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RU22Fact: Optimizing Evidence for Multilingual Explainable Fact-Checking on Russia-Ukraine Conflict

1 code implementation25 Mar 2024 Yirong Zeng, Xiao Ding, Yi Zhao, Xiangyu Li, Jie Zhang, Chao Yao, Ting Liu, Bing Qin

Furthermore, we construct RU22Fact, a novel multilingual explainable fact-checking dataset on the Russia-Ukraine conflict in 2022 of 16K samples, each containing real-world claims, optimized evidence, and referenced explanation.

16k Claim Verification +4

FinReport: Explainable Stock Earnings Forecasting via News Factor Analyzing Model

1 code implementation5 Mar 2024 Xiangyu Li, Xinjie Shen, Yawen Zeng, Xiaofen Xing, Jin Xu

However, compared with financial institutions, it is not easy for ordinary investors to mine factors and analyze news.

Stock Market Prediction

Personal LLM Agents: Insights and Survey about the Capability, Efficiency and Security

2 code implementations10 Jan 2024 Yuanchun Li, Hao Wen, Weijun Wang, Xiangyu Li, Yizhen Yuan, Guohong Liu, Jiacheng Liu, Wenxing Xu, Xiang Wang, Yi Sun, Rui Kong, Yile Wang, Hanfei Geng, Jian Luan, Xuefeng Jin, Zilong Ye, Guanjing Xiong, Fan Zhang, Xiang Li, Mengwei Xu, Zhijun Li, Peng Li, Yang Liu, Ya-Qin Zhang, Yunxin Liu

Next, we discuss several key challenges to achieve intelligent, efficient and secure Personal LLM Agents, followed by a comprehensive survey of representative solutions to address these challenges.

An Analytical Model for Coordinated Multi-Satellite Joint Transmission System

no code implementations9 Nov 2023 Xiangyu Li, Bodong Shang

In this paper, we investigate a coordinated multi-satellite joint transmission system from a system-level perspective, where a user can be served by multiple satellites to improve its quality-of-service (QoS).

AIGC In China: Current Developments And Future Outlook

no code implementations14 Aug 2023 Xiangyu Li, Yuqing Fan, Shenghui Cheng

The increasing attention given to AI Generated Content (AIGC) has brought a profound impact on various aspects of daily life, industrial manufacturing, and the academic sector.

Precheck Sequence Based False Base Station Detection During Handover: A Physical Layer Security Scheme

no code implementations3 Jul 2023 Xiangyu Li, Kaiwen Zheng, Sidong Guo, Xiaoli Ma

The source BS compares the uploaded signal power and shifts UE to another BS that can provide the strongest signal.

Sensing-Aided Peer-to-Peer Millimeter-Wave Communication

no code implementations9 Jun 2023 Xiangyu Li, Sidong Guo, Shez Malik

One of the bottlenecks of modern communications is to enable sensing and mutual communication simultaneously without causing scheduling conflicts, and how sensing may be leveraged to help directional communication accuracy.


STAR: SQL Guided Pre-Training for Context-dependent Text-to-SQL Parsing

1 code implementation21 Oct 2022 ZeFeng Cai, Xiangyu Li, Binyuan Hui, Min Yang, Bowen Li, Binhua Li, Zheng Cao, Weijie Li, Fei Huang, Luo Si, Yongbin Li

Concretely, we propose two novel pre-training objectives which respectively explore the context-dependent interactions of NL utterances and SQL queries within each text-to-SQL conversation: (i) schema state tracking (SST) objective that tracks and explores the schema states of context-dependent SQL queries in the form of schema-states by predicting and updating the value of each schema slot during interaction; (ii) utterance dependency tracking (UDT) objective that employs weighted contrastive learning to pull together two semantically similar NL utterances and push away the representations of semantically dissimilar NL utterances within each conversation.

Contrastive Learning SQL Parsing +1

Siamese Contrastive Embedding Network for Compositional Zero-Shot Learning

1 code implementation CVPR 2022 Xiangyu Li, Xu Yang, Kun Wei, Cheng Deng, Muli Yang

Some methods recognize state and object with two trained classifiers, ignoring the impact of the interaction between object and state; the other methods try to learn the joint representation of the state-object compositions, leading to the domain gap between seen and unseen composition sets.

Compositional Zero-Shot Learning Object

DISP6D: Disentangled Implicit Shape and Pose Learning for Scalable 6D Pose Estimation

1 code implementation27 Jul 2021 Yilin Wen, Xiangyu Li, Hao Pan, Lei Yang, Zheng Wang, Taku Komura, Wenping Wang

Scalable 6D pose estimation for rigid objects from RGB images aims at handling multiple objects and generalizing to novel objects.

6D Pose Estimation Metric Learning +2

Trear: Transformer-based RGB-D Egocentric Action Recognition

no code implementations5 Jan 2021 Xiangyu Li, Yonghong Hou, Pichao Wang, Zhimin Gao, Mingliang Xu, Wanqing Li

In this paper, we propose a \textbf{Tr}ansformer-based RGB-D \textbf{e}gocentric \textbf{a}ction \textbf{r}ecognition framework, called Trear.

Action Recognition Optical Flow Estimation

Transformer Guided Geometry Model for Flow-Based Unsupervised Visual Odometry

no code implementations8 Dec 2020 Xiangyu Li, Yonghong Hou, Pichao Wang, Zhimin Gao, Mingliang Xu, Wanqing Li

In this paper, we propose a method consisting of two camera pose estimators that deal with the information from pairwise images and a short sequence of images respectively.

Visual Odometry

Iterative Spectral Method for Alternative Clustering

no code implementations8 Sep 2019 Chieh Wu, Stratis Ioannidis, Mario Sznaier, Xiangyu Li, David Kaeli, Jennifer G. Dy

Given a dataset and an existing clustering as input, alternative clustering aims to find an alternative partition.


Multi-step Cascaded Networks for Brain Tumor Segmentation

1 code implementation16 Aug 2019 Xiangyu Li, Gongning Luo, Kuanquan Wang

Automatic brain tumor segmentation method plays an extremely important role in the whole process of brain tumor diagnosis and treatment.

Brain Tumor Segmentation Data Augmentation +2

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