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Text Style Transfer: Leveraging a Style Classifier on Entangled Latent Representations

no code implementations ACL (RepL4NLP) 2021 Xiaoyan Li, Sun Sun, Yunli Wang

We propose a novel text style transfer algorithm with entangled latent representation, and introduce a style classifier that can regulate the latent structure and transfer style.

Attribute Representation Learning +3

FastOcc: Accelerating 3D Occupancy Prediction by Fusing the 2D Bird's-Eye View and Perspective View

no code implementations5 Mar 2024 Jiawei Hou, Xiaoyan Li, Wenhao Guan, Gang Zhang, Di Feng, Yuheng Du, xiangyang xue, Jian Pu

In autonomous driving, 3D occupancy prediction outputs voxel-wise status and semantic labels for more comprehensive understandings of 3D scenes compared with traditional perception tasks, such as 3D object detection and bird's-eye view (BEV) semantic segmentation.

3D Object Detection Autonomous Driving +2

OAG-Bench: A Human-Curated Benchmark for Academic Graph Mining

no code implementations24 Feb 2024 Fanjin Zhang, Shijie Shi, Yifan Zhu, Bo Chen, Yukuo Cen, Jifan Yu, Yelin Chen, Lulu Wang, Qingfei Zhao, Yuqing Cheng, Tianyi Han, Yuwei An, Dan Zhang, Weng Lam Tam, Kun Cao, Yunhe Pang, Xinyu Guan, Huihui Yuan, Jian Song, Xiaoyan Li, Yuxiao Dong, Jie Tang

We envisage that OAG-Bench can serve as a common ground for the community to evaluate and compare algorithms in academic graph mining, thereby accelerating algorithm development and advancement in this field.

Graph Mining

Center Focusing Network for Real-Time LiDAR Panoptic Segmentation

1 code implementation CVPR 2023 Xiaoyan Li, Gang Zhang, Boyue Wang, Yongli Hu, BaoCai Yin

LiDAR panoptic segmentation facilitates an autonomous vehicle to comprehensively understand the surrounding objects and scenes and is required to run in real time.

Panoptic Segmentation Segmentation

A Categorical Framework for Modeling with Stock and Flow Diagrams

1 code implementation1 Nov 2022 John C. Baez, Xiaoyan Li, Sophie Libkind, Nathaniel D. Osgood, Eric Redekopp

Stock and flow diagrams are already an important tool in epidemiology, but category theory lets us go further and treat these diagrams as mathematical entities in their own right.


A Comparative Study of Gastric Histopathology Sub-size Image Classification: from Linear Regression to Visual Transformer

no code implementations25 May 2022 Weiming Hu, HaoYuan Chen, Wanli Liu, Xiaoyan Li, Hongzan Sun, Xinyu Huang, Marcin Grzegorzek, Chen Li

Ensemble learning is a way to improve the accuracy of algorithms, and finding multiple learning models with complementarity types is the basis of ensemble learning.

BIG-bench Machine Learning Ensemble Learning +2

CPGNet: Cascade Point-Grid Fusion Network for Real-Time LiDAR Semantic Segmentation

3 code implementations21 Apr 2022 Xiaoyan Li, Gang Zhang, Hongyu Pan, Zhenhua Wang

LiDAR semantic segmentation essential for advanced autonomous driving is required to be accurate, fast, and easy-deployed on mobile platforms.

Autonomous Driving LIDAR Semantic Segmentation +2

Application of Transfer Learning and Ensemble Learning in Image-level Classification for Breast Histopathology

no code implementations18 Apr 2022 Yuchao Zheng, Chen Li, Xiaomin Zhou, HaoYuan Chen, Hao Xu, Yixin Li, Haiqing Zhang, Xiaoyan Li, Hongzan Sun, Xinyu Huang, Marcin Grzegorzek

Method: This paper proposes a deep ensemble model based on image-level labels for the binary classification of benign and malignant lesions of breast histopathological images.

Binary Classification Classification +4

What Can Machine Vision Do for Lymphatic Histopathology Image Analysis: A Comprehensive Review

no code implementations21 Jan 2022 Xiaoqi Li, HaoYuan Chen, Chen Li, Md Mamunur Rahaman, Xintong Li, Jian Wu, Xiaoyan Li, Hongzan Sun, Marcin Grzegorzek

In the past ten years, the computing power of machine vision (MV) has been continuously improved, and image analysis algorithms have developed rapidly.

A 3D 2D convolutional Neural Network Model for Hyperspectral Image Classification

no code implementations19 Nov 2021 Jiaxin Cao, Xiaoyan Li

In the proposed SEHybridSN model, a dense block was used to reuse shallow feature and aimed at better exploiting hierarchical spatial spectral feature.

