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Hypergraph Self-supervised Learning with Sampling-efficient Signals

1 code implementation18 Apr 2024 Fan Li, Xiaoyang Wang, Dawei Cheng, Wenjie Zhang, Ying Zhang, Xuemin Lin

Self-supervised learning (SSL) provides a promising alternative for representation learning on hypergraphs without costly labels.

Representation Learning Self-Supervised Learning

Construction of Functional Materials Knowledge Graph in Multidisciplinary Materials Science via Large Language Model

no code implementations3 Apr 2024 Yanpeng Ye, Jie Ren, Shaozhou Wang, Yuwei Wan, Imran Razzak, Tong Xie, Wenjie Zhang

The convergence of materials science and artificial intelligence has unlocked new opportunities for gathering, analyzing, and generating novel materials sourced from extensive scientific literature.

Language Modelling Large Language Model

STG-Mamba: Spatial-Temporal Graph Learning via Selective State Space Model

1 code implementation19 Mar 2024 Lincan Li, Hanchen Wang, Wenjie Zhang, Adelle Coster

In this work, we introduce Spatial-Temporal Graph Mamba (STG-Mamba) as the first exploration of leveraging the powerful selective state space models for STG learning by treating STG Network as a system, and employing the Spatial-Temporal Selective State Space Module (ST-S3M) to precisely focus on the selected STG latent features.

Computational Efficiency Graph Learning

What is Wrong with End-to-End Learning for Phase Retrieval?

no code implementations18 Mar 2024 Wenjie Zhang, Yuxiang Wan, Zhong Zhuang, Ju Sun

For nonlinear inverse problems that are prevalent in imaging science, symmetries in the forward model are common.


Data-Centric Evolution in Autonomous Driving: A Comprehensive Survey of Big Data System, Data Mining, and Closed-Loop Technologies

1 code implementation23 Jan 2024 Lincan Li, Wei Shao, Wei Dong, Yijun Tian, Qiming Zhang, Kaixiang Yang, Wenjie Zhang

There has been a huge bottleneck regarding the upper bound of autonomous driving algorithm performance, a consensus from academia and industry believes that the key to surmount the bottleneck lies in data-centric autonomous driving technology.

Autonomous Driving

QUAR-VLA: Vision-Language-Action Model for Quadruped Robots

no code implementations22 Dec 2023 Pengxiang Ding, Han Zhao, Yan Liu, Wenxuan Song, Wenjie Zhang, Donglin Wang

Within this framework, a notable challenge lies in aligning fine-grained instructions with visual perception information.

Decision Making

SoccerNet 2023 Challenges Results

2 code implementations12 Sep 2023 Anthony Cioppa, Silvio Giancola, Vladimir Somers, Floriane Magera, Xin Zhou, Hassan Mkhallati, Adrien Deliège, Jan Held, Carlos Hinojosa, Amir M. Mansourian, Pierre Miralles, Olivier Barnich, Christophe De Vleeschouwer, Alexandre Alahi, Bernard Ghanem, Marc Van Droogenbroeck, Abdullah Kamal, Adrien Maglo, Albert Clapés, Amr Abdelaziz, Artur Xarles, Astrid Orcesi, Atom Scott, Bin Liu, Byoungkwon Lim, Chen Chen, Fabian Deuser, Feng Yan, Fufu Yu, Gal Shitrit, Guanshuo Wang, Gyusik Choi, Hankyul Kim, Hao Guo, Hasby Fahrudin, Hidenari Koguchi, Håkan Ardö, Ibrahim Salah, Ido Yerushalmy, Iftikar Muhammad, Ikuma Uchida, Ishay Be'ery, Jaonary Rabarisoa, Jeongae Lee, Jiajun Fu, Jianqin Yin, Jinghang Xu, Jongho Nang, Julien Denize, Junjie Li, Junpei Zhang, Juntae Kim, Kamil Synowiec, Kenji Kobayashi, Kexin Zhang, Konrad Habel, Kota Nakajima, Licheng Jiao, Lin Ma, Lizhi Wang, Luping Wang, Menglong Li, Mengying Zhou, Mohamed Nasr, Mohamed Abdelwahed, Mykola Liashuha, Nikolay Falaleev, Norbert Oswald, Qiong Jia, Quoc-Cuong Pham, Ran Song, Romain Hérault, Rui Peng, Ruilong Chen, Ruixuan Liu, Ruslan Baikulov, Ryuto Fukushima, Sergio Escalera, Seungcheon Lee, Shimin Chen, Shouhong Ding, Taiga Someya, Thomas B. Moeslund, Tianjiao Li, Wei Shen, Wei zhang, Wei Li, Wei Dai, Weixin Luo, Wending Zhao, Wenjie Zhang, Xinquan Yang, Yanbiao Ma, Yeeun Joo, Yingsen Zeng, Yiyang Gan, Yongqiang Zhu, Yujie Zhong, Zheng Ruan, Zhiheng Li, Zhijian Huang, Ziyu Meng

