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Automatic Generation of Product-Image Sequence in E-commerce

1 code implementation26 Jun 2022 Xiaochuan Fan, Chi Zhang, Yong Yang, Yue Shang, Xueying Zhang, Zhen He, Yun Xiao, Bo Long, Lingfei Wu

For a platform with billions of products, it is extremely time-costly and labor-expensive to manually pick and organize qualified images.

Scenario-based Multi-product Advertising Copywriting Generation for E-Commerce

no code implementations21 May 2022 Xueying Zhang, Kai Shen, Chi Zhang, Xiaochuan Fan, Yun Xiao, Zhen He, Bo Long, Lingfei Wu

In this paper, we proposed an automatic Scenario-based Multi-product Advertising Copywriting Generation system (SMPACG) for E-Commerce, which has been deployed on a leading Chinese e-commerce platform.

Language Modelling

DSGPT: Domain-Specific Generative Pre-Training of Transformers for Text Generation in E-commerce Title and Review Summarization

no code implementations SIGIR 2021 Xueying Zhang, Yunjiang Jiang, Yue Shang, Zhaomeng Cheng, Chi Zhang, Xiaochuan Fan, Yun Xiao, Bo Long

We propose a novel domain-specific generative pre-training (DS-GPT) method for text generation and apply it to the product titleand review summarization problems on E-commerce mobile display. First, we adopt a decoder-only transformer architecture, which fitswell for fine-tuning tasks by combining input and output all to-gether.

Text Generation

A Top-down Approach to Articulated Human Pose Estimation and Tracking

no code implementations23 Jan 2019 Guanghan Ning, Ping Liu, Xiaochuan Fan, Chi Zhang

Both the tasks of multi-person human pose estimation and pose tracking in videos are quite challenging.

Association Pose Estimation +1

Object Detection with Mask-based Feature Encoding

no code implementations12 Feb 2018 Xiaochuan Fan, Hao Guo, Kang Zheng, Wei Feng, Song Wang

In particular, we design a Mask Weight Network (MWN) to learn a set of masks and then apply channel-wise masking operations to ROI feature map, followed by a global pooling and a cheap fully-connected layer.

object-detection Object Detection

Detecting Small Signs from Large Images

no code implementations26 Jun 2017 Zibo Meng, Xiaochuan Fan, Xin Chen, Min Chen, Yan Tong

Experimental results on a real-world conditioned traffic sign dataset have demonstrated the effectiveness of the proposed method in terms of detection accuracy and recall, especially for those with small sizes.

object-detection Object Detection

Groupwise Tracking of Crowded Similar-Appearance Targets From Low-Continuity Image Sequences

no code implementations CVPR 2016 Hongkai Yu, Youjie Zhou, Jeff Simmons, Craig P. Przybyla, Yuewei Lin, Xiaochuan Fan, Yang Mi, Song Wang

In particular, the within-group association is modeled by a nonrigid 2D Thin-Plate transform and a sequence of group shrinking, group growing and group merging operations are then developed to refine the composition of each group.


Co-interest Person Detection from Multiple Wearable Camera Videos

no code implementations ICCV 2015 Yuewei Lin, Kareem Ezzeldeen, Youjie Zhou, Xiaochuan Fan, Hongkai Yu, Hui Qian, Song Wang

Wearable cameras, such as Google Glass and Go Pro, enable video data collection over larger areas and from different views.

Human Detection

Combining Local Appearance and Holistic View: Dual-Source Deep Neural Networks for Human Pose Estimation

no code implementations CVPR 2015 Xiaochuan Fan, Kang Zheng, Yuewei Lin, Song Wang

We propose a new learning-based method for estimating 2D human pose from a single image, using Dual-Source Deep Convolutional Neural Networks (DS-CNN).

Pose Estimation

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