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A Benchmark Evaluation of Clinical Named Entity Recognition in French

no code implementations28 Mar 2024 Nesrine Bannour, Christophe Servan, Aurélie Névéol, Xavier Tannier

Objective: This paper presentsan evaluation of masked language models for biomedical French on the task of clinical named entity recognition. Material and methods: We evaluate biomedical models CamemBERT-bio and DrBERT and compare them tostandard French models CamemBERT, FlauBERT and FrALBERT as well as multilingual mBERT using three publicallyavailable corpora for clinical named entity recognition in French.

named-entity-recognition Named Entity Recognition

Few shot clinical entity recognition in three languages: Masked language models outperform LLM prompting

no code implementations20 Feb 2024 Marco Naguib, Xavier Tannier, Aurélie Névéol

Results are consistent over the three languages and suggest that few-shot learning using Large language models is not production ready for named entity recognition in the clinical domain.

Few-Shot Learning named-entity-recognition +1

Impact of translation on biomedical information extraction from real-life clinical notes

no code implementations3 Jun 2023 Christel Gérardin, Yuhan Xiong, Perceval Wajsbürt, Fabrice Carrat, Xavier Tannier

The objective of our study is to determine whether using English tools to extract and normalize French medical concepts on translations provides comparable performance to French models trained on a set of annotated French clinical notes.

named-entity-recognition Named Entity Recognition +2

Detecting automatically the layout of clinical documents to enhance the performances of downstream natural language processing

no code implementations23 May 2023 Christel Gérardin, Perceval Wajsbürt, Basile Dura, Alice Calliger, Alexandre Moucher, Xavier Tannier, Romain Bey

The precision, recall, and F1 score per document for the acute infection detection algorithm were 82. 54 (95CI 72. 86-91. 60), 85. 24 (95CI 76. 61-93. 70), 83. 87 (95CI 76, 92-90. 08) with exploitation of the results of the advanced body extraction algorithm, respectively.

Development and validation of a natural language processing algorithm to pseudonymize documents in the context of a clinical data warehouse

no code implementations23 Mar 2023 Xavier Tannier, Perceval Wajsbürt, Alice Calliger, Basile Dura, Alexandre Mouchet, Martin Hilka, Romain Bey

The objective of this study is to address the critical issue of de-identification of clinical reports in order to allow access to data for research purposes, while ensuring patient privacy.


Identifying causal relations in tweets using deep learning: Use case on diabetes-related tweets from 2017-2021

1 code implementation1 Nov 2021 Adrian Ahne, Vivek Khetan, Xavier Tannier, Md Imbessat Hassan Rizvi, Thomas Czernichow, Francisco Orchard, Charline Bour, Andrew Fano, Guy Fagherazzi

A cause-effect-tweet dataset was manually labeled and used to train 1) a fine-tuned Bertweet model to detect causal sentences containing a causal association 2) a CRF model with BERT based features to extract possible cause-effect associations.

Participation de l'\'equipe du LIMICS \`a DEFT 2020 (Participation of team LIMICS in the DEFT 2020 challenge )

no code implementations JEPTALNRECITAL 2020 Perceval Wajsb{\"u}rt, Yoann Taill{\'e}, Guillaume Lain{\'e}, Xavier Tannier

Nous pr{\'e}sentons dans cet article les m{\'e}thodes con{\c{c}}ues et les r{\'e}sultats obtenus lors de notre participation {\`a} la t{\^a}che 3 de la campagne d{'}{\'e}valuation DEFT 2020, consistant en la reconnaissance d{'}entit{\'e}s nomm{\'e}es du domaine m{\'e}dical.

Participation de l'\'equipe LAI \`a DEFT 2019 (Participation of team LAI in the DEFT 2019 challenge )

no code implementations JEPTALNRECITAL 2019 Jacques Hilbey, Louise Del{\'e}ger, Xavier Tannier

Nous pr{\'e}sentons dans cet article les m{\'e}thodes con{\c{c}}ues et les r{\'e}sultats obtenus lors de notre participation {\`a} la t{\^a}che 3 de la campagne d{'}{\'e}valuation DEFT 2019.

Terminologies augmented recurrent neural network model for clinical named entity recognition

no code implementations25 Apr 2019 Ivan Lerner, Nicolas Paris, Xavier Tannier

On APcNER corpus, the micro-average F-measure of the hybrid system on the 5 entities was 69. 5% in exact match, and 84. 1% in non-exact match.

named-entity-recognition Named Entity Recognition +1

Searching News Articles Using an Event Knowledge Graph Leveraged by Wikidata

no code implementations11 Apr 2019 Charlotte Rudnik, Thibault Ehrhart, Olivier Ferret, Denis Teyssou, Raphaël Troncy, Xavier Tannier

News agencies produce thousands of multimedia stories describing events happening in the world that are either scheduled such as sports competitions, political summits and elections, or breaking events such as military conflicts, terrorist attacks, natural disasters, etc.

Hybrid Approaches for our Participation to the n2c2 Challenge on Cohort Selection for Clinical Trials

no code implementations19 Mar 2019 Xavier Tannier, Nicolas Paris, Hugo Cisneros, Christel Daniel, Matthieu Doutreligne, Catherine Duclos, Nicolas Griffon, Claire Hassen-Khodja, Ivan Lerner, Adrien Parrot, Éric Sadou, Cyrina Saussol, Pascal Vaillant

Materials and Methods: The first method is a weakly supervised method using an unlabeled corpus (MIMIC) to build a silver standard, by producing semi-automatically a small and very precise set of rules to detect some samples of positive and negative patients.

