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H2KGAT: Hierarchical Hyperbolic Knowledge Graph Attention Network

no code implementations EMNLP 2020 Shen Wang, Xiaokai Wei, Cicero Nogueira dos santos, Zhiguo Wang, Ramesh Nallapati, Andrew Arnold, Bing Xiang, Philip S. Yu

Existing knowledge graph embedding approaches concentrate on modeling symmetry/asymmetry, inversion, and composition typed relations but overlook the hierarchical nature of relations.

Graph Attention Knowledge Graph Embedding +2

Debiasing Neural Retrieval via In-batch Balancing Regularization

no code implementations NAACL (GeBNLP) 2022 Yuantong Li, Xiaokai Wei, Zijian Wang, Shen Wang, Parminder Bhatia, Xiaofei Ma, Andrew Arnold

People frequently interact with information retrieval (IR) systems, however, IR models exhibit biases and discrimination towards various demographics.

Fairness Passage Retrieval +1

Knowledge Enhanced Pretrained Language Models: A Compreshensive Survey

no code implementations16 Oct 2021 Xiaokai Wei, Shen Wang, Dejiao Zhang, Parminder Bhatia, Andrew Arnold

This new paradigm has revolutionized the entire field of natural language processing, and set the new state-of-the-art performance for a wide variety of NLP tasks.

Joint Embedding of Meta-Path and Meta-Graph for Heterogeneous Information Networks

no code implementations11 Sep 2018 Lichao Sun, Lifang He, Zhipeng Huang, Bokai Cao, Congying Xia, Xiaokai Wei, Philip S. Yu

Meta-graph is currently the most powerful tool for similarity search on heterogeneous information networks, where a meta-graph is a composition of meta-paths that captures the complex structural information.

Network Embedding Tensor Decomposition

Contaminant Removal for Android Malware Detection Systems

no code implementations7 Nov 2017 Lichao Sun, Xiaokai Wei, Jiawei Zhang, Lifang He, Philip S. Yu, Witawas Srisa-an

The results indicate that once we remove contaminants from the datasets, we can significantly improve both malware detection rate and detection accuracy

Cryptography and Security

Multi-view Unsupervised Feature Selection by Cross-diffused Matrix Alignment

no code implementations2 May 2017 Xiaokai Wei, Bokai Cao, Philip S. Yu

In this paper, we study unsupervised feature selection for multi-view data, as class labels are usually expensive to obtain.

feature selection MULTI-VIEW LEARNING

Cross view link prediction by learning noise-resilient representation consensus

no code implementations WWW '17 2017 Xiaokai Wei, Linchuan Xu, Bokai Cao and Philip S. Yu

In this paper, we study the problem of Cross View Link Prediction (CVLP) on partially observable networks, where the focus is to recommend nodes with only links to nodes with only attributes (or vice versa).

Attribute Link Prediction +1

Online Unsupervised Multi-view Feature Selection

no code implementations27 Sep 2016 Weixiang Shao, Lifang He, Chun-Ta Lu, Xiaokai Wei, Philip S. Yu

Third, how to leverage the consistent and complementary information from different views to improve the feature selection in the situation when the data are too big or come in as streams?

Clustering feature selection +1

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