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Improving Fraud Detection via Hierarchical Attention-based Graph Neural Network

no code implementations12 Feb 2022 Yajing Liu, Zhengya Sun, Wensheng Zhang

In this paper, we propose a Hierarchical Attention-based Graph Neural Network (HA-GNN) for fraud detection, which incorporates weighted adjacency matrices across different relations against camouflage.

Fraud Detection

Differentiable N-gram Objective on Abstractive Summarization

1 code implementation8 Feb 2022 Yunqi Zhu, Wensheng Zhang, Mingjin Zhu

ROUGE is a standard automatic evaluation metric based on n-grams for sequence-to-sequence tasks, while cross-entropy loss is an essential objective of neural network language model that optimizes at a unigram level.

Abstractive Text Summarization Language Modelling

Multi-scale 2D Representation Learning for weakly-supervised moment retrieval

no code implementations4 Nov 2021 Ding Li, Rui Wu, Yongqiang Tang, Zhizhong Zhang, Wensheng Zhang

Specifically, we first construct a two-dimensional map for each temporal scale to capture the temporal dependencies between candidates.

Moment Retrieval Representation Learning

Towards Book Cover Design via Layout Graphs

1 code implementation24 May 2021 Wensheng Zhang, Yan Zheng, Taiga Miyazono, Seiichi Uchida, Brian Kenji Iwana

Book covers are intentionally designed and provide an introduction to a book.

Optimizing Fund Allocation for Game-based Verifiable Computation Outsourcing

no code implementations11 Mar 2021 Pinglan Liu, Xiaojuan Ma, Wensheng Zhang

The cloud server makes a deposit for each task it takes, each client allocates a budget (including the wage for the server and the cost for possibly hiring TTP) for each task submitted, and every party has its limited fund for either deposits or task budgets.

Computer Science and Game Theory

A Non-Stationary VVLC MIMO Channel Model for Street Corner Scenarios

no code implementations28 Jul 2020 Qingshan Chen, Cheng-Xiang Wang, Jian Sun, Wensheng Zhang, Qiuming Zhu

The study of the underlying VLC channel is the basis for designing the VLC communication system.

Robust Locality-Aware Regression for Labeled Data Classification

no code implementations15 Jun 2020 Liangchen Hu, Wensheng Zhang

With the dramatic increase of dimensions in the data representation, extracting latent low-dimensional features becomes of the utmost importance for efficient classification.

Classification General Classification +1

Domain Adaptation by Class Centroid Matching and Local Manifold Self-Learning

1 code implementation20 Mar 2020 Lei Tian, Yongqiang Tang, Liangchen Hu, Zhida Ren, Wensheng Zhang

Domain adaptation has been a fundamental technology for transferring knowledge from a source domain to a target domain.

Self-Learning Unsupervised Domain Adaptation

Multi-Task Generative Adversarial Nets with Shared Memory for Cross-Domain Coordination Control

no code implementations1 Jul 2018 JunPing Wang, Wensheng Zhang, Ian Thomas, ShiHui Duan, YouKang Shi

The key challenges for the sequential decision process is to online generate sequential decision-making policy directly, and transferring knowledge across tasks domain.

Decision Making

Finite Sample Analysis of LSTD with Random Projections and Eligibility Traces

no code implementations25 May 2018 Haifang Li, Yingce Xia, Wensheng Zhang

Policy evaluation with linear function approximation is an important problem in reinforcement learning.


Effective Image Retrieval via Multilinear Multi-index Fusion

no code implementations27 Sep 2017 Zhizhong Zhang, Yuan Xie, Wensheng Zhang, Qi Tian

In this paper, we propose a new multi-index fusion scheme for image retrieval.

Image Retrieval

Robust Kernelized Multi-View Self-Representations for Clustering by Tensor Multi-Rank Minimization

no code implementations15 Sep 2017 Yanyun Qu, Jinyan Liu, Yuan Xie, Wensheng Zhang

In particular, the original tensor-based multi-view self-representation clustering problem is a special case of our approach and can be solved by our algorithm.

Face Clustering

Lesion detection and Grading of Diabetic Retinopathy via Two-stages Deep Convolutional Neural Networks

no code implementations2 May 2017 Yehui Yang, Tao Li, Wensi Li, Haishan Wu, Wei Fan, Wensheng Zhang

We propose an automatic diabetic retinopathy (DR) analysis algorithm based on two-stages deep convolutional neural networks (DCNN).

Lesion Detection

On Unifying Multi-View Self-Representations for Clustering by Tensor Multi-Rank Minimization

no code implementations23 Oct 2016 Yuan Xie, DaCheng Tao, Wensheng Zhang, Lei Zhang, Yan Liu, Yanyun Qu

Different from traditional unfolding based tensor norm, this low-rank tensor constraint has optimality properties similar to that of matrix rank derived from SVD, so the complementary information among views can be explored more efficiently and thoroughly.

Multi-view Subspace Clustering

Weighted Schatten $p$-Norm Minimization for Image Denoising and Background Subtraction

no code implementations3 Dec 2015 Yuan Xie, Shuhang Gu, Yan Liu, WangMeng Zuo, Wensheng Zhang, Lei Zhang

However, NNM tends to over-shrink the rank components and treats the different rank components equally, limiting its flexibility in practical applications.

Image Denoising

A New Low-Rank Tensor Model for Video Completion

no code implementations7 Sep 2015 Wenrui Hu, DaCheng Tao, Wensheng Zhang, Yuan Xie, Yehui Yang

On the other, t-TNN is equal to the nuclear norm of block circulant matricization of the twist tensor in the original domain, which extends the traditional matrix nuclear norm in a block circulant way.

Distortion-driven Turbulence Effect Removal using Variational Model

no code implementations17 Jan 2014 Yuan Xie, Wensheng Zhang, DaCheng Tao, Wenrui Hu, Yanyun Qu, Hanzi Wang

To solve, or at least reduce these effects, we propose a new scheme to recover a latent image from observed frames by integrating a new variational model and distortion-driven spatial-temporal kernel regression.

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