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A Survey of Deep Learning Library Testing Methods

no code implementations27 Apr 2024 XiaoYu Zhang, Weipeng Jiang, Chao Shen, Qi Li, Qian Wang, Chenhao Lin, Xiaohong Guan

This paper provides an overview of the testing research related to various DL libraries, discusses the strengths and weaknesses of existing methods, and provides guidance and reference for the application of the DL library.

Model-Free Load Frequency Control of Nonlinear Power Systems Based on Deep Reinforcement Learning

no code implementations7 Mar 2024 Xiaodi Chen, Meng Zhang, Zhengguang Wu, Ligang Wu, Xiaohong Guan

Load frequency control (LFC) is widely employed in power systems to stabilize frequency fluctuation and guarantee power quality.

Fast Gumbel-Max Sketch and its Applications

no code implementations10 Feb 2023 Yuanming Zhang, Pinghui Wang, Yiyan Qi, Kuankuan Cheng, Junzhou Zhao, Guangjian Tian, Xiaohong Guan

The well-known Gumbel-Max Trick for sampling elements from a categorical distribution (or more generally a non-negative vector) and its variants have been widely used in areas such as machine learning and information retrieval.

Information Retrieval Retrieval

Federated Learning over Coupled Graphs

no code implementations26 Jan 2023 Runze Lei, Pinghui Wang, Junzhou Zhao, Lin Lan, Jing Tao, Chao Deng, Junlan Feng, Xidian Wang, Xiaohong Guan

In this work, we propose a novel FL framework for graph data, FedCog, to efficiently handle coupled graphs that are a kind of distributed graph data, but widely exist in a variety of real-world applications such as mobile carriers' communication networks and banks' transaction networks.

Federated Learning Node Classification

A Two-phase On-line Joint Scheduling for Welfare Maximization of Charging Station

no code implementations22 Aug 2022 Qilong Huang, Qing-Shan Jia, Xiang Wu, Shengyuan Xu, Xiaohong Guan

First, a joint scheduling model of pricing and charging control is developed to maximize the expected social welfare of the charging station considering the Quality of Service and the price fluctuation sensitivity of EV drivers.

Model Predictive Control Scheduling

Multi-stage Moving Target Defense: A Security-enhanced D-FACTS Implementation Approach

no code implementations2 Jun 2022 Jiazhou Wang, Jue Tian, Yang Liu, Xiaohong Guan, Dong Yang, Ting Liu

We prove that a designed MMTD can significantly improve the detection capability compared to existing one-stage MTDs.

A General Formulation for Evaluating the Performance of Linear Power Flow Models

no code implementations31 Oct 2021 Zhentong Shao, Qiaozhu Zhai, Xiaohong Guan

Various LPF models are proposed, but some crucial questions are still remained: what is the performance bound (e. g., the error bound) of LPF models, how to know a branch is applicable for LPF models or not, and what is the best LPF model.

Uncertainty Set Prediction of Aggregated Wind Power Generation based on Bayesian LSTM and Spatio-Temporal Analysis

no code implementations7 Oct 2021 Xiaopeng Li, Jiang Wu, Zhanbo Xu, Kun Liu, Jun Yu, Xiaohong Guan

This paper focuses on the uncertainty set prediction of the aggregated generation of geographically distributed wind farms.

Optimal Operation of a Hydrogen-based Building Multi-Energy System Based on Deep Reinforcement Learning

no code implementations22 Sep 2021 Liang Yu, Shuqi Qin, Zhanbo Xu, Xiaohong Guan, Chao Shen, Dong Yue

To overcome the challenge, we reformulate the problem as a Markov game and propose an energy management algorithm to solve it based on multi-agent discrete actor-critic with rules (MADACR).

energy management Management +1

Infer-AVAE: An Attribute Inference Model Based on Adversarial Variational Autoencoder

no code implementations30 Dec 2020 Yadong Zhou, Zhihao Ding, Xiaoming Liu, Chao Shen, Lingling Tong, Xiaohong Guan

While using the trending graph neural networks (GNNs) as encoder has the problem that GNNs aggregate redundant information from neighborhood and generate indistinguishable user representations, which is known as over-smoothing.


Can We Trust Your Explanations? Sanity Checks for Interpreters in Android Malware Analysis

no code implementations13 Aug 2020 Ming Fan, Wenying Wei, Xiaofei Xie, Yang Liu, Xiaohong Guan, Ting Liu

For this reason, a variety of explanation approaches are proposed to interpret predictions by providing important features.

Cryptography and Security Software Engineering

Node Classification on Graphs with Few-Shot Novel Labels via Meta Transformed Network Embedding

1 code implementation NeurIPS 2020 Lin Lan, Pinghui Wang, Xuefeng Du, Kaikai Song, Jing Tao, Xiaohong Guan

We study the problem of node classification on graphs with few-shot novel labels, which has two distinctive properties: (1) There are novel labels to emerge in the graph; (2) The novel labels have only a few representative nodes for training a classifier.

General Classification Graph structure learning +3

Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning for HVAC Control in Commercial Buildings

no code implementations25 Jun 2020 Liang Yu, Yi Sun, Zhanbo Xu, Chao Shen, Dong Yue, Tao Jiang, Xiaohong Guan

In this paper, we intend to minimize the energy cost of an HVAC system in a multi-zone commercial building under dynamic pricing with the consideration of random zone occupancy, thermal comfort, and indoor air quality comfort.

reinforcement-learning Reinforcement Learning (RL)

Fast Generating A Large Number of Gumbel-Max Variables

no code implementations2 Feb 2020 Yiyan Qi, Pinghui Wang, Yuanming Zhang, Junzhou Zhao, Guangjian Tian, Xiaohong Guan

Instead of computing $k$ independent Gumbel random variables directly, we find that there exists a technique to generate these variables in descending order.

Graph Embedding Information Retrieval +1

Adversarial Example Detection by Classification for Deep Speech Recognition

1 code implementation22 Oct 2019 Saeid Samizade, Zheng-Hua Tan, Chao Shen, Xiaohong Guan

Machine Learning systems are vulnerable to adversarial attacks and will highly likely produce incorrect outputs under these attacks.

Classification General Classification +3

Meta Reinforcement Learning with Task Embedding and Shared Policy

2 code implementations16 May 2019 Lin Lan, Zhenguo Li, Xiaohong Guan, Pinghui Wang

Despite significant progress, deep reinforcement learning (RL) suffers from data-inefficiency and limited generalization.

Meta-Learning Meta Reinforcement Learning +2

Vehicle Traffic Driven Camera Placement for Better Metropolis Security Surveillance

1 code implementation1 Apr 2017 Yihui He, Xiaobo Ma, Xiapu Luo, Jianfeng Li, Mengchen Zhao, Bo An, Xiaohong Guan

Security surveillance is one of the most important issues in smart cities, especially in an era of terrorism.

Decision Making

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