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Towards a Robust Retrieval-Based Summarization System

1 code implementation29 Mar 2024 ShengJie Liu, Jing Wu, Jingyuan Bao, Wenyi Wang, Naira Hovakimyan, Christopher G Healey

SummRAG is an example of our goal of defining structured methods to test the capabilities of an LLM, rather than addressing issues in a one-off fashion.


Language Agents as Optimizable Graphs

1 code implementation26 Feb 2024 Mingchen Zhuge, Wenyi Wang, Louis Kirsch, Francesco Faccio, Dmitrii Khizbullin, Jürgen Schmidhuber

Various human-designed prompt engineering techniques have been proposed to improve problem solvers based on Large Language Models (LLMs), yielding many disparate code bases.

Prompt Engineering

AccFlow: Backward Accumulation for Long-Range Optical Flow

1 code implementation ICCV 2023 Guangyang Wu, Xiaohong Liu, Kunming Luo, Xi Liu, Qingqing Zheng, Shuaicheng Liu, Xinyang Jiang, Guangtao Zhai, Wenyi Wang

To train and evaluate the proposed AccFlow, we have constructed a large-scale high-quality dataset named CVO, which provides ground-truth optical flow labels between adjacent and distant frames.

Optical Flow Estimation

FastLLVE: Real-Time Low-Light Video Enhancement with Intensity-Aware Lookup Table

1 code implementation13 Aug 2023 Wenhao Li, Guangyang Wu, Wenyi Wang, Peiran Ren, Xiaohong Liu

Experimental results on benchmark datasets demonstrate that our method achieves the State-Of-The-Art (SOTA) performance in terms of both image quality and inter-frame brightness consistency.

Video Enhancement

Cheap-fake Detection with LLM using Prompt Engineering

no code implementations5 Jun 2023 Guangyang Wu, Weijie Wu, Xiaohong Liu, Kele Xu, Tianjiao Wan, Wenyi Wang

We enhance the baseline algorithm by incorporating a Large Language Model (LLM), GPT3. 5, as a feature extractor.

Image Captioning Image Generation +3

Optimizing the optimizer for data driven deep neural networks and physics informed neural networks

no code implementations16 May 2022 John Taylor, Wenyi Wang, Biswajit Bala, Tomasz Bednarz

We investigate the role of the optimizer in determining the quality of the model fit for neural networks with a small to medium number of parameters.

Exploiting the Power of Levenberg-Marquardt Optimizer with Anomaly Detection in Time Series

no code implementations11 Nov 2021 Wenyi Wang, John Taylor, Biswajit Bala

Literature reviews have shown that the LM can be very powerful and effective on moderate function approximation problems when the number of weights in the network is not more than a couple of hundred.

Anomaly Detection Change Detection +2

Lossless Point Cloud Attribute Compression with Normal-based Intra Prediction

no code implementations23 Jun 2021 Qian Yin, Qingshan Ren, Lili Zhao, Wenyi Wang, Jianwen Chen

In this paper, we propose a normal-based intra prediction scheme, which provides a more efficient lossless attribute compression by introducing the normals of point clouds.

Attribute Autonomous Driving

RAI-Net: Range-Adaptive LiDAR Point Cloud Frame Interpolation Network

no code implementations1 Jun 2021 Lili Zhao, Zezhi Zhu, Xuhu Lin, Xuezhou Guo, Qian Yin, Wenyi Wang, Jianwen Chen

In this paper, we propose a novel LiDAR point cloud frame interpolation method, which exploits range images (RIs) as an intermediate representation with CNNs to conduct the frame interpolation process.

Video Frame Interpolation

A Distribution Similarity Based Regularizer for Learning Bayesian Networks

no code implementations20 Aug 2018 Weirui Kong, Wenyi Wang

Probabilistic graphical models compactly represent joint distributions by decomposing them into factors over subsets of random variables.

An AI Based Super Nodes Selection Algorithm in BlockChain Networks

no code implementations1 Aug 2018 Jianwen Chen, Kai Duan, Rumin Zhang, Liaoyuan Zeng, Wenyi Wang

In blockchain systems, especially cryptographic currencies such as Bitcoin, the double-spending and Byzantine-general-like problem are solved by reaching consensus protocols among all nodes.

Cryptography and Security

A Formulation of Recursive Self-Improvement and Its Possible Efficiency

no code implementations17 May 2018 Wenyi Wang

Recursive self-improving (RSI) systems have been dreamed of since the early days of computer science and artificial intelligence.

Bayesian estimation of a semiparametric recurrent event model with applications to the penetrance estimation of multiple primary cancers in Li-Fraumeni Syndrome

1 code implementation18 Apr 2018 Jialu Li, Seung Jun Shin, Jing Ning, Jasmina Bojadzieva, Louise C. Strong, Wenyi Wang

We employed a family-wise likelihood that facilitates using genetic information inherited through the family pedigree and properly adjusted for the ascertainment bias that was inevitable in studies of rare diseases by using an inverse probability weighting scheme.


Bayesian Optimization Using Monotonicity Information and Its Application in Machine Learning Hyperparameter

no code implementations10 Feb 2018 Wenyi Wang, William J. Welch

We propose an algorithm for a family of optimization problems where the objective can be decomposed as a sum of functions with monotonicity properties.

Bayesian Optimization BIG-bench Machine Learning

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