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TransFollower: Long-Sequence Car-Following Trajectory Prediction through Transformer

no code implementations4 Feb 2022 Meixin Zhu, Simon S. Du, Xuesong Wang, Hao, Yang, Ziyuan Pu, Yinhai Wang

Through cross-attention between encoder and decoder, the decoder learns to build a connection between historical driving and future LV speed, based on which a prediction of future FV speed can be obtained.

Trajectory Prediction

Spatio-Temporal Human Action Recognition Modelwith Flexible-interval Sampling and Normalization

no code implementations12 Aug 2021 Yuke, Yang

Human action recognition is a well-known computer vision and pattern recognition task of identifying which action a man is actually doing.

Action Recognition

Adversarial Classification of the Attacks on Smart Grids Using Game Theory and Deep Learning

no code implementations6 Jun 2021 Kian Hamedani, Lingjia Liu, Jithin Jagannath, Yang, Yi

It will be shown that the utility of the defender is variant in different scenarios, based on the defender that is being used.

Low-Precision Hardware Architectures Meet Recommendation Model Inference at Scale

no code implementations26 May 2021 Zhaoxia, Deng, Jongsoo Park, Ping Tak Peter Tang, Haixin Liu, Jie, Yang, Hector Yuen, Jianyu Huang, Daya Khudia, Xiaohan Wei, Ellie Wen, Dhruv Choudhary, Raghuraman Krishnamoorthi, Carole-Jean Wu, Satish Nadathur, Changkyu Kim, Maxim Naumov, Sam Naghshineh, Mikhail Smelyanskiy

We share in this paper our search strategies to adapt reference recommendation models to low-precision hardware, our optimization of low-precision compute kernels, and the design and development of tool chain so as to maintain our models' accuracy throughout their lifespan during which topic trends and users' interests inevitably evolve.

Recommendation Systems

On the Importance of Diversity in Re-Sampling for Imbalanced Data and Rare Events in Mortality Risk Models

no code implementations15 Dec 2020 Yuxuan, Yang, Hadi Akbarzadeh Khorshidi, Uwe Aickelin, Aditi Nevgi, Elif Ekinci

This has resulted in the creation of numerous risk stratification tools with the objective of formulating associated surgical risk to assist both surgeons and patients in decision-making.

Decision Making

Hierarchical Scene Graph Encoder-Decoder for Image Paragraph Captioning

no code implementations ACM International Conference on Multimedia 2020 Yang, Xu, Chongyang Gao, Hanwang Zhang, and Jianfei Cai

We propose irredundant attention in SSG-RNN to improve the possibility of abstracting topics from rarely described sub-graphs and inheriting attention in WSG-RNN to generate more grounded sentences with the abstracted topics, both of which give rise to more distinctive paragraphs.

Image Paragraph Captioning

Shape-controlled growth of large-scale perovskite single-crystal thin film

no code implementations20 Jul 2020 Deng, YH., Yang, ZQ. & Ma, RM

However, their solution based growth method is intrinsically challenge to grow large scale single-crystalline thin film due to the random nucleation and isotropous growth of the crystal.

Personalized Context-Aware Multi-Modal Transportation Recommendation

no code implementations13 Oct 2019 Meixin Zhu, Jingyun Hu, Hao, Yang, Ziyuan Pu, Yinhai Wang

Also, results of the multinomial logit model show that (1) an increase in travel cost would decrease the utility of all the transportation modes; (2) people are less sensitive to the travel distance for the metro mode or a multi-modal option that containing metro, i. e., compared to other modes, people would be more willing to tolerate long-distance metro trips.


Future Semantic Segmentation with Convolutional LSTM

no code implementations20 Jul 2018 Seyed shahabeddin Nabavi, Mrigank Rochan, Yang, Wang

We propose a novel model that uses convolutional LSTM (ConvLSTM) to encode the spatiotemporal information of observed frames for future prediction.

Autonomous Driving Decision Making +2

Tracking Sentiment in Mail: How Genders Differ on Emotional Axes

no code implementations24 Sep 2013 Saif M. Mohammad, Tony, Yang

With the widespread use of email, we now have access to unprecedented amounts of text that we ourselves have written.

Association Sentiment Analysis

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