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Tuning Multi-mode Token-level Prompt Alignment across Modalities

no code implementations25 Sep 2023 Dongsheng Wang, Miaoge Li, Xinyang Liu, MingSheng Xu, Bo Chen, Hanwang Zhang

To address the limitation, we propose a multi-mode token-level tuning framework that leverages the optimal transportation to learn and align a set of prompt tokens across modalities.

Multi-Modal Neural Radiance Field for Monocular Dense SLAM with a Light-Weight ToF Sensor

no code implementations28 Aug 2023 Xinyang Liu, Yijin Li, Yanbin Teng, Hujun Bao, Guofeng Zhang, yinda zhang, Zhaopeng Cui

Specifically, we propose a multi-modal implicit scene representation that supports rendering both the signals from the RGB camera and light-weight ToF sensor which drives the optimization by comparing with the raw sensor inputs.

Pose Tracking

PatchCT: Aligning Patch Set and Label Set with Conditional Transport for Multi-Label Image Classification

1 code implementation18 Jul 2023 Miaoge Li, Dongsheng Wang, Xinyang Liu, Zequn Zeng, Ruiying Lu, Bo Chen, Mingyuan Zhou

We find that by formulating the multi-label classification as a CT problem, we can exploit the interactions between the image and label efficiently by minimizing the bidirectional CT cost.

Multi-Label Classification Multi-Label Image Classification

The Brain Tumor Segmentation (BraTS-METS) Challenge 2023: Brain Metastasis Segmentation on Pre-treatment MRI

no code implementations1 Jun 2023 Ahmed W. Moawad, Anastasia Janas, Ujjwal Baid, Divya Ramakrishnan, Leon Jekel, Kiril Krantchev, Harrison Moy, Rachit Saluja, Klara Osenberg, Klara Wilms, Manpreet Kaur, Arman Avesta, Gabriel Cassinelli Pedersen, Nazanin Maleki, Mahdi Salimi, Sarah Merkaj, Marc von Reppert, Niklas Tillmans, Jan Lost, Khaled Bousabarah, Wolfgang Holler, MingDe Lin, Malte Westerhoff, Ryan Maresca, Katherine E. Link, Nourel Hoda Tahon, Daniel Marcus, Aristeidis Sotiras, Pamela Lamontagne, Strajit Chakrabarty, Oleg Teytelboym, Ayda Youssef, Ayaman Nada, Yuri S. Velichko, Nicolo Gennaro, Connectome Students, Group of Annotators, Justin Cramer, Derek R. Johnson, Benjamin Y. M. Kwan, Boyan Petrovic, Satya N. Patro, Lei Wu, Tiffany So, Gerry Thompson, Anthony Kam, Gloria Guzman Perez-Carrillo, Neil Lall, Group of Approvers, Jake Albrecht, Udunna Anazodo, Marius George Lingaru, Bjoern H Menze, Benedikt Wiestler, Maruf Adewole, Syed Muhammad Anwar, Dominic LaBella, Hongwei Bran Li, Juan Eugenio Iglesias, Keyvan Farahani, James Eddy, Timothy Bergquist, Verena Chung, Russel Takeshi Shinohara, Farouk Dako, Walter Wiggins, Zachary Reitman, Chunhao Wang, Xinyang Liu, Zhifan Jiang, Koen van Leemput, Marie Piraud, Ivan Ezhov, Elaine Johanson, Zeke Meier, Ariana Familiar, Anahita Fathi Kazerooni, Florian Kofler, Evan Calabrese, Sanjay Aneja, Veronica Chiang, Ichiro Ikuta, Umber Shafique, Fatima Memon, Gian Marco Conte, Spyridon Bakas, Jeffrey Rudie, Mariam Aboian

Clinical monitoring of metastatic disease to the brain can be a laborious and time-consuming process, especially in cases involving multiple metastases when the assessment is performed manually.

Brain Tumor Segmentation Decision Making +1

The Brain Tumor Segmentation (BraTS) Challenge 2023: Focus on Pediatrics (CBTN-CONNECT-DIPGR-ASNR-MICCAI BraTS-PEDs)

no code implementations26 May 2023 Anahita Fathi Kazerooni, Nastaran Khalili, Xinyang Liu, Debanjan Haldar, Zhifan Jiang, Syed Muhammed Anwar, Jake Albrecht, Maruf Adewole, Udunna Anazodo, Hannah Anderson, Sina Bagheri, Ujjwal Baid, Timothy Bergquist, Austin J. Borja, Evan Calabrese, Verena Chung, Gian-Marco Conte, Farouk Dako, James Eddy, Ivan Ezhov, Ariana Familiar, Keyvan Farahani, Shuvanjan Haldar, Juan Eugenio Iglesias, Anastasia Janas, Elaine Johansen, Blaise V Jones, Florian Kofler, Dominic LaBella, Hollie Anne Lai, Koen van Leemput, Hongwei Bran Li, Nazanin Maleki, Aaron S McAllister, Zeke Meier, Bjoern Menze, Ahmed W Moawad, Khanak K Nandolia, Julija Pavaine, Marie Piraud, Tina Poussaint, Sanjay P Prabhu, Zachary Reitman, Andres Rodriguez, Jeffrey D Rudie, Ibraheem Salman Shaikh, Lubdha M. Shah, Nakul Sheth, Russel Taki Shinohara, Wenxin Tu, Karthik Viswanathan, Chunhao Wang, Jeffrey B Ware, Benedikt Wiestler, Walter Wiggins, Anna Zapaishchykova, Mariam Aboian, Miriam Bornhorst, Peter de Blank, Michelle Deutsch, Maryam Fouladi, Lindsey Hoffman, Benjamin Kann, Margot Lazow, Leonie Mikael, Ali Nabavizadeh, Roger Packer, Adam Resnick, Brian Rood, Arastoo Vossough, Spyridon Bakas, Marius George Linguraru

Pediatric tumors of the central nervous system are the most common cause of cancer-related death in children.

Benchmarking Brain Tumor Segmentation +1

Patch-Token Aligned Bayesian Prompt Learning for Vision-Language Models

no code implementations16 Mar 2023 Xinyang Liu, Dongsheng Wang, Miaoge Li, Zhibin Duan, Yishi Xu, Bo Chen, Mingyuan Zhou

For downstream applications of vision-language pre-trained models, there has been significant interest in constructing effective prompts.

Prompt Engineering

DELTAR: Depth Estimation from a Light-weight ToF Sensor and RGB Image

no code implementations27 Sep 2022 Yijin Li, Xinyang Liu, Wenqi Dong, Han Zhou, Hujun Bao, Guofeng Zhang, yinda zhang, Zhaopeng Cui

Light-weight time-of-flight (ToF) depth sensors are small, cheap, low-energy and have been massively deployed on mobile devices for the purposes like autofocus, obstacle detection, etc.

3D Reconstruction Depth Completion +2

Empirical Study of Named Entity Recognition Performance Using Distribution-aware Word Embedding

no code implementations3 Sep 2021 Xin Chen, Qi Zhao, Xinyang Liu

And the result shows that the performance of NER will be improved if the word specificity is incorporated into existing NER methods.

named-entity-recognition Named Entity Recognition +2

Method Towards CVPR 2021 Image Matching Challenge

no code implementations10 Aug 2021 Xiaopeng Bi, Yu Chen, Xinyang Liu, Dehao Zhang, Ran Yan, Zheng Chai, Haotian Zhang, Xiao Liu

This report describes Megvii-3D team's approach towards CVPR 2021 Image Matching Workshop.

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