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A Lightweight and Detector-free 3D Single Object Tracker on Point Clouds

no code implementations8 Mar 2022 Yan Xia, Qiangqiang Wu, Tianyu Yang, Wei Li, Antoni B. Chan, Uwe Stilla

In this paper, we address this issue by explicitly leveraging temporal motion cues and propose DMT, a Detector-free Motion prediction based 3D Tracking network that totally removes the usage of complicated 3D detectors, which is lighter, faster, and more accurate than previous trackers.

motion prediction Object Tracking

Cross-Modal Background Suppression for Audio-Visual Event Localization

1 code implementation CVPR 2022 Yan Xia, Zhou Zhao

Audiovisual Event (AVE) localization requires the model to jointly localize an event by observing audio and visual information.

audio-visual event localization

An Approach to Mispronunciation Detection and Diagnosis with Acoustic, Phonetic and Linguistic (APL) Embeddings

no code implementations14 Oct 2021 Wenxuan Ye, Shaoguang Mao, Frank Soong, Wenshan Wu, Yan Xia, Jonathan Tien, Zhiyong Wu

These embeddings, when used as implicit phonetic supplementary information, can alleviate the data shortage of explicit phoneme annotations.

Rapid Assessments of Light-Duty Gasoline Vehicle Emissions Using On-Road Remote Sensing and Machine Learning

no code implementations1 Oct 2021 Yan Xia, Linhui Jiang, Lu Wang, Xue Chen, Jianjie Ye, Tangyan Hou, Liqiang Wang, Yibo Zhang, Mengying Li, Zhen Li, Zhe Song, Yaping Jiang, Weiping Liu, Pengfei Li, Daniel Rosenfeld, John H. Seinfeld, Shaocai Yu

Our results show that the ORRS measurements, assisted by the machine-learning-based ensemble model developed here, can realize day-to-day supervision of on-road vehicle-specific emissions.

A Deep Discontinuity-Preserving Image Registration Network

no code implementations9 Jul 2021 Xiang Chen, Nishant Ravikumar, Yan Xia, Alejandro F Frangi

Image registration aims to establish spatial correspondence across pairs, or groups of images, and is a cornerstone of medical image computing and computer-assisted-interventions.

Image Registration Medical Image Registration

ASFM-Net: Asymmetrical Siamese Feature Matching Network for Point Completion

1 code implementation19 Apr 2021 Yaqi Xia, Yan Xia, Wei Li, Rui Song, Kailang Cao, Uwe Stilla

We tackle the problem of object completion from point clouds and propose a novel point cloud completion network employing an Asymmetrical Siamese Feature Matching strategy, termed as ASFM-Net.

Point Cloud Completion

SOE-Net: A Self-Attention and Orientation Encoding Network for Point Cloud based Place Recognition

1 code implementation CVPR 2021 Yan Xia, Yusheng Xu, Shuang Li, Rui Wang, Juan Du, Daniel Cremers, Uwe Stilla

We tackle the problem of place recognition from point cloud data and introduce a self-attention and orientation encoding network (SOE-Net) that fully explores the relationship between points and incorporates long-range context into point-wise local descriptors.

Metric Learning Point Cloud Retrieval +1

Improving pronunciation assessment via ordinal regression with anchored reference samples

no code implementations26 Oct 2020 Bin Su, Shaoguang Mao, Frank Soong, Yan Xia, Jonathan Tien, Zhiyong Wu

Traditional speech pronunciation assessment, based on the Goodness of Pronunciation (GOP) algorithm, has some weakness in assessing a speech utterance: 1) Phoneme GOP scores cannot be easily translated into a sentence score with a simple average for effective assessment; 2) The rank ordering information has not been well exploited in GOP scoring for delivering a robust assessment and correlate well with a human rater's evaluations.

VPC-Net: Completion of 3D Vehicles from MLS Point Clouds

1 code implementation8 Aug 2020 Yan Xia, Yusheng Xu, Cheng Wang, Uwe Stilla

Moreover, a new refiner module is also presented to preserve the vehicle details from inputs and refine the complete outputs with fine-grained information.

Autonomous Driving

RealPoint3D: Point Cloud Generation from a Single Image with Complex Background

1 code implementation8 Sep 2018 Yan Xia, Yang Zhang, Dingfu Zhou, Xinyu Huang, Cheng Wang, Ruigang Yang

Then, the image together with the retrieved shape model is fed into the proposed network to generate the fine-grained 3D point cloud.

Point Cloud Generation

Mixed one-bit compressive sensing with applications to overexposure correction for CT reconstruction

no code implementations3 Jan 2017 Xiaolin Huang, Yan Xia, Lei Shi, Yixing Huang, Ming Yan, Joachim Hornegger, Andreas Maier

Aiming at overexposure correction for computed tomography (CT) reconstruction, we in this paper propose a mixed one-bit compressive sensing (M1bit-CS) to acquire information from both regular and saturated measurements.

Compressive Sensing Computed Tomography (CT) +1

Learning Discriminative Reconstructions for Unsupervised Outlier Removal

no code implementations ICCV 2015 Yan Xia, Xudong Cao, Fang Wen, Gang Hua, Jian Sun

We study the problem of automatically removing outliers from noisy data, with application for removing outlier images from an image collection.

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