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Argument Similarity Assessment in German for Intelligent Tutoring: Crowdsourced Dataset and First Experiments

no code implementations LREC 2022 Xiaoyu Bai, Manfred Stede

The long-term goal of our work is an intelligent tutoring system for German secondary schools, which will support students in a school exercise that requires them to identify arguments in an argumentative source text.

Question Answering text-classification +2

Tackling the Incomplete Annotation Issue in Universal Lesion Detection Task By Exploratory Training

no code implementations23 Sep 2023 Xiaoyu Bai, Benteng Ma, Changyang Li, Yong Xia

Pseudo-label-based methods examine the training data and mine unlabelled objects for retraining, which have shown to be effective to tackle this issue.

Lesion Detection Pseudo Label

SLPT: Selective Labeling Meets Prompt Tuning on Label-Limited Lesion Segmentation

no code implementations9 Aug 2023 Fan Bai, Ke Yan, Xiaoyu Bai, Xinyu Mao, Xiaoli Yin, Jingren Zhou, Yu Shi, Le Lu, Max Q. -H. Meng

We evaluate our method on liver tumor segmentation and achieve state-of-the-art performance, outperforming traditional fine-tuning with only 6% of tunable parameters, also achieving 94% of full-data performance by labeling only 5% of the data.

Lesion Segmentation Tumor Segmentation

SAMConvex: Fast Discrete Optimization for CT Registration using Self-supervised Anatomical Embedding and Correlation Pyramid

1 code implementation19 Jul 2023 Zi Li, Lin Tian, Tony C. W. Mok, Xiaoyu Bai, Puyang Wang, Jia Ge, Jingren Zhou, Le Lu, Xianghua Ye, Ke Yan, Dakai Jin

Estimating displacement vector field via a cost volume computed in the feature space has shown great success in image registration, but it suffers excessive computation burdens.

Image Registration

Matching in the Wild: Learning Anatomical Embeddings for Multi-Modality Images

no code implementations7 Jul 2023 Xiaoyu Bai, Fan Bai, Xiaofei Huo, Jia Ge, Tony C. W. Mok, Zi Li, Minfeng Xu, Jingren Zhou, Le Lu, Dakai Jin, Xianghua Ye, JingJing Lu, Ke Yan

We then use this SAM to identify corresponding regions on paired images using robust grid-points matching, followed by a point-set based affine/rigid registration, and a deformable fine-tuning step to produce registered paired images.

SAM++: Enhancing Anatomic Matching using Semantic Information and Structural Inference

no code implementations24 Jun 2023 Xiaoyu Bai, Yong Xia

Medical images like CT and MRI provide detailed information about the internal structure of the body, and identifying key anatomical structures from these images plays a crucial role in clinical workflows.

An End-to-End Framework For Universal Lesion Detection With Missing Annotations

no code implementations27 Mar 2023 Xiaoyu Bai, Yong Xia

In this work, we present a novel end-to-end framework for mining unlabeled lesions while simultaneously training the detector.

Lesion Detection

Anatomical Invariance Modeling and Semantic Alignment for Self-supervised Learning in 3D Medical Image Analysis

1 code implementation ICCV 2023 Yankai Jiang, Mingze Sun, Heng Guo, Xiaoyu Bai, Ke Yan, Le Lu, Minfeng Xu

Alice introduces a new contrastive learning strategy which encourages the similarity between views that are diversely mined but with consistent high-level semantics, in order to learn invariant anatomical features.

Contrastive Learning Image Segmentation +4

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