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A Concurrent Switching Model for Traffic Congestion Control

no code implementations11 Apr 2022 Hossein Rastgoftar, Xun Liu, Jean-Baptiste Jeannin

We introduce a new conservation-based approach for traffic coordination modeling and control in a network of interconnected roads (NOIR) with switching movement phase rotations at every NOIR junction.

A trained humanoid robot can perform human-like crossmodal social attention and conflict resolution

no code implementations2 Nov 2021 Di Fu, Fares Abawi, Hugo Carneiro, Matthias Kerzel, Ziwei Chen, Erik Strahl, Xun Liu, Stefan Wermter

While the human performance was overall superior, our trained model demonstrates that it can replicate similar attention responses as humans regarding the congruency and incongruency performance.

Saliency Prediction

How Can AI Recognize Pain and Express Empathy

no code implementations8 Oct 2021 Siqi Cao, Di Fu, Xu Yang, Pablo Barros, Stefan Wermter, Xun Liu, Haiyan Wu

Generally, the purpose of this paper is to review the current developments for computational pain recognition and artificial empathy implementation.

Apache Submarine: A Unified Machine Learning Platform Made Simple

1 code implementation22 Aug 2021 Kai-Hsun Chen, Huan-Ping Su, Wei-Chiu Chuang, Hung-Chang Hsiao, Wangda Tan, Zhankun Tang, Xun Liu, Yanbo Liang, Wen-Chih Lo, Wanqiang Ji, Byron Hsu, Keqiu Hu, HuiYang Jian, Quan Zhou, Chien-Min Wang

As machine learning is applied more widely, it is necessary to have a machine learning platform for both infrastructure administrators and users including expert data scientists and citizen data scientists to improve their productivity.

Machine Learning

Boundary Control of Traffic Congestion Modeled as a Non-stationary Stochastic Process

no code implementations26 Mar 2021 Xun Liu, Hossein Rastgoftar

The success of the proposed traffic boundary control is demonstrated by simulation of traffic congestion control in Center City Philadelphia.


Conservation-Based Modeling and Boundary Control of Congestion with an Application to Traffic Management in Center City Philadelphia

no code implementations31 Jan 2021 Xun Liu, Hossein Rastgoftar

By classifying the streets as inlets, outlets, and interior nodes, the model predictive control (MPC) method is applied to alleviate the network traffic congestion by optimizing the traffic inflow and outflow across the boundary of the NOIR with consideration of the inner traffic dynamics as a stochastic process.


Hybrid Low-order and Higher-order Graph Convolutional Networks

no code implementations2 Aug 2019 FangYuan Lei, Xun Liu, Qingyun Dai, Bingo Wing-Kuen Ling, Huimin Zhao, Yan Liu

With higher-order neighborhood information of graph network, the accuracy of graph representation learning classification can be significantly improved.

General Classification Graph Representation Learning

Assessing the Contribution of Semantic Congruency to Multisensory Integration and Conflict Resolution

no code implementations15 Oct 2018 Di Fu, Pablo Barros, German I. Parisi, Haiyan Wu, Sven Magg, Xun Liu, Stefan Wermter

The efficient integration of multisensory observations is a key property of the brain that yields the robust interaction with the environment.

Expectation Learning for Adaptive Crossmodal Stimuli Association

no code implementations23 Jan 2018 Pablo Barros, German I. Parisi, Di Fu, Xun Liu, Stefan Wermter

The human brain is able to learn, generalize, and predict crossmodal stimuli.

PBODL : Parallel Bayesian Online Deep Learning for Click-Through Rate Prediction in Tencent Advertising System

no code implementations4 Jul 2017 Xun Liu, Wei Xue, Lei Xiao, Bo Zhang

Then we extend the model family to a variety of bayesian online models with increasing feature embedding capabilities, such as Sparse-MLP, FM-MLP and FFM-MLP.

Click-Through Rate Prediction

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