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Task-oriented Domain-specific Meta-Embedding for Text Classification

no code implementations EMNLP 2020 Xin Wu, Yi Cai, Yang Kai, Tao Wang, Qing Li

Meta-embedding learning, which combines complementary information in different word embeddings, have shown superior performances across different Natural Language Processing tasks.

General Classification text-classification +2

DeepAdaIn-Net: Deep Adaptive Device-Edge Collaborative Inference for Augmented Reality

no code implementations IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Signal Processing 2023 Li Wang, Xin Wu, Yi Zhang, Xinyun Zhang, LianmingXu, Zhihua Wu, Aiguo Fei

Specifically, DeepAdaIn-Net encompasses a partition point selection (PPS) module, a high feature compression learning (HFCL) module, a bandwidth-aware feature configuration (BaFC) module, and a feature consistency compensation (FCC) module.

Collaborative Inference Feature Compression +2

UIU-Net: U-Net in U-Net for Infrared Small Object Detection

1 code implementation2 Dec 2022 Xin Wu, Danfeng Hong, Jocelyn Chanussot

RM-DS integrates Residual U-blocks into a deep supervision network to generate deep multi-scale resolution-maintenance features while learning global context information.

Object object-detection +2

SC-wLS: Towards Interpretable Feed-forward Camera Re-localization

1 code implementation23 Oct 2022 Xin Wu, Hao Zhao, Shunkai Li, Yingdian Cao, Hongbin Zha

Visual re-localization aims to recover camera poses in a known environment, which is vital for applications like robotics or augmented reality.


MPANet: Multi-Patch Attention For Infrared Small Target object Detection

no code implementations5 Jun 2022 Ao Wang, Wei Li, Xin Wu, Zhanchao Huang, Ran Tao

To this end, a multi-patch attention network (MPANet) based on the axial-attention encoder and the multi-scale patch branch (MSPB) structure is proposed.

object-detection Object Detection

Machine Learning Applications in Lung Cancer Diagnosis, Treatment and Prognosis

no code implementations5 Mar 2022 Yawei Li, Xin Wu, Ping Yang, Guoqian Jiang, Yuan Luo

The recent development of imaging and sequencing technologies enables systematic advances in the clinical study of lung cancer.

BIG-bench Machine Learning Lung Cancer Diagnosis

Attention Mechanism Meets with Hybrid Dense Network for Hyperspectral Image Classification

no code implementations4 Jan 2022 Muhammad Ahmad, Adil Mehmood Khan, Manuel Mazzara, Salvatore Distefano, Swalpa Kumar Roy, Xin Wu

The resulting \textit{attention-fused hybrid network} (AfNet) is based on three attention-fused parallel hybrid sub-nets with different kernels in each block repeatedly using high-level features to enhance the final ground-truth maps.

Hyperspectral Image Classification

Deep Learning for UAV-based Object Detection and Tracking: A Survey

no code implementations25 Oct 2021 Xin Wu, Wei Li, Danfeng Hong, Ran Tao, Qian Du

Owing to effective and flexible data acquisition, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) has recently become a hotspot across the fields of computer vision (CV) and remote sensing (RS).

Management Object +3

Classification of Diabetic Retinopathy Severity in Fundus Images with DenseNet121 and ResNet50

1 code implementation19 Aug 2021 Jonathan Zhang, Bowen Xie, Xin Wu, Rahul Ram, David Liang

In this work, deep learning algorithms are used to classify fundus images in terms of diabetic retinopathy severity.

Spatial-Spectral Manifold Embedding of Hyperspectral Data

no code implementations17 Jul 2020 Danfeng Hong, Jing Yao, Xin Wu, Jocelyn Chanussot, Xiao Xiang Zhu

In recent years, hyperspectral imaging, also known as imaging spectroscopy, has been paid an increasing interest in geoscience and remote sensing community.

Vehicle Detection of Multi-source Remote Sensing Data Using Active Fine-tuning Network

no code implementations16 Jul 2020 Xin Wu, Wei Li, Danfeng Hong, Jiaojiao Tian, Ran Tao, Qian Du

In addition, the generalization ability of Ms-AFt in dense remote sensing scenes is further verified on stereo aerial imagery of a large camping site.

