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Efficient Construction of Nonlinear Models over Normalized Data

no code implementations23 Nov 2020 Zhaoyue Chen, Nick Koudas, Zhe Zhang, Xiaohui Yu

For the case of NN, we propose algorithms to train the network taking normalized data as the input.

MPE: A Mobility Pattern Embedding Model for Predicting Next Locations

no code implementations16 Mar 2020 Meng Chen, Xiaohui Yu, Yang Liu

The wide spread use of positioning and photographing devices gives rise to a deluge of traffic trajectory data (e. g., vehicle passage records and taxi trajectory data), with each record having at least three attributes: object ID, location ID, and time-stamp.

TraLFM: Latent Factor Modeling of Traffic Trajectory Data

no code implementations16 Mar 2020 Meng Chen, Xiaohui Yu, Yang Liu

The widespread use of positioning devices (e. g., GPS) has given rise to a vast body of human movement data, often in the form of trajectories.

TTDM: A Travel Time Difference Model for Next Location Prediction

no code implementations16 Mar 2020 Qingjie Liu, Yixuan Zuo, Xiaohui Yu, Meng Chen

In particular, we propose a novel method, called Travel Time Difference Model (TTDM), which exploits the difference between the shortest travel time and the actual travel time to predict next locations.

PCNN: Deep Convolutional Networks for Short-term Traffic Congestion Prediction

no code implementations16 Mar 2020 Meng Chen, Xiaohui Yu, Yang Liu

Experimental results on a real-world urban traffic dataset confirm that folding time series data into a two-dimensional matrix is effective and PCNN outperforms the baselines significantly for the task of short-term congestion prediction.

Time Series Analysis

NLPMM: a Next Location Predictor with Markov Modeling

no code implementations16 Mar 2020 Meng Chen, Yang Liu, Xiaohui Yu

In this paper, we solve the problem of predicting the next locations of the moving objects with a historical dataset of trajectories.

Eating Healthier: Exploring Nutrition Information for Healthier Recipe Recommendation

no code implementations16 Mar 2020 Meng Chen, Xiaoyi Jia, Elizabeth Gorbonos, Chnh T. Hong, Xiaohui Yu, Yang Liu

In this paper we propose a novel framework named NutRec, which models the interactions between ingredients and their proportions within recipes for the purpose of offering healthy recommendation.


Evaluating Temporal Queries Over Video Feeds

no code implementations2 Mar 2020 Yueting Chen, Xiaohui Yu, Nick Koudas

We propose two techniques, MFS and SSG, to organize all detected objects in the intermediate data generation layer, which effectively, given the queries, minimizes the number of objects and frames that have to be considered during query evaluation.

object-detection Object Detection +1

Pressure-driven switching of magnetism in layered CrCl3

no code implementations10 Nov 2019 Azkar Saeed Ahmad, Yongcheng Liang, Mingdong Dong, Xuefeng Zhou, Leiming Fang, Yuanhua Xia, Jianhong Dai, Xiaozhi Yan, Xiaohui Yu, Guojun Zhang, Yusheng Zhao, Shanmin Wang

Layered transition-metal compounds with controllable magnetic behaviors provide many fascinating opportunities for the fabrication of high-performance magneto-electric and spintronic devices.

Materials Science

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