More information on the tasks, challenges, and leaderboards are available on https://www. soccer-net. org.

Action Spotting Camera Calibration +3

DARWIN Series: Domain Specific Large Language Models for Natural Science

2 code implementations25 Aug 2023 Tong Xie, Yuwei Wan, Wei Huang, Zhenyu Yin, Yixuan Liu, Shaozhou Wang, Qingyuan Linghu, Chunyu Kit, Clara Grazian, Wenjie Zhang, Imran Razzak, Bram Hoex

To add new capabilities in natural science, enabling the acceleration and enrichment of automation of the discovery process, we present DARWIN, a series of tailored LLMs for natural science, mainly in physics, chemistry, and material science.

Knowledge Graphs

Denoising Variational Graph of Graphs Auto-Encoder for Predicting Structured Entity Interactions

1 code implementation IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering 2023 PDF Han Chen, Hanchen Wang, Hongmei Chen, Ying Zhang, Wenjie Zhang, Xuemin Lin

The interactions between structured entities play important roles in a wide range of applications such as chemistry, material science, biology, and medical science.


Query2GMM: Learning Representation with Gaussian Mixture Model for Reasoning over Knowledge Graphs

no code implementations17 Jun 2023 Yuhan Wu, Yuanyuan Xu, Wenjie Zhang, Xiwei Xu, Ying Zhang

Research along this line suggests that using multi-modal distribution to represent answer entities is more suitable than uni-modal distribution, as a single query may contain multiple disjoint answer subsets due to the compositional nature of multi-hop queries and the varying latent semantics of relations.

Knowledge Graphs

Large Language Models as Master Key: Unlocking the Secrets of Materials Science with GPT

no code implementations5 Apr 2023 Tong Xie, Yuwei Wan, Wei Huang, Yufei Zhou, Yixuan Liu, Qingyuan Linghu, Shaozhou Wang, Chunyu Kit, Clara Grazian, Wenjie Zhang, Bram Hoex

The amount of data has growing significance in exploring cutting-edge materials and a number of datasets have been generated either by hand or automated approaches.

feature selection Language Modelling

WISK: A Workload-aware Learned Index for Spatial Keyword Queries

no code implementations28 Feb 2023 Yufan Sheng, Xin Cao, Yixiang Fang, Kaiqi Zhao, Jianzhong Qi, Gao Cong, Wenjie Zhang

In this paper, we propose WISK, a learned index for spatial keyword queries, which self-adapts for optimizing querying costs given a query workload.

LabelPrompt: Effective Prompt-based Learning for Relation Classification

no code implementations16 Feb 2023 Wenjie Zhang, Xiaoning Song, ZhenHua Feng, Tianyang Xu, XiaoJun Wu

Specifically, associating natural language words that fill the masked token with semantic relation labels (\textit{e. g.} \textit{``org:founded\_by}'') is difficult.

Classification Contrastive Learning +3

Towards Higher-order Topological Consistency for Unsupervised Network Alignment

no code implementations26 Aug 2022 Qingqiang Sun, Xuemin Lin, Ying Zhang, Wenjie Zhang, Chaoqi Chen

Network alignment task, which aims to identify corresponding nodes in different networks, is of great significance for many subsequent applications.

