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Goal-Oriented Gaze Estimation for Zero-Shot Learning

1 code implementation CVPR 2021 Yang Liu, Lei Zhou, Xiao Bai, Yifei HUANG, Lin Gu, Jun Zhou, Tatsuya Harada

Therefore, we introduce a novel goal-oriented gaze estimation module (GEM) to improve the discriminative attribute localization based on the class-level attributes for ZSL.

Gaze Estimation Generalized Zero-Shot Learning

Occluded Person Re-Identification With Single-Scale Global Representations

no code implementations ICCV 2021 Cheng Yan, Guansong Pang, Jile Jiao, Xiao Bai, Xuetao Feng, Chunhua Shen

However, real-world ReID applications typically have highly diverse occlusions and involve a hybrid of occluded and non-occluded pedestrians.

Graph Matching Person Re-Identification +1

HMFlow: Hybrid Matching Optical Flow Network for Small and Fast-Moving Objects

no code implementations19 Nov 2020 Suihanjin Yu, Youmin Zhang, Chen Wang, Xiao Bai, Liang Zhang, Edwin R. Hancock

To address this problem, we introduce a lightweight but effective Global Matching Component (GMC) to grab global matching features.

Optical Flow Estimation

Beyond Triplet Loss: Person Re-identification with Fine-grained Difference-aware Pairwise Loss

no code implementations22 Sep 2020 Cheng Yan, Guansong Pang, Xiao Bai, Jun Zhou, Lin Gu

The proposed loss is generic and can be used as a plugin to replace the triplet loss to significantly enhance different types of state-of-the-art approaches.

Person Re-Identification

Information Bottleneck Constrained Latent Bidirectional Embedding for Zero-Shot Learning

1 code implementation16 Sep 2020 Yang Liu, Lei Zhou, Xiao Bai, Lin Gu, Tatsuya Harada, Jun Zhou

Though many ZSL methods rely on a direct mapping between the visual and the semantic space, the calibration deviation and hubness problem limit the generalization capability to unseen classes.

Zero-Shot Learning

Binary Neural Networks: A Survey

1 code implementation31 Mar 2020 Haotong Qin, Ruihao Gong, Xianglong Liu, Xiao Bai, Jingkuan Song, Nicu Sebe

The binary neural network, largely saving the storage and computation, serves as a promising technique for deploying deep models on resource-limited devices.

Binarization Image Classification +3

Self-trained Deep Ordinal Regression for End-to-End Video Anomaly Detection

no code implementations CVPR 2020 Guansong Pang, Cheng Yan, Chunhua Shen, Anton Van Den Hengel, Xiao Bai

Video anomaly detection is of critical practical importance to a variety of real applications because it allows human attention to be focused on events that are likely to be of interest, in spite of an otherwise overwhelming volume of video.

Anomaly Detection Representation Learning

Unified Multifaceted Feature Learning for Person Re-Identification

no code implementations20 Nov 2019 Cheng Yan, Guansong Pang, Xiao Bai, Chunhua Shen

The loss structures the augmented images resulted by the two types of image erasing in a two-level hierarchy and enforces multifaceted attention to different parts.

Person Re-Identification

Adaptive Unimodal Cost Volume Filtering for Deep Stereo Matching

2 code implementations9 Sep 2019 Youmin Zhang, Yimin Chen, Xiao Bai, Suihanjin Yu, Kun Yu, Zhiwei Li, Kuiyuan Yang

However, disparity is just a byproduct of a matching process modeled by cost volume, while indirectly learning cost volume driven by disparity regression is prone to overfitting since the cost volume is under constrained.

Disparity Estimation Stereo Matching +1

A One-step Pruning-recovery Framework for Acceleration of Convolutional Neural Networks

no code implementations18 Jun 2019 Dong Wang, Lei Zhou, Xiao Bai, Jun Zhou

Our method accelerates the network in one-step pruning-recovery manner with a novel optimization objective function, which achieves higher accuracy with much less cost compared with existing pruning methods.

Exploring Linear Relationship in Feature Map Subspace for ConvNets Compression

no code implementations15 Mar 2018 Dong Wang, Lei Zhou, Xueni Zhang, Xiao Bai, Jun Zhou

In this way, most of the representative information in the network can be retained in each cluster.

Fast Subspace Clustering Based on the Kronecker Product

no code implementations15 Mar 2018 Lei Zhou, Xiao Bai, Xianglong Liu, Jun Zhou, Hancock Edwin

Therefore, the efficiency and scalability of traditional spectral clustering methods can not be guaranteed for large scale datasets.

Deep Character-Level Click-Through Rate Prediction for Sponsored Search

1 code implementation7 Jul 2017 Bora Edizel, Amin Mantrach, Xiao Bai

Finally, by combining the predictions of the deep models introduced in this study with the prediction of the model in production of the same commercial search engine, we significantly improve the accuracy and the calibration of the click-through rate prediction of the production system.

Click-Through Rate Prediction

Online Sketching Hashing

no code implementations CVPR 2015 Cong Leng, Jiaxiang Wu, Jian Cheng, Xiao Bai, Hanqing Lu

Recently, hashing based approximate nearest neighbor (ANN) search has attracted much attention.

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