adaptive Supervised PatchNCE Loss for Learning H&E-to-IHC Stain Translation with Inconsistent Groundtruth Image Pairs

1 code implementation10 Mar 2023 Fangda Li, Zhiqiang Hu, Wen Chen, Avinash Kak

In our experiment, we demonstrate that our proposed method outperforms existing image-to-image translation methods for stain translation to multiple IHC stains.

Contrastive Learning Image-to-Image Translation +2

Improved Recursive Algorithms for V-BLAST to Reduce the Complexity and Save Memories

no code implementations17 Feb 2023 Hufei Zhu, Wen Chen, Yanyang Liang, Genquan Chen

In the existing algorithm with speed advantage, the proposed algorithm I with speed advantage replaces Improvement I with Improvement V, while the proposed algorithm II with both speed advantage and memory saving replaces Improvements I and II with Improvements V and VI, respectively.


Robust Sum-Rate Maximization in Transmissive RMS Transceiver-Enabled SWIPT Networks

no code implementations10 Dec 2022 Zhendong Li, Wen Chen, Ziheng Zhang, Qingqing Wu, Huanqing Cao, Jun Li

Since the coupling of optimization variables, the whole optimization problem is non-convex and cannot be solved directly.

Decentralized Federated Reinforcement Learning for User-Centric Dynamic TFDD Control

no code implementations4 Nov 2022 Ziyan Yin, Zhe Wang, Jun Li, Ming Ding, Wen Chen, Shi Jin

The explosive growth of dynamic and heterogeneous data traffic brings great challenges for 5G and beyond mobile networks.

Federated Learning reinforcement-learning +1

Joint Communication and Computation Design in Transmissive RMS Transceiver Enabled Multi-Tier Computing Networks

no code implementations27 Oct 2022 Zhendong Li, Wen Chen, Ziwei Liu, Hongying Tang, Jianmin Lu

We formulate a total energy consumption minimization problem by a joint optimization of subcarrier allocation, task input bits, time slot allocation, transmit power allocation and RMS transmissive coefficient while taking into account the constraints of communication resources and computing resources.

Total Energy

Energy-Efficient IRS-Aided NOMA Beamforming for 6G Wireless Communications

no code implementations30 Mar 2022 Asim Ihsan, Wen Chen, Muhammad Asif, Wali Ullah Khan, Jun Li

This manuscript presents an energy-efficient alternating optimization framework based on intelligent reflective surfaces (IRS) aided non-orthogonal multiple access beamforming (NOMA-BF) system for 6G wireless communications.

Deterministic Point Cloud Registration via Novel Transformation Decomposition

no code implementations CVPR 2022 Wen Chen, Haoang Li, Qiang Nie, Yun-hui Liu

Given a set of putative 3D-3D point correspondences, we aim to remove outliers and estimate rigid transformation with 6 degrees of freedom (DOF).

Point Cloud Registration

Multi-Antenna Systems by Transmissive Reconfigurable Meta-Surface

no code implementations12 Sep 2021 Zhendong Li, Wen Chen, Chong He, Xudong Bai, Jianmin Lu

Reconfigurable meta-surface (RMS) is proposed as a very promising and novel technology, which is composed of a large number of low-cost passive elements, and can achieve passive beamforming by controlling the amplitude and phase of incident electromagnetic (EM) waves.

Energy-Efficient Backscatter Aided Uplink NOMA Roadside Sensor Communications under Channel Estimation Errors

no code implementations11 Sep 2021 Asim Ihsan, Wen Chen, Wali Ullah Khan, Qingqing Wu, Kunlun Wang

In the second stage, AOBWS uses a non-iterative algorithm that provides a closed-form expression for the computation of optimal reflection coefficient for roadside sensors under their quality of service (QoS) and a circuit power constraint.

Joint Communication and Trajectory Design for Intelligent Reflecting Surface Empowered UAV SWIPT Networks

no code implementations23 Jul 2021 Zhendong Li, Wen Chen, Huanqing Cao, Hongying Tang, Kunlun Wang, Jun Li

Aiming at the limited battery capacity of widely deployed low-power smart devices in the Internet-of-things (IoT), this paper proposes a novel intelligent reflecting surface (IRS) empowered unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) simultaneous wireless information and power transfer (SWIPT) network framework, in which IRS is used to reconstruct the wireless channel to enhance the wireless energy transmission efficiency and coverage area of the UAV SWIPT networks.

Hybrid Supervision Learning for Pathology Whole Slide Image Classification

1 code implementation2 Jul 2021 Jiahui Li, Wen Chen, Xiaodi Huang, Zhiqiang Hu, Qi Duan, Hongsheng Li, Dimitris N. Metaxas, Shaoting Zhang

To handle this problem, we propose a hybrid supervision learning framework for this kind of high resolution images with sufficient image-level coarse annotations and a few pixel-level fine labels.

Classification Image Classification +3

Federated Learning with Unreliable Clients: Performance Analysis and Mechanism Design

1 code implementation10 May 2021 Chuan Ma, Jun Li, Ming Ding, Kang Wei, Wen Chen, H. Vincent Poor

Owing to the low communication costs and privacy-promoting capabilities, Federated Learning (FL) has become a promising tool for training effective machine learning models among distributed clients.

Federated Learning

Joint Transceiver Design Based on Dictionary Learning Algorithm for SCMA

no code implementations30 Oct 2020 Shanshan Zhang, Wen Chen, Shaoyuan Chen

With the explosively increasing demands on the network capacity, throughput and number of connected wireless devices, massive connectivity is an urgent problem for the next generation wireless communications.

Dictionary Learning Scheduling

Energy-Efficient NOMA Multicasting System for 5G Cellular V2X Communications with Imperfect CSI

no code implementations8 Sep 2020 Asim Ihsan, Wen Chen, Shunqing Zhang, Shugong Xu

The proposed system multicast the information through low complexity optimal power allocation algorithms used under channel outage probability constraint of vehicles with imperfect CSI, QoS constraints of vehicles, and transmit power limits constraint of RSUs.

Deep neural network for optimal retirement consumption in defined contribution pension system

no code implementations20 Jul 2020 Wen Chen, Nicolas Langrené

In this paper, we develop a deep neural network approach to solve a lifetime expected mortality-weighted utility-based model for optimal consumption in the decumulation phase of a defined contribution pension system.


Neutral bots probe political bias on social media

1 code implementation17 May 2020 Wen Chen, Diogo Pacheco, Kai-Cheng Yang, Filippo Menczer

Conservative accounts also find themselves in denser communities and are exposed to more low-credibility content.

Social and Information Networks Computers and Society

SCMA Spectral and Energy Efficiency with QoS

no code implementations21 Apr 2020 Samira Jaber, Wen Chen, Kunlun Wang, Qingqing Wu

Moreover, the proposed method is compared with orthogonal frequency devision multiple access (OFDMA) and code devision multiple access (CDMA) in terms of spectral efficiency (SE) and energy efficiency (EE) respectively.

POG: Personalized Outfit Generation for Fashion Recommendation at Alibaba iFashion

1 code implementation6 May 2019 Wen Chen, Pipei Huang, Jiaming Xu, Xin Guo, Cheng Guo, Fei Sun, Chao Li, Andreas Pfadler, Huan Zhao, Binqiang Zhao

In particular, there exist two requirements for fashion outfit recommendation: the Compatibility of the generated fashion outfits, and the Personalization in the recommendation process.

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