GSim: A Graph Neural Network based Relevance Measure for Heterogeneous Graphs

no code implementations12 Aug 2022 Linhao Luo, Yixiang Fang, Moli Lu, Xin Cao, Xiaofeng Zhang, Wenjie Zhang

Most of existing relevance measures focus on homogeneous networks where objects are of the same type, and a few measures are developed for heterogeneous graphs, but they often need the pre-defined meta-path.

Community Detection Graph Mining +1

Reinforcement Learning Based Query Vertex Ordering Model for Subgraph Matching

no code implementations25 Jan 2022 Hanchen Wang, Ying Zhang, Lu Qin, Wei Wang, Wenjie Zhang, Xuemin Lin

In recent years, many advanced techniques for query vertex ordering (i. e., matching order generation) have been proposed to reduce the unpromising intermediate results according to the preset heuristic rules.

reinforcement-learning Reinforcement Learning (RL)

GridTuner: Reinvestigate Grid Size Selection for Spatiotemporal Prediction Models [Technical Report]

no code implementations10 Jan 2022 Jiabao Jin, Peng Cheng, Lei Chen, Xuemin Lin, Wenjie Zhang

In this paper, we study a region partitioning problem, namely optimal grid size selection problem (OGSS), which aims to minimize the real error of spatiotemporal prediction models by selecting the optimal grid size.

Traffic Prediction

Lyra: A Benchmark for Turducken-Style Code Generation

1 code implementation27 Aug 2021 Qingyuan Liang, Zeyu Sun, Qihao Zhu, Wenjie Zhang, Lian Yu, Yingfei Xiong, Lu Zhang

Since a declarative language is typically embedded in an imperative language (i. e., the turducken-style programming) in real-world software development, the promising results on declarative languages can hardly lead to significant reduction of manual software development efforts.

Code Generation

A Syntax-Guided Edit Decoder for Neural Program Repair

1 code implementation15 Jun 2021 Qihao Zhu, Zeyu Sun, Yuan-an Xiao, Wenjie Zhang, Kang Yuan, Yingfei Xiong, Lu Zhang

Our results show that Recoder repairs 53 bugs on Defects4J v1. 2, which achieves 21. 4% improvement over the previous state-of-the-art approach for single-hunk bugs (TBar).

Code Completion Code Generation +2

Generative Adversarial Reward Learning for Generalized Behavior Tendency Inference

no code implementations3 May 2021 Xiaocong Chen, Lina Yao, Xianzhi Wang, Aixin Sun, Wenjie Zhang, Quan Z. Sheng

Recent advances in reinforcement learning have inspired increasing interest in learning user modeling adaptively through dynamic interactions, e. g., in reinforcement learning based recommender systems.

Recommendation Systems reinforcement-learning +2

Generalized Equivariance and Preferential Labeling for GNN Node Classification

1 code implementation23 Feb 2021 Zeyu Sun, Wenjie Zhang, Lili Mou, Qihao Zhu, Yingfei Xiong, Lu Zhang

Existing graph neural networks (GNNs) largely rely on node embeddings, which represent a node as a vector by its identity, type, or content.

General Classification Graph Classification +1

X-ray flares from the stellar tidal disruption by a candidate supermassive black hole binary

no code implementations22 Dec 2020 Xinwen Shu, Wenjie Zhang, Shuo Li, Ning Jiang, Liming Dou, Zhen Yan, Fu-Guo Xie, Rongfeng Shen, Luming Sun, Fukun Liu, Tinggui Wang

Optical transient surveys have led to the discovery of dozens of stellar tidal disruption events (TDEs) by massive black hole in the centers of galaxies.

High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Astrophysics of Galaxies

PEFP: Efficient k-hop Constrained s-t Simple Path Enumeration on FPGA

no code implementations21 Dec 2020 Zhengmin Lai, You Peng, Shiyu Yang, Xuemin Lin, Wenjie Zhang

Motivated by this, in this paper, we propose the first FPGA-based algorithm PEFP to solve the problem of k-hop constrained s-t simple path enumeration efficiently.