Unsupervised Event Clustering and Aggregation from Newswire and Web Articles

no code implementations WS 2017 Swen Ribeiro, Olivier Ferret, Xavier Tannier

In this paper, we present an unsupervised pipeline approach for clustering news articles based on identified event instances in their content.

Clustering Document Summarization +1

Apprendre des repr\'esentations jointes de mots et d'entit\'es pour la d\'esambigu\"\isation d'entit\'es (Combining Word and Entity Embeddings for Entity Linking)

no code implementations JEPTALNRECITAL 2017 Jos{\'e} Moreno, Romaric Besan{\c{c}}on, Romain Beaumont, Eva D{'}hondt, Anne-Laure Ligozat, Sophie Rosset, Xavier Tannier, Brigitte Grau

La d{\'e}sambigu{\"\i}sation d{'}entit{\'e}s (ou liaison d{'}entit{\'e}s), qui consiste {\`a} relier des mentions d{'}entit{\'e}s d{'}un texte {\`a} des entit{\'e}s d{'}une base de connaissance, est un probl{\`e}me qui se pose, entre autre, pour le peuplement automatique de bases de connaissances {\`a} partir de textes.

Entity Embeddings Entity Linking

A Dataset for Open Event Extraction in English

no code implementations LREC 2016 Kiem-Hieu Nguyen, Xavier Tannier, Olivier Ferret, Romaric Besan{\c{c}}on

We detail the methodology used for building the corpus and evaluate some existing systems on this new data.

Event Extraction

D\'esambigu\"\isation d'entit\'es pour l'induction non supervis\'ee de sch\'emas \'ev\'enementiels

no code implementations JEPTALNRECITAL 2015 Kiem-Hieu Nguyen, Xavier Tannier, Olivier Ferret, Romaric Besan{\c{c}}on

Les pr{\'e}c{\'e}dentes m{\'e}thodes de la litt{\'e}rature utilisent uniquement les t{\^e}tes des syntagmes pour repr{\'e}senter les entit{\'e}s. Pourtant, le groupe complet (par exemple, {''}un homme arm{\'e}{''}) apporte une information plus discriminante (que {''}homme{''}).


Analyse d'expressions temporelles dans les dossiers \'electroniques patients

no code implementations JEPTALNRECITAL 2015 Mike Donald Tapi Nzali, Aur{\'e}lie N{\'e}v{\'e}ol, Xavier Tannier

En s{'}appuyant sur un corpus de documents issus de plusieurs dossiers {\'e}lectroniques patient d{\'e}sidentifi{\'e}s, nous d{\'e}crivons la construction d{'}une ressource annot{\'e}e en expressions temporelles selon la norme TimeML.

Thematic Cohesion: measuring terms discriminatory power toward themes

no code implementations LREC 2014 Cl{\'e}ment de Groc, Xavier Tannier, Claude de Loupy

This graph can be interpreted as a recommendation graph, where two terms occurring in a same document means that they recommend each other.

Opinion Mining Retrieval +2

French Resources for Extraction and Normalization of Temporal Expressions with HeidelTime

no code implementations LREC 2014 V{\'e}ronique Moriceau, Xavier Tannier

French resources have been evaluated in two different ways: on the French TimeBank corpus, a corpus of newspaper articles in French annotated according to the ISO-TimeML standard, and on a user application for automatic building of event timelines.

Information Retrieval

Evaluating Temporal Graphs Built from Texts via Transitive Reduction

no code implementations16 Jan 2014 Xavier Tannier, Philippe Muller

Temporal information has been the focus of recent attention in information extraction, leading to some standardization effort, in particular for the task of relating events in a text.

WebAnnotator, an Annotation Tool for Web Pages

no code implementations LREC 2012 Xavier Tannier

The HTML rendering fully preserved and all annotations consist in new HTML spans with specific styles.

Image Retrieval Information Retrieval

Event Nominals: Annotation Guidelines and a Manually Annotated Corpus in French

no code implementations LREC 2012 B{\'e}atrice Arnulphy, Xavier Tannier, Anne Vilnat

As our application domain is information extraction, we follow a named entity approach to describe and annotate events.

Temporal Annotation: A Proposal for Guidelines and an Experiment with Inter-annotator Agreement

no code implementations LREC 2012 Andr{\'e} Bittar, Caroline Hag{\`e}ge, V{\'e}ronique Moriceau, Xavier Tannier, Charles Teiss{\`e}dre

We provide results of an initial application of these guidelines to real news-wire texts in French over several iterations of the annotation process.

A Rough Set Formalization of Quantitative Evaluation with Ambiguity

no code implementations LREC 2012 Patrick Paroubek, Xavier Tannier

In this paper, we present the founding elements of a formal model of the evaluation paradigm in natural language processing.

Information Retrieval Machine Translation +2

Evolution of Event Designation in Media: Preliminary Study

no code implementations LREC 2012 Xavier Tannier, V{\'e}ronique Moriceau, B{\'e}atrice Arnulphy, Ruixin He

In this article, we present our methodology concerning the study of the evolution of event designations in French documents from the news agency AFP.

Descriptive Information Retrieval +1

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