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Part-guided Relational Transformers for Fine-grained Visual Recognition

1 code implementation28 Dec 2022 Yifan Zhao, Jia Li, Xiaowu Chen, Yonghong Tian

This framework, namely PArt-guided Relational Transformers (PART), is proposed to learn the discriminative part features with an automatic part discovery module, and to explore the intrinsic correlations with a feature transformation module by adapting the Transformer models from the field of natural language processing.

Fine-Grained Image Classification Fine-Grained Visual Recognition +1

Pyramid Grafting Network for One-Stage High Resolution Saliency Detection

1 code implementation CVPR 2022 Chenxi Xie, Changqun Xia, Mingcan Ma, Zhirui Zhao, Xiaowu Chen, Jia Li

An attention-based Cross-Model Grafting Module (CMGM) is proposed to enable CNN branch to combine broken detailed information more holistically, guided by different source feature during decoding process.

Ranked #4 on RGB Salient Object Detection on UHRSD (using extra training data)

object-detection RGB Salient Object Detection +2

Receptive Field Broadening and Boosting for Salient Object Detection

no code implementations15 Oct 2021 Mingcan Ma, Changqun Xia, Chenxi Xie, Xiaowu Chen, Jia Li

Moreover, Unlike multi-path parallel training, MHB randomly selects one branch each time for gradient back propagation in a boosting way.

object-detection Object Detection +2

RGB-D Salient Object Detection with Ubiquitous Target Awareness

no code implementations8 Sep 2021 Yifan Zhao, Jiawei Zhao, Jia Li, Xiaowu Chen

To construct our framework as well as achieving accurate salient detection results, we propose a Ubiquitous Target Awareness (UTA) network to solve three important challenges in RGB-D SOD task: 1) a depth awareness module to excavate depth information and to mine ambiguous regions via adaptive depth-error weights, 2) a spatial-aware cross-modal interaction and a channel-aware cross-level interaction, exploiting the low-level boundary cues and amplifying high-level salient channels, and 3) a gated multi-scale predictor module to perceive the object saliency in different contextual scales.

object-detection Representation Learning +3

Is Depth Really Necessary for Salient Object Detection?

1 code implementation30 May 2020 Jia-Wei Zhao, Yifan Zhao, Jia Li, Xiaowu Chen

To solve this, many recent RGBD-based networks are proposed by adopting the depth map as an independent input and fuse the features with RGB information.

object-detection RGB-D Salient Object Detection +2

Single Image Dehazing Using Ranking Convolutional Neural Network

no code implementations15 Jan 2020 Yafei Song, Jia Li, Xiaogang Wang, Xiaowu Chen

To obtain effective features for single image dehazing, this paper presents a novel Ranking Convolutional Neural Network (Ranking-CNN).

Image Dehazing Single Image Dehazing

Shape2Motion: Joint Analysis of Motion Parts and Attributes from 3D Shapes

1 code implementation CVPR 2019 Xiaogang Wang, Bin Zhou, Yahao Shi, Xiaowu Chen, Qinping Zhao, Kai Xu

For the task of mobility analysis of 3D shapes, we propose joint analysis for simultaneous motion part segmentation and motion attribute estimation, taking a single 3D model as input.

Complementary Segmentation of Primary Video Objects with Reversible Flows

no code implementations23 Nov 2018 Jia Li, Junjie Wu, Anlin Zheng, Yafei Song, Yu Zhang, Xiaowu Chen

Segmenting primary objects in a video is an important yet challenging problem in computer vision, as it exhibits various levels of foreground/background ambiguities.

Superpixels Video Semantic Segmentation

Learning to Group and Label Fine-Grained Shape Components

no code implementations13 Sep 2018 Xiaogang Wang, Bin Zhou, Haiyue Fang, Xiaowu Chen, Qinping Zhao, Kai Xu

We propose to generate part hypotheses from the components based on a hierarchical grouping strategy, and perform labeling on those part groups instead of directly on the components.

Image Co-segmentation via Multi-scale Local Shape Transfer

no code implementations15 May 2018 Wei Teng, Yu Zhang, Xiaowu Chen, Jia Li, Zhiqiang He

Image co-segmentation is a challenging task in computer vision that aims to segment all pixels of the objects from a predefined semantic category.

Primary Video Object Segmentation via Complementary CNNs and Neighborhood Reversible Flow

no code implementations ICCV 2017 Jia Li, Anlin Zheng, Xiaowu Chen, Bin Zhou

By applying CCNN on each video frame, the spatial foregroundness and backgroundness maps can be initialized, which are then propagated between various frames so as to segment primary video objects and suppress distractors.

Semantic Segmentation Superpixels +2

Look, Perceive and Segment: Finding the Salient Objects in Images via Two-Stream Fixation-Semantic CNNs

no code implementations ICCV 2017 Xiaowu Chen, Anlin Zheng, Jia Li, Feng Lu

Toward this end, this paper proposes two-stream fixation-semantic CNNs, whose architecture is inspired by the fact that salient objects in complex images can be unambiguously annotated by selecting the pre-segmented semantic objects that receive the highest fixation density in eye-tracking experiments.

object-detection RGB Salient Object Detection +1

A Benchmark Dataset and Saliency-guided Stacked Autoencoders for Video-based Salient Object Detection

no code implementations1 Nov 2016 Jia Li, Changqun Xia, Xiaowu Chen

Based on this dataset, this paper proposes an unsupervised baseline approach for video-based SOD by using saliency-guided stacked autoencoders.

Benchmarking object-detection +2

Conformal and Low-Rank Sparse Representation for Image Restoration

no code implementations ICCV 2015 Jianwei Li, Xiaowu Chen, Dongqing Zou, Bo Gao, Wei Teng

In this paper, we propose a novel sparse representation approach called conformal and low-rank sparse representation (CLRSR) for image restoration problems.

Dictionary Learning Image Restoration

A Data-Driven Metric for Comprehensive Evaluation of Saliency Models

no code implementations ICCV 2015 Jia Li, Changqun Xia, Yafei Song, Shu Fang, Xiaowu Chen

To address this problem, we propose a data-driven metric for comprehensive evaluation of saliency models.

Integrating Graph Partitioning and Matching for Trajectory Analysis in Video Surveillance

no code implementations2 Feb 2015 Liang Lin, Yongyi Lu, Yan Pan, Xiaowu Chen

With this graph representation, we pose trajectory analysis as a joint task of spatial graph partitioning and temporal graph matching.

Graph Matching graph partitioning

Sparse Dictionary Learning for Edit Propagation of High-Resolution Images

no code implementations CVPR 2014 Xiaowu Chen, Dongqing Zou, Jianwei Li, Xiaochun Cao, Qinping Zhao, Hao Zhang

Previous approaches for edit propagation typically employ a global optimization over the whole set of image pixels, incurring a prohibitively high memory and time consumption for high-resolution images.

Dictionary Learning

Video Editing with Temporal, Spatial and Appearance Consistency

no code implementations CVPR 2013 Xiaojie Guo, Xiaochun Cao, Xiaowu Chen, Yi Ma

Given an area of interest in a video sequence, one may want to manipulate or edit the area, e. g. remove occlusions from or replace with an advertisement on it.

Image Matting Video Editing

Image Matting with Local and Nonlocal Smooth Priors

no code implementations CVPR 2013 Xiaowu Chen, Dongqing Zou, Steven Zhiying Zhou, Qinping Zhao, Ping Tan

This nonlocal smooth prior and the well known local smooth prior from matting Laplacian complement each other.

Image Matting

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