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EdgeMA: Model Adaptation System for Real-Time Video Analytics on Edge Devices

no code implementations17 Aug 2023 Liang Wang, Nan Zhang, Xiaoyang Qu, Jianzong Wang, Jiguang Wan, Guokuan Li, Kaiyu Hu, Guilin Jiang, Jing Xiao

In this paper, we introduce EdgeMA, a practical and efficient video analytics system designed to adapt models to shifts in real-world video streams over time, addressing the data drift problem.

Shoggoth: Towards Efficient Edge-Cloud Collaborative Real-Time Video Inference via Adaptive Online Learning

no code implementations27 Jun 2023 Liang Wang, Kai Lu, Nan Zhang, Xiaoyang Qu, Jianzong Wang, Jiguang Wan, Guokuan Li, Jing Xiao

This paper proposes Shoggoth, an efficient edge-cloud collaborative architecture, for boosting inference performance on real-time video of changing scenes.

Knowledge Distillation

FedET: A Communication-Efficient Federated Class-Incremental Learning Framework Based on Enhanced Transformer

no code implementations27 Jun 2023 Chenghao Liu, Xiaoyang Qu, Jianzong Wang, Jing Xiao

To address local forgetting caused by new classes of new tasks and global forgetting brought by non-i. i. d (non-independent and identically distributed) class imbalance across different local clients, we proposed an Enhancer distillation method to modify the imbalance between old and new knowledge and repair the non-i. i. d.

class-incremental learning Class Incremental Learning +2

Detecting Out-of-distribution Examples via Class-conditional Impressions Reappearing

no code implementations17 Mar 2023 Jinggang Chen, Xiaoyang Qu, Junjie Li, Jianzong Wang, Jiguang Wan, Jing Xiao

Out-of-distribution (OOD) detection aims at enhancing standard deep neural networks to distinguish anomalous inputs from original training data.

Out of Distribution (OOD) Detection

Feature-Rich Audio Model Inversion for Data-Free Knowledge Distillation Towards General Sound Classification

no code implementations14 Mar 2023 Zuheng Kang, Yayun He, Jianzong Wang, Junqing Peng, Xiaoyang Qu, Jing Xiao

Data-Free Knowledge Distillation (DFKD) has recently attracted growing attention in the academic community, especially with major breakthroughs in computer vision.

Knowledge Distillation Sound Classification

Learning Invariant Representation and Risk Minimized for Unsupervised Accent Domain Adaptation

no code implementations15 Oct 2022 Chendong Zhao, Jianzong Wang, Xiaoyang Qu, Haoqian Wang, Jing Xiao

Unsupervised representation learning for speech audios attained impressive performances for speech recognition tasks, particularly when annotated speech is limited.

Domain Adaptation Representation Learning +2

Pose Guided Human Image Synthesis with Partially Decoupled GAN

no code implementations7 Oct 2022 Jianhan Wu, Jianzong Wang, Shijing Si, Xiaoyang Qu, Jing Xiao

Most existing methods encode the texture of the whole reference human image into a latent space, and then utilize a decoder to synthesize the image texture of the target pose.

Long-range modeling Pose Transfer

Boosting Star-GANs for Voice Conversion with Contrastive Discriminator

no code implementations21 Sep 2022 Shijing Si, Jianzong Wang, xulong Zhang, Xiaoyang Qu, Ning Cheng, Jing Xiao

Nonparallel multi-domain voice conversion methods such as the StarGAN-VCs have been widely applied in many scenarios.

Contrastive Learning Voice Conversion

DT-SV: A Transformer-based Time-domain Approach for Speaker Verification

no code implementations26 May 2022 Nan Zhang, Jianzong Wang, Zhenhou Hong, Chendong Zhao, Xiaoyang Qu, Jing Xiao

Therefore, we propose an approach to derive utterance-level speaker embeddings via a Transformer architecture that uses a novel loss function named diffluence loss to integrate the feature information of different Transformer layers.

Speaker Verification

Leveraging Causal Inference for Explainable Automatic Program Repair

no code implementations26 May 2022 Jianzong Wang, Shijing Si, Zhitao Zhu, Xiaoyang Qu, Zhenhou Hong, Jing Xiao

The experiments on four programming languages (Java, C, Python, and JavaScript) show that CPR can generate causal graphs for reasonable interpretations and boost the performance of bug fixing in automatic program repair.

Causal Inference Data Augmentation +2

QSpeech: Low-Qubit Quantum Speech Application Toolkit

1 code implementation26 May 2022 Zhenhou Hong, Jianzong Wang, Xiaoyang Qu, Chendong Zhao, Wei Tao, Jing Xiao

However, Quantum Neural Network (QNN) running on low-qubit quantum devices would be difficult since it is based on Variational Quantum Circuit (VQC), which requires many qubits.

Adaptive Few-Shot Learning Algorithm for Rare Sound Event Detection

no code implementations24 May 2022 Chendong Zhao, Jianzong Wang, Leilai Li, Xiaoyang Qu, Jing Xiao

In this work, we propose a novel task-adaptive module which is easy to plant into any metric-based few-shot learning frameworks.

Event Detection Few-Shot Learning +1

Federated Learning with Dynamic Transformer for Text to Speech

no code implementations9 Jul 2021 Zhenhou Hong, Jianzong Wang, Xiaoyang Qu, Jie Liu, Chendong Zhao, Jing Xiao

Text to speech (TTS) is a crucial task for user interaction, but TTS model training relies on a sizable set of high-quality original datasets.

Federated Learning

Enhancing Data-Free Adversarial Distillation with Activation Regularization and Virtual Interpolation

no code implementations23 Feb 2021 Xiaoyang Qu, Jianzong Wang, Jing Xiao

We add an activation regularizer and a virtual interpolation method to improve the data generation efficiency.

Knowledge Distillation

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