Hyperspectral Image Classification

GasHisSDB: A New Gastric Histopathology Image Dataset for Computer Aided Diagnosis of Gastric Cancer

1 code implementation4 Jun 2021 Weiming Hu, Chen Li, Xiaoyan Li, Md Mamunur Rahaman, Jiquan Ma, Yong Zhang, HaoYuan Chen, Wanli Liu, Changhao Sun, YuDong Yao, Hongzan Sun, Marcin Grzegorzek

In order to prove that the methods of different periods in the field of image classification have discrepancies on GasHisSDB, we select a variety of classifiers for evaluation.

BIG-bench Machine Learning Image Classification +1

GasHis-Transformer: A Multi-scale Visual Transformer Approach for Gastric Histopathological Image Detection

no code implementations29 Apr 2021 HaoYuan Chen, Chen Li, Ge Wang, Xiaoyan Li, Md Rahaman, Hongzan Sun, Weiming Hu, Yixin Li, Wanli Liu, Changhao Sun, Shiliang Ai, Marcin Grzegorzek

In this paper, a multi-scale visual transformer model, referred as GasHis-Transformer, is proposed for Gastric Histopathological Image Detection (GHID), which enables the automatic global detection of gastric cancer images.

Adversarial Attack General Classification +3

DeepCervix: A Deep Learning-based Framework for the Classification of Cervical Cells Using Hybrid Deep Feature Fusion Techniques

no code implementations24 Feb 2021 Md Mamunur Rahaman, Chen Li, YuDong Yao, Frank Kulwa, Xiangchen Wu, Xiaoyan Li, Qian Wang

Pap smear test is a widely performed screening technique for early detection of cervical cancer, whereas this manual screening method suffers from high false-positive results because of human errors.

Cell Segmentation Classification +1

Three dimensional vectorial imaging of surface phonons

no code implementations21 Nov 2020 Xiaoyan Li, Georg Haberfehlner, Ulrich Hohenester, Odile Stéphan, Gerald Kothleitner, Mathieu Kociak

While phonons and their related properties have been studied comprehensively in bulk materials, a thorough understanding of surface phonons for nanoscale objects remains elusive.

Instrumentation and Detectors Materials Science

A Comprehensive Review for MRF and CRF Approaches in Pathology Image Analysis

no code implementations29 Sep 2020 Yixin Li, Chen Li, Xiaoyan Li, Kai Wang, Md Mamunur Rahaman, Changhao Sun, Hao Chen, Xinran Wu, Hong Zhang, Qian Wang

In this review, we present a comprehensive overview of pathology image analysis based on the markov random fields (MRFs) and conditional random fields (CRFs), which are two popular random field models.

Gastric histopathology image segmentation using a hierarchical conditional random field

no code implementations3 Mar 2020 Changhao Sun, Chen Li, Jinghua Zhang, Muhammad Rahaman, Shiliang Ai, Hao Chen, Frank Kulwa, Yixin Li, Xiaoyan Li, Tao Jiang

This HCRF model is built up with higher order potentials, including pixel-level and patch-level potentials, and graph-based post-processing is applied to further improve its segmentation performance.

Image Segmentation Segmentation +2

Fast reconstruction of atomic-scale STEM-EELS images from sparse sampling

1 code implementation4 Feb 2020 Etienne Monier, Thomas Oberlin, Nathalie Brun, Xiaoyan Li, Marcel Tencé, Nicolas Dobigeon

Besides, among the methods proposed in the microscopy literature, some are fast but inaccurate while others provide accurate reconstruction but at the price of a high computation burden.

Image Reconstruction

Anomaly Detection Based on Unsupervised Disentangled Representation Learning in Combination with Manifold Learning

no code implementations25 Sep 2019 Xiaoyan Li, Iluju Kiringa, Tet Yeap, Xiaodan Zhu, Yifeng Li

Identifying anomalous samples from highly complex and unstructured data is a crucial but challenging task in a variety of intelligent systems.

Anomaly Detection Density Estimation +3

Exploring Deep Anomaly Detection Methods Based on Capsule Net

1 code implementation15 Jul 2019 Xiaoyan Li, Iluju Kiringa, Tet Yeap, Xiaodan Zhu, Yifeng Li

In this paper, we develop and explore deep anomaly detection techniques based on the capsule network (CapsNet) for image data.

Anomaly Detection

Video Face Editing Using Temporal-Spatial-Smooth Warping

no code implementations11 Aug 2014 Xiaoyan Li, DaCheng Tao

Editing faces in videos is a popular yet challenging aspect of computer vision and graphics, which encompasses several applications including facial attractiveness enhancement, makeup transfer, face replacement, and expression manipulation.

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