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Synthesis and Completion of Facades from Satellite Imagery

no code implementations ECCV 2020 Xiaowei Zhang, Christopher May, Daniel Aliaga

Automatic satellite-based reconstruction enables large and widespread creation of urban areas.

Smooth Nested Simulation: Bridging Cubic and Square Root Convergence Rates in High Dimensions

no code implementations9 Jan 2022 Wenjia Wang, Yanyuan Wang, Xiaowei Zhang

Nested simulation concerns estimating functionals of a conditional expectation via simulation.

Self-fulfilling Bandits: Dynamic Selection in Algorithmic Decision-making

no code implementations28 Aug 2021 Jin Li, Ye Luo, Xiaowei Zhang

This paper identifies and addresses dynamic selection problems that arise in online learning algorithms with endogenous data.

Decision Making online learning

Causal Reinforcement Learning: An Instrumental Variable Approach

no code implementations6 Mar 2021 Jin Li, Ye Luo, Xiaowei Zhang

In the standard data analysis framework, data is first collected (once for all), and then data analysis is carried out.


Sample and Computationally Efficient Stochastic Kriging in High Dimensions

no code implementations14 Oct 2020 Liang Ding, Xiaowei Zhang

However, its use is limited to cases where the design space is low-dimensional because, in general, the sample complexity (i. e., the number of design points required for stochastic kriging to produce an accurate prediction) grows exponentially in the dimensionality of the design space.

MODMA dataset: a Multi-modal Open Dataset for Mental-disorder Analysis

no code implementations20 Feb 2020 Hanshu Cai, Yiwen Gao, Shuting Sun, Na Li, Fuze Tian, Han Xiao, Jianxiu Li, Zhengwu Yang, Xiaowei Li, Qinglin Zhao, Zhenyu Liu, Zhijun Yao, Minqiang Yang, Hong Peng, Jing Zhu, Xiaowei Zhang, Guoping Gao, Fang Zheng, Rui Li, Zhihua Guo, Rong Ma, Jing Yang, Lan Zhang, Xiping Hu, Yumin Li, Bin Hu

The EEG dataset includes not only data collected using traditional 128-electrodes mounted elastic cap, but also a novel wearable 3-electrode EEG collector for pervasive applications.


Rule-Guided Compositional Representation Learning on Knowledge Graphs

1 code implementation20 Nov 2019 Guanglin Niu, Yongfei Zhang, Bo Li, Peng Cui, Si Liu, Jingyang Li, Xiaowei Zhang

Representation learning on a knowledge graph (KG) is to embed entities and relations of a KG into low-dimensional continuous vector spaces.

Knowledge Graphs Representation Learning

Local Distribution in Neighborhood for Classification

no code implementations7 Dec 2018 Chengsheng Mao, Bin Hu, Lei Chen, Philip Moore, Xiaowei Zhang

Additionally, based on the local distribution, we generate a generalized local classification form that can be effectively applied to various datasets through tuning the parameters.

Classification General Classification

Ranking and Selection with Covariates for Personalized Decision Making

no code implementations7 Oct 2017 Haihui Shen, L. Jeff Hong, Xiaowei Zhang

The goal of ranking and selection with covariates (R&S-C) is to use simulation samples to obtain a selection policy that specifies the best alternative with certain statistical guarantee for subsequent individuals upon observing their covariates.

Decision Making Experimental Design

Too Far to See? Not Really! --- Pedestrian Detection with Scale-aware Localization Policy

no code implementations1 Sep 2017 Xiaowei Zhang, Li Cheng, Bo Li, Hai-Miao Hu

A major bottleneck of pedestrian detection lies on the sharp performance deterioration in the presence of small-size pedestrians that are relatively far from the camera.

Pedestrian Detection Region Proposal

Multivariate Regression with Gross Errors on Manifold-valued Data

no code implementations26 Mar 2017 Xiaowei Zhang, Xudong Shi, Yu Sun, Li Cheng

Our model first takes a correction step on the grossly corrupted responses via geodesic curves on the manifold, and then performs multivariate linear regression on the corrected data.

Sparse Kernel Canonical Correlation Analysis via $\ell_1$-regularization

no code implementations16 Jan 2017 Xiaowei Zhang, Delin Chu, Li-Zhi Liao, Michael K. Ng

Our algorithm is based on a relationship between kernel CCA and least squares.

Multivariate Regression with Grossly Corrupted Observations: A Robust Approach and its Applications

no code implementations11 Jan 2017 Xiaowei Zhang, Chi Xu, Yu Zhang, Tingshao Zhu, Li Cheng

The implementation of our approach and comparison methods as well as the involved datasets are made publicly available in support of the open-source and reproducible research initiatives.

Hand Pose Estimation

Transduction on Directed Graphs via Absorbing Random Walks

no code implementations19 Feb 2014 Jaydeep De, Xiaowei Zhang, Li Cheng

In this paper we consider the problem of graph-based transductive classification, and we are particularly interested in the directed graph scenario which is a natural form for many real world applications.

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