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Boosting Ant Colony Optimization via Solution Prediction and Machine Learning

no code implementations29 Jul 2020 Yuan Sun, Sheng Wang, Yunzhuang Shen, Xiao-Dong Li, Andreas T. Ernst, Michael Kirley

In the first phase of our ML-ACO algorithm, an ML model is trained using a set of small problem instances where the optimal solution is known.

Combinatorial Optimization

Generalization of Machine Learning for Problem Reduction: A Case Study on Travelling Salesman Problems

1 code implementation12 May 2020 Yuan Sun, Andreas Ernst, Xiao-Dong Li, Jake Weiner

In this paper, we examine the generalization capability of a machine learning model for problem reduction on the classic travelling salesman problems (TSP).

Combinatorial Optimization

Nonconvex Matrix Completion with Linearly Parameterized Factors

no code implementations29 Mar 2020 Ji Chen, Xiao-Dong Li, Zongming Ma

Techniques of matrix completion aim to impute a large portion of missing entries in a data matrix through a small portion of observed ones.

Collaborative Filtering Matrix Completion

Cosmological parameter estimation from large-scale structure deep learning

no code implementations28 Aug 2019 Shuyang Pan, Miaoxin Liu, Jaime Forero-Romero, Cristiano G. Sabiu, Zhigang Li, Haitao Miao, Xiao-Dong Li

We propose a light-weight deep convolutional neural network to estimate the cosmological parameters from simulated 3-dimensional dark matter distributions with high accuracy.

Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology

Aesthetic Attributes Assessment of Images

2 code implementations11 Jul 2019 Xin Jin, Le Wu, Geng Zhao, Xiao-Dong Li, Xiaokun Zhang, Shiming Ge, Dongqing Zou, Bin Zhou, Xinghui Zhou

This is a new formula of image aesthetic assessment, which predicts aesthetic attributes captions together with the aesthetic score of each attribute.

Image Captioning Transfer Learning

Facial Makeup Transfer Combining Illumination Transfer

no code implementations8 Jul 2019 Xin Jin, Rui Han, Ning Ning, Xiao-Dong Li, Xiaokun Zhang

To meet the women appearance needs, we present a novel virtual experience approach of facial makeup transfer, developed into windows platform application software.

Facial Makeup Transfer

Nonconvex Rectangular Matrix Completion via Gradient Descent without $\ell_{2,\infty}$ Regularization

no code implementations18 Jan 2019 Ji Chen, Dekai Liu, Xiao-Dong Li

The analysis of nonconvex matrix completion has recently attracted much attention in the community of machine learning thanks to its computational convenience.

14 Matrix Completion

Convex Relaxation Methods for Community Detection

no code implementations30 Sep 2018 Xiao-Dong Li, Yudong Chen, Jiaming Xu

We introduce some important theoretical techniques and results for establishing the consistency of convex community detection under various statistical models.

Community Detection

Model-free Nonconvex Matrix Completion: Local Minima Analysis and Applications in Memory-efficient Kernel PCA

no code implementations6 Nov 2017 Ji Chen, Xiao-Dong Li

This work studies low-rank approximation of a positive semidefinite matrix from partial entries via nonconvex optimization.

Dimensionality Reduction Matrix Completion

Multi-level Chaotic Maps for 3D Textured Model Encryption

no code implementations25 Sep 2017 Xin Jin, Shuyun Zhu, Le Wu, Geng Zhao, Xiao-Dong Li, Quan Zhou, Huimin Lu

In this work, a multi-level chaotic maps models for 3D textured encryption was presented by observing the different contributions for recognizing cipher 3D models between vertices (point cloud), polygons and textures.

Predicting Aesthetic Score Distribution through Cumulative Jensen-Shannon Divergence

2 code implementations23 Aug 2017 Xin Jin, Le Wu, Xiao-Dong Li, Siyu Chen, Siwei Peng, Jingying Chi, Shiming Ge, Chenggen Song, Geng Zhao

Thus, a novel CNN based on the Cumulative distribution with Jensen-Shannon divergence (CJS-CNN) is presented to predict the aesthetic score distribution of human ratings, with a new reliability-sensitive learning method based on the kurtosis of the score distribution, which eliminates the requirement of the original full data of human ratings (without normalization).

Single Reference Image based Scene Relighting via Material Guided Filtering

no code implementations23 Aug 2017 Xin Jin, Yannan Li, Ningning Liu, Xiao-Dong Li, Xianggang Jiang, Chaoen Xiao, Shiming Ge

We propose a novel outdoor scene relighting method, which needs only a single reference image and is based on material constrained layer decomposition.

Image Relighting

ILGNet: Inception Modules with Connected Local and Global Features for Efficient Image Aesthetic Quality Classification using Domain Adaptation

2 code implementations7 Oct 2016 Xin Jin, Le Wu, Xiao-Dong Li, Xiaokun Zhang, Jingying Chi, Siwei Peng, Shiming Ge, Geng Zhao, Shuying Li

Thus, it is easy to use a pre-trained GoogLeNet for large-scale image classification problem and fine tune our connected layers on an large scale database of aesthetic related images: AVA, i. e. \emph{domain adaptation}.

Domain Adaptation General Classification +2

Subspace Perspective on Canonical Correlation Analysis: Dimension Reduction and Minimax Rates

no code implementations12 May 2016 Zhuang Ma, Xiao-Dong Li

Canonical correlation analysis (CCA) is a fundamental statistical tool for exploring the correlation structure between two sets of random variables.

Dimensionality Reduction

Convexified Modularity Maximization for Degree-corrected Stochastic Block Models

no code implementations28 Dec 2015 Yudong Chen, Xiao-Dong Li, Jiaming Xu

We establish non-asymptotic theoretical guarantees for both approximate clustering and perfect clustering.

Community Detection Stochastic Block Model

Optimal Rates of Convergence for Noisy Sparse Phase Retrieval via Thresholded Wirtinger Flow

1 code implementation10 Jun 2015 T. Tony Cai, Xiao-Dong Li, Zongming Ma

This paper considers the noisy sparse phase retrieval problem: recovering a sparse signal $x \in \mathbb{R}^p$ from noisy quadratic measurements $y_j = (a_j' x )^2 + \epsilon_j$, $j=1, \ldots, m$, with independent sub-exponential noise $\epsilon_j$.

Robust and computationally feasible community detection in the presence of arbitrary outlier nodes

no code implementations23 Apr 2014 T. Tony Cai, Xiao-Dong Li

To the best of the authors' knowledge, our result is the first in the literature in terms of clustering communities with fast growing numbers under the GSBM where a portion of arbitrary outlier nodes exist.

Community Detection Stochastic Block Model

Robust Principal Component Analysis?

3 code implementations18 Dec 2009 Emmanuel J. Candes, Xiao-Dong Li, Yi Ma, John Wright

This suggests the possibility of a principled approach to robust principal component analysis since our methodology and results assert that one can recover the principal components of a data matrix even though a positive fraction of its entries are arbitrarily corrupted.

Information Theory Information Theory

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