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Toward Short-Term Glucose Prediction Solely Based on CGM Time Series

no code implementations18 Apr 2024 Ming Cheng, Xingjian Diao, Ziyi Zhou, Yanjun Cui, Wenjun Liu, Shitong Cheng

The global diabetes epidemic highlights the importance of maintaining good glycemic control.

Accurate and Data-Efficient Micro-XRD Phase Identification Using Multi-Task Learning: Application to Hydrothermal Fluids

no code implementations15 Mar 2024 Yanfei Li, Juejing Liu, Xiaodong Zhao, Wenjun Liu, Tong Geng, Ang Li, Xin Zhang

Traditional analysis of highly distorted micro-X-ray diffraction ({\mu}-XRD) patterns from hydrothermal fluid environments is a time-consuming process, often requiring substantial data preprocessing and labeled experimental data.

Binary Classification Multi-Task Learning

SAIC: Integration of Speech Anonymization and Identity Classification

no code implementations23 Dec 2023 Ming Cheng, Xingjian Diao, Shitong Cheng, Wenjun Liu

Speech anonymization and de-identification have garnered significant attention recently, especially in the healthcare area including telehealth consultations, patient voiceprint matching, and patient real-time monitoring.

Classification De-identification

Machine Learning Automated Approach for Enormous Synchrotron X-Ray Diffraction Data Interpretation

no code implementations20 Mar 2023 Xiaodong Zhao, YiXuan Luo, Juejing Liu, Wenjun Liu, Kevin M. Rosso, Xiaofeng Guo, Tong Geng, Ang Li, Xin Zhang

This study highlighted the importance of labeled experimental patterns on the training of DNN models to solve u-XRD mapping data from in-situ experiments involving liquid phase.

Digital autofocusing of a coded-aperture Laue diffraction microscope

no code implementations15 Aug 2022 Doga Gursoy, Dina Sheyfer, Michael Wojcik, Wenjun Liu, Jonathan Tischler

To provide optimal depth resolution with a coded-aperture Laue diffraction microscope, an accurate position of the coded-aperture and its scanning geometry need to be known.


GT U-Net: A U-Net Like Group Transformer Network for Tooth Root Segmentation

1 code implementation30 Sep 2021 Yunxiang Li, Shuai Wang, Jun Wang, Guodong Zeng, Wenjun Liu, Qianni Zhang, Qun Jin, Yaqi Wang

In this paper, we propose a novel end-to-end U-Net like Group Transformer Network (GT U-Net) for the tooth root segmentation.

Anatomy Segmentation

Four-Fluid Axisymmetric Plasma Equilibrium Model Including Relativistic Electrons and Computational Method and Results

no code implementations16 Oct 2020 Akio Ishida, Y. -K. Martin Peng, Wenjun Liu

A non-relativistic multi-fluid plasma axisymmetric equilibrium model was developed recently to account for the presence of an energetic electron fluid in addition to thermal electron and ion fluids.

Plasma Physics

FPCNet: Fast Pavement Crack Detection Network Based on Encoder-Decoder Architecture

no code implementations4 Jul 2019 Wenjun Liu, Yuchun Huang, Ying Li, Qi Chen

Specifically, we first propose the Multi-Dilation (MD) module, which can synthesize the crack features of multiple context sizes via dilated convolution with multiple rates.

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