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Towards Explainability in NLP: Analyzing and Calculating Word Saliency through Word Properties

no code implementations17 Jul 2022 Jialiang Dong, zhitao Guan, Longfei Wu, Zijian Zhang, Xiaojiang Du

These properties may have certain relationships with the word saliency, which is of great help for studying the explainability of the model predictions.

Hybrid Architectures for Distributed Machine Learning in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks

no code implementations4 Jun 2022 Zhipeng Cheng, Xuwei Fan, Minghui LiWang, Minghui Min, Xianbin Wang, Xiaojiang Du

The ever-growing data privacy concerns have transformed machine learning (ML) architectures from centralized to distributed, leading to federated learning (FL) and split learning (SL) as the two most popular privacy-preserving ML paradigms.

BIG-bench Machine Learning Federated Learning +1

Robust Attacks on Deep Learning Face Recognition in the Physical World

no code implementations27 Nov 2020 Meng Shen, Hao Yu, Liehuang Zhu, Ke Xu, Qi Li, Xiaojiang Du

Deep neural networks (DNNs) have been increasingly used in face recognition (FR) systems.

Face Recognition

Performance Analysis and Optimization for the MAC Protocol in UAV-based IoT Network

no code implementations22 Oct 2020 Bin Li, Xianzhen Guo, Ruonan Zhang, Xiaojiang Du, Mohsen Guizani

A modified three-dimensional Markov chain model adopting the quitting probability and cluster division is developed for the performance analysis.

Information Theory Information Theory

Self-Selective Correlation Ship Tracking Method for Smart Ocean System

no code implementations26 Feb 2019 Xu Kang, Bin Song, Jie Guo, Xiaojiang Du, Mohsen Guizani

In recent years, with the development of the marine industry, navigation environment becomes more complicated.

Management regression

Structured Bayesian Compression for Deep models in mobile enabled devices for connected healthcare

no code implementations13 Feb 2019 Sijia Chen, Bin Song, Xiaojiang Du, Nadra Guizani

Deep Models, typically Deep neural networks, have millions of parameters, analyze medical data accurately, yet in a time-consuming method.

Interest-Related Item Similarity Model Based on Multimodal Data for Top-N Recommendation

no code implementations13 Feb 2019 Junmei Lv, Bin Song, Jie Guo, Xiaojiang Du, Mohsen Guizani

Specifically, the Multimodal IRIS model consists of three modules, i. e., multimodal feature learning module, the Interest-Related Network (IRN) module and item similarity recommendation module.

Recommendation Systems

Adversarial Samples on Android Malware Detection Systems for IoT Systems

no code implementations12 Feb 2019 Xiaolei Liu, Xiaojiang Du, Xiaosong Zhang, Qingxin Zhu, Mohsen Guizani

An automated testing framework is needed to help these learning-based malware detection systems for IoT devices perform security analysis.

Android Malware Detection Malware Detection

Verification Code Recognition Based on Active and Deep Learning

no code implementations12 Feb 2019 Dongliang Xu, Bailing Wang, XiaoJiang Du, Xiaoyan Zhu, zhitao Guan, Xiaoyan Yu, Jingyu Liu

However, the advantages of convolutional neural networks depend on the data used by the training classifier, particularly the size of the training set.

IriTrack: Liveness Detection Using Irises Tracking for Preventing Face Spoofing Attacks

no code implementations8 Oct 2018 Meng Shen, Zelin Liao, Liehuang Zhu, Rashid Mijumbi, Xiaojiang Du, Jiankun Hu

Face liveness detection has become a widely used technique with a growing importance in various authentication scenarios to withstand spoofing attacks.

Cryptography and Security

A Survey of Machine and Deep Learning Methods for Internet of Things (IoT) Security

no code implementations29 Jul 2018 Mohammed Ali Al-Garadi, Amr Mohamed, Abdulla Al-Ali, Xiaojiang Du, Mohsen Guizani

Consequently, ML/DL methods are important in transforming the security of IoT systems from merely facilitating secure communication between devices to security-based intelligence systems.

Reinforcement Learning based QoS/QoE-aware Service Function Chaining in Software-Driven 5G Slices

no code implementations6 Apr 2018 Xi Chen, Zonghang Li, Yupeng Zhang, Ruiming Long, Hongfang Yu, Xiaojiang Du, Mohsen Guizani

With the ever growing diversity of devices and applications that will be connected to 5G networks, flexible and agile service orchestration with acknowledged QoE that satisfies end-user's functional and QoS requirements is necessary.

FPAN: Fine-grained and Progressive Attention Localization Network for Data Retrieval

no code implementations5 Apr 2018 Sijia Chen, Bin Song, Jie Guo, Xiaojiang Du, Mohsen Guizani

The Localization of the target object for data retrieval is a key issue in the Intelligent and Connected Transportation Systems (ICTS).

Multi-Task Learning Object Localization +2

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