Knowledge-guided Deep Reinforcement Learning for Interactive Recommendation

no code implementations17 Apr 2020 Xiaocong Chen, Chaoran Huang, Lina Yao, Xianzhi Wang, Wei Liu, Wenjie Zhang

Interactive recommendation aims to learn from dynamic interactions between items and users to achieve responsiveness and accuracy.

Decision Making Knowledge-Aware Recommendation +3

NLocalSAT: Boosting Local Search with Solution Prediction

1 code implementation26 Jan 2020 Wenjie Zhang, Zeyu Sun, Qihao Zhu, Ge Li, Shaowei Cai, Yingfei Xiong, Lu Zhang

However, in this method, the initialization is assigned in a random manner, which impacts the effectiveness of SLS solvers.

Heterogeneous Graph-based Knowledge Transfer for Generalized Zero-shot Learning

no code implementations20 Nov 2019 Jun-Jie Wang, Xiangfeng Wang, Bo Jin, Junchi Yan, Wenjie Zhang, Hongyuan Zha

To this end, we propose a novel heterogeneous graph-based knowledge transfer method (HGKT) for GZSL, agnostic to unseen classes and instances, by leveraging graph neural network.

Generalized Zero-Shot Learning Transfer Learning

A Survey and Experimental Analysis of Distributed Subgraph Matching

1 code implementation27 Jun 2019 Longbin Lai, Zhu Qing, Zhengyi Yang, Xin Jin, Zhengmin Lai, Ran Wang, Kongzhang Hao, Xuemin Lin, Lu Qin, Wenjie Zhang, Ying Zhang, Zhengping Qian, Jingren Zhou

We conduct extensive experiments for both unlabelled matching and labelled matching to analyze the performance of distributed subgraph matching under various settings, which is finally summarized as a practical guide.


TextSnake: A Flexible Representation for Detecting Text of Arbitrary Shapes

3 code implementations ECCV 2018 Shangbang Long, Jiaqiang Ruan, Wenjie Zhang, Xin He, Wenhao Wu, Cong Yao

Driven by deep neural networks and large scale datasets, scene text detection methods have progressed substantially over the past years, continuously refreshing the performance records on various standard benchmarks.

Curved Text Detection Text Detection

Efficient Graph Edit Distance Computation and Verification via Anchor-aware Lower Bound Estimation

no code implementations20 Sep 2017 Lijun Chang, Xing Feng, Xuemin Lin, Lu Qin, Wenjie Zhang

Graph edit distance (GED) is an important similarity measure adopted in a similarity-based analysis between two graphs, and computing GED is a primitive operator in graph database analysis.

Databases Data Structures and Algorithms

Deep Extreme Multi-label Learning

1 code implementation12 Apr 2017 Wenjie Zhang, Junchi Yan, Xiangfeng Wang, Hongyuan Zha

Extreme multi-label learning (XML) or classification has been a practical and important problem since the boom of big data.

Classification Extreme Multi-Label Classification +2

Effective Multi-Query Expansions: Collaborative Deep Networks for Robust Landmark Retrieval

no code implementations18 Jan 2017 Yang Wang, Xuemin Lin, Lin Wu, Wenjie Zhang

Given a query photo issued by a user (q-user), the landmark retrieval is to return a set of photos with their landmarks similar to those of the query, while the existing studies on the landmark retrieval focus on exploiting geometries of landmarks for similarity matches between candidate photos and a query photo.

Collaborative Filtering Retrieval

Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search on High Dimensional Data --- Experiments, Analyses, and Improvement (v1.0)

3 code implementations8 Oct 2016 Wen Li, Ying Zhang, Yifang Sun, Wei Wang, Wenjie Zhang, Xuemin Lin

Approximate Nearest neighbor search (ANNS) is fundamental and essential operation in applications from many domains, such as databases, machine learning, multimedia, and computer vision.


Iterative Views Agreement: An Iterative Low-Rank based Structured Optimization Method to Multi-View Spectral Clustering

no code implementations19 Aug 2016 Yang Wang, Wenjie Zhang, Lin Wu, Xuemin Lin, Meng Fang, Shirui Pan

Multi-view spectral clustering, which aims at yielding an agreement or consensus data objects grouping across multi-views with their graph laplacian matrices, is a fundamental clustering problem.


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