Transfer Learning

User Behavior Retrieval for Click-Through Rate Prediction

1 code implementation28 May 2020 Jiarui Qin, Wei-Nan Zhang, Xin Wu, Jiarui Jin, Yuchen Fang, Yong Yu

These retrieved behaviors are then fed into a deep model to make the final prediction instead of simply using the most recent ones.

Click-Through Rate Prediction Retrieval

Invariant Attribute Profiles: A Spatial-Frequency Joint Feature Extractor for Hyperspectral Image Classification

no code implementations18 Dec 2019 Danfeng Hong, Xin Wu, Pedram Ghamisi, Jocelyn Chanussot, Naoto Yokoya, Xiao Xiang Zhu

In this paper, we propose a solution to address this issue by locally extracting invariant features from hyperspectral imagery (HSI) in both spatial and frequency domains, using a method called invariant attribute profiles (IAPs).

Attribute General Classification +1

Model Asset eXchange: Path to Ubiquitous Deep Learning Deployment

no code implementations4 Sep 2019 Alex Bozarth, Brendan Dwyer, Fei Hu, Daniel Jalova, Karthik Muthuraman, Nick Pentreath, Simon Plovyt, Gabriela de Queiroz, Saishruthi Swaminathan, Patrick Titzler, Xin Wu, Hong Xu, Frederick R. Reiss, Vijay Bommireddipalli

A recent trend observed in traditionally challenging fields such as computer vision and natural language processing has been the significant performance gains shown by deep learning (DL).

Efficient Method for Categorize Animals in the Wild

1 code implementation30 Jul 2019 Abulikemu Abuduweili, Xin Wu, Xingchen Tao

Thanks to advanced regularization strategies and ensemble learning, we got top 7/336 places in the final leaderboard.

Ensemble Learning General Classification +1

Fourier-based Rotation-invariant Feature Boosting: An Efficient Framework for Geospatial Object Detection

no code implementations27 May 2019 Xin Wu, Danfeng Hong, Jocelyn Chanussot, Yang Xu, Ran Tao, Yue Wang

To this end, we propose a novel and efficient framework for geospatial object detection in this letter, called Fourier-based rotation-invariant feature boosting (FRIFB).

Object object-detection +2

ORSIm Detector: A Novel Object Detection Framework in Optical Remote Sensing Imagery Using Spatial-Frequency Channel Features

no code implementations23 Jan 2019 Xin Wu, Danfeng Hong, Jiaojiao Tian, Jocelyn Chanussot, Wei Li, Ran Tao

To this end, we propose a novel object detection framework, called optical remote sensing imagery detector (ORSIm detector), integrating diverse channel features extraction, feature learning, fast image pyramid matching, and boosting strategy.

Novel Object Detection object-detection +2

In-Orbit Instrument Performance Study and Calibration for POLAR Polarization Measurements

1 code implementation19 May 2018 Zheng-Heng Li, Merlin Kole, Jian-Chao Sun, Li-Ming Song, Nicolas Produit, Bo-Bing Wu, Tianwei Bao, Tancredi Bernasconi, Franck Cadoux, Yongwei Dong, Minzi Feng, Neal Gauvin, Wojtek Hajdas, Hancheng Li, Lu Li, Xin Liu, Radoslaw Marcinkowski, Martin Pohl, Dominik K. Rybka, Haoli Shi, Jacek Szabelski, Teresa Tymieniecka, Ruijie Wang, Yuanhao Wang, Xing Wen, Xin Wu, Shao-Lin Xiong, Anna Zwolinska, Li Zhang, Lai-Yu Zhang, Shuang-Nan Zhang, Yong-Jie Zhang, Yi Zhao

POLAR is a compact space-borne detector designed to perform reliable measurements of the polarization for transient sources like Gamma-Ray Bursts in the energy range 50-500keV.

Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics High Energy Physics - Experiment Instrumentation and Detectors

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