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Vision-aided nonlinear control framework for shake table tests

no code implementations1 Sep 2023 Zhongwei Chen, T. Y. Yang, Yifei Xiao, Xiao Pan, Wanyan Yang

The signal generated by the control law of the adaptive control method will be implemented by a loop-shaping controller.

3D vision-based structural masonry damage detection

no code implementations31 Aug 2023 Elmira Faraji Zonouz, Xiao Pan, Yu-Cheng Hsu, Tony Yang

Automation of the inspection process using novel computer vision and machine learning algorithms can be a more efficient and safe solution to prevent further deterioration of the masonry structures.

Autonomous damage assessment of structural columns using low-cost micro aerial vehicles and multi-view computer vision

no code implementations30 Aug 2023 Sina Tavasoli, Xiao Pan, T. Y. Yang, Saudah Gazi, Mohsen Azimi

Experimental results indicate that the proposed MAV-based inspection approach can effectively collect images from multiple viewing angles, and accurately assess critical RC column damages.

A Real-Time Robust Ecological-Adaptive Cruise Control Strategy for Battery Electric Vehicles

no code implementations2 Aug 2023 Sheng Yu, Xiao Pan, Anastasis Georgiou, Boli Chen, Imad M. Jaimoukha, Simos A. Evangelou

This work addresses the ecological-adaptive cruise control problem for connected electric vehicles by a computationally efficient robust control strategy.

TransHuman: A Transformer-based Human Representation for Generalizable Neural Human Rendering

no code implementations ICCV 2023 Xiao Pan, Zongxin Yang, Jianxin Ma, Chang Zhou, Yi Yang

However, such SPC-based representation i) optimizes under the volatile observation space which leads to the pose-misalignment between training and inference stages, and ii) lacks the global relationships among human parts that is critical for handling the incomplete painted SMPL.

Masked Audio Text Encoders are Effective Multi-Modal Rescorers

no code implementations11 May 2023 Jinglun Cai, Monica Sunkara, Xilai Li, Anshu Bhatia, Xiao Pan, Sravan Bodapati

Masked Language Models (MLMs) have proven to be effective for second-pass rescoring in Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) systems.

Automatic Speech Recognition Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) +4

A Computationally Efficient Robust Model Predictive Control Framework for Ecological Adaptive Cruise Control Strategy of Electric Vehicles

no code implementations21 Nov 2022 Sheng Yu, Xiao Pan, Anastasis Georgiou, Boli Chen, Imad M. Jaimoukha, Simos A. Evangelou

The control objective of the RMPC is to optimise the electric energy efficiency of the ego vehicle with consideration of a bounded model mismatch disturbance subject to satisfaction of physical and safety constraints.

Economic Potential for Hybrid Electric Vehicles in Urban Signal-free Intersections with Decentralized MPC

no code implementations12 Nov 2022 Kai Tang, Weijie Wang, Xiao Pan, Boli Chen, Simos A. Evangelou

The development of electric and connected vehicles as well as automated driving technologies are key towards the smart city, with convenient urban mobility and high energy economy performance.

Autonomous Vehicles

Dynamic Gradient Reactivation for Backward Compatible Person Re-identification

no code implementations12 Jul 2022 Xiao Pan, Hao Luo, Weihua Chen, Fan Wang, Hao Li, Wei Jiang, Jianming Zhang, Jianyang Gu, Peike Li

To address this issue, we propose the Ranking-based Backward Compatible Learning (RBCL), which directly optimizes the ranking metric between new features and old features.

Person Re-Identification Retrieval

Optimal Energy Management of Series Hybrid Electric Vehicles with Engine Start-Stop System

no code implementations30 Mar 2022 Boli Chen, Xiao Pan, Simos A. Evangelou

The paper first derives two important analytic results: a) analytic EM optimal solutions of fundamental and commonly used series HEV frameworks, and b) proof of optimality of charge sustaining operation in series HEVs.

energy management Management

In-N-Out Generative Learning for Dense Unsupervised Video Segmentation

1 code implementation29 Mar 2022 Xiao Pan, Peike Li, Zongxin Yang, Huiling Zhou, Chang Zhou, Hongxia Yang, Jingren Zhou, Yi Yang

By contrast, pixel-level optimization is more explicit, however, it is sensitive to the visual quality of training data and is not robust to object deformation.

Contrastive Learning Semantic Segmentation +3

Dynamic Analysis of Nonlinear Civil Engineering Structures using Artificial Neural Network with Adaptive Training

no code implementations21 Nov 2021 Xiao Pan, Zhizhao Wen, T. Y. Yang

In this study, artificial neural networks are developed with adaptive training algorithms, which enables automatic nodes generation and layers addition.

Image-based monitoring of bolt loosening through deep-learning-based integrated detection and tracking

no code implementations16 Nov 2021 Xiao Pan, T. Y. Yang

Then, the target-free object tracking algorithm based on optical flow is implemented, to continuously monitor and quantify the rotation of structural bolts.

Friction Object Tracking +1

Postdisaster image-based damage detection and repair cost estimation of reinforced concrete buildings using dual convolutional neural networks

no code implementations16 Nov 2021 Xiao Pan, T. Y. Yang

The proposed YOLO-v2 is used in combination with the classification neural network, which improves the identification accuracy for critical damage state of reinforced concrete structures by 7. 5%.

Management object-detection +1

Contrastive Learning for Many-to-many Multilingual Neural Machine Translation

3 code implementations ACL 2021 Xiao Pan, Mingxuan Wang, Liwei Wu, Lei LI

Existing multilingual machine translation approaches mainly focus on English-centric directions, while the non-English directions still lag behind.

Contrastive Learning Data Augmentation +2

Pre-training Multilingual Neural Machine Translation by Leveraging Alignment Information

1 code implementation EMNLP 2020 Zehui Lin, Xiao Pan, Mingxuan Wang, Xipeng Qiu, Jiangtao Feng, Hao Zhou, Lei LI

We investigate the following question for machine translation (MT): can we develop a single universal MT model to serve as the common seed and obtain derivative and improved models on arbitrary language pairs?

Ranked #3 on Machine Translation on WMT2014 English-French (using extra training data)

Machine Translation Translation

Texture Relative Superpixel Generation With Adaptive Parameters

no code implementations IEEE 2019 Xiao Pan, Yuanfeng Zhou, Zhonggui Chen, Caiming Zhang

Abstract—Superpixel generation, which is an essential step in many image processing applications, has attracted increasing attention from researchers.


Bicycle-Sharing System Analysis and Trip Prediction

no code implementations3 Apr 2016 Jiawei Zhang, Xiao Pan, Moyin Li, Philip S. Yu

In bicycle-sharing systems, people can borrow and return bikes at any stations in the service region very conveniently.

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