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Region Semantically Aligned Network for Zero-Shot Learning

no code implementations14 Oct 2021 Ziyang Wang, Yunhao Gou, Jingjing Li, Yu Zhang, Yang Yang

Zero-shot learning (ZSL) aims to recognize unseen classes based on the knowledge of seen classes.

Transfer Learning Zero-Shot Learning

Semantic Communications With AI Tasks

no code implementations29 Sep 2021 Yang Yang, Caili Guo, Fangfang Liu, Chuanhong Liu, Lunan Sun, Qizheng Sun, Jiujiu Chen

A radical paradigm shift of wireless networks from ``connected things'' to ``connected intelligence'' undergoes, which coincides with the Shanno and Weaver's envisions: Communications will transform from the technical level to the semantic level.

Defect Detection

Successive Convex Approximation for Phase Retrieval with Dictionary Learning

no code implementations13 Sep 2021 Tianyi Liu, Andreas M. Tillmann, Yang Yang, Yonina C. Eldar, Marius Pesavento

The second algorithm, referred to as SCAphase, uses auxiliary variables and is favorable in the case of highly diverse mixture models.

Dictionary Learning

Boosting Graph Search with Attention Network for Solving the General Orienteering Problem

no code implementations10 Sep 2021 Zongtao Liu, Jing Xu, Jintao Su, Tao Xiao, Yang Yang

We propose a novel combination of a variant beam search algorithm and a learned heuristic for solving the general orienteering problem.

Prior-Guided Deep Interference Mitigation for FMCW Radars

no code implementations30 Aug 2021 JianPing Wang, Runlong Li, Yuan He, Yang Yang

The effectiveness and accuracy of our proposed complex-valued fully convolutional network (CV-FCN) based interference mitigation approach are verified and analyzed through both simulated and measured radar signals.

Joint LED Selection and Precoding Optimization for Multiple-User Multiple-Cell VLC Systems

no code implementations29 Aug 2021 Yang Yang, Yujie Yang, Mingzhe Chen, Chunyan Feng, Hailun Xia, Shuguang Cui, H. Vincent Poor

First, a MU-MC-VLC system model is established, and then a sum-rate maximization problem under dimming level and illumination uniformity constraints is formulated.

Crypto Wash Trading

no code implementations24 Aug 2021 Lin William Cong, Xi Li, Ke Tang, Yang Yang

We introduce systematic tests exploiting robust statistical and behavioral patterns in trading to detect fake transactions on 29 cryptocurrency exchanges.

RGB Image Classification with Quantum Convolutional Ansaetze

no code implementations23 Jul 2021 Yu Jing, Yang Yang, Chonghang Wu, Wenbing Fu, Wei Hu, Xiaogang Li, Hua Xu

With the rapid growth of qubit numbers and coherence times in quantum hardware technology, implementing shallow neural networks on the so-called Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum (NISQ) devices has attracted a lot of interest.

Classification Image Classification

Multi-Stage Aggregated Transformer Network for Temporal Language Localization in Videos

no code implementations CVPR 2021 Mingxing Zhang, Yang Yang, Xinghan Chen, Yanli Ji, Xing Xu, Jingjing Li, Heng Tao Shen

Then for a moment candidate, we concatenate the starting/middle/ending representations of its starting/middle/ending elements respectively to form the final moment representation.

Language Scaling for Universal Suggested Replies Model

no code implementations NAACL 2021 Qianlan Ying, Payal Bajaj, Budhaditya Deb, Yu Yang, Wei Wang, Bojia Lin, Milad Shokouhi, Xia Song, Yang Yang, Daxin Jiang

Faced with increased compute requirements and low resources for language expansion, we build a single universal model for improving the quality and reducing run-time costs of our production system.

Continual Learning Cross-Lingual Transfer

Objects as Extreme Points

no code implementations29 Apr 2021 Yang Yang, Min Li, Bo Meng, Zihao Huang, Junxing Ren, Degang Sun

We also propose a new metric to measure the similarity between two groups of extreme points, namely, Extreme Intersection over Union (EIoU), and incorporate this EIoU as a new regression loss.

Object Detection

Semi-Supervised Multi-Modal Multi-Instance Multi-Label Deep Network with Optimal Transport

no code implementations17 Apr 2021 Yang Yang, Zhao-Yang Fu, De-Chuan Zhan, Zhi-Bin Liu, Yuan Jiang

Moreover, we introduce the extrinsic unlabeled multi-modal multi-instance data, and propose the M3DNS, which considers the instance-level auto-encoder for single modality and modified bag-level optimal transport to strengthen the consistency among modalities.

Attribute-Based Robotic Grasping with One-Grasp Adaptation

no code implementations6 Apr 2021 Yang Yang, YuanHao Liu, Hengyue Liang, Xibai Lou, Changhyun Choi

In this work, we introduce an end-to-end learning method of attribute-based robotic grasping with one-grasp adaptation capability.

Robotic Grasping

Collision-Aware Target-Driven Object Grasping in Constrained Environments

no code implementations1 Apr 2021 Xibai Lou, Yang Yang, Changhyun Choi

Grasping a novel target object in constrained environments (e. g., walls, bins, and shelves) requires intensive reasoning about grasp pose reachability to avoid collisions with the surrounding structures.

Robotic Grasping

Self-supervised Discriminative Feature Learning for Deep Multi-view Clustering

1 code implementation28 Mar 2021 Jie Xu, Yazhou Ren, Huayi Tang, Zhimeng Yang, Lili Pan, Yang Yang, Xiaorong Pu

To leverage the multi-view complementary information, we concatenate all views' embedded features to form the global features, which can overcome the negative impact of some views' unclear clustering structures.

ASAP: A Chinese Review Dataset Towards Aspect Category Sentiment Analysis and Rating Prediction

1 code implementation NAACL 2021 Jiahao Bu, Lei Ren, Shuang Zheng, Yang Yang, Jingang Wang, Fuzheng Zhang, Wei Wu

Aspect category sentiment analysis (ACSA) and review rating prediction (RP) are two essential tasks to detect the fine-to-coarse sentiment polarities.

Sentiment Analysis

Optimization of User Selection and Bandwidth Allocation for Federated Learning in VLC/RF Systems

no code implementations5 Mar 2021 Chuanhong Liu, Caili Guo, Yang Yang, Mingzhe Chen, H. Vincent Poor, Shuguang Cui

Then, the problem of user selection and bandwidth allocation is studied for FL implemented over a hybrid VLC/RF system aiming to optimize the FL performance.

Federated Learning

Towards Unbiased COVID-19 Lesion Localisation and Segmentation via Weakly Supervised Learning

no code implementations1 Mar 2021 Yang Yang, Jiancong Chen, Ruixuan Wang, Ting Ma, Lingwei Wang, Jie Chen, Wei-Shi Zheng, Tong Zhang

Despite tremendous efforts, it is very challenging to generate a robust model to assist in the accurate quantification assessment of COVID-19 on chest CT images.

CogDL: Toolkit for Deep Learning on Graphs

1 code implementation1 Mar 2021 Yukuo Cen, Zhenyu Hou, Yan Wang, Qibin Chen, Yizhen Luo, Xingcheng Yao, Aohan Zeng, Shiguang Guo, Yang Yang, Peng Zhang, Guohao Dai, Yu Wang, Chang Zhou, Hongxia Yang, Jie Tang

It provides standard training and evaluation for the most important tasks in the graph domain, including node classification, graph classification, etc.

Graph Classification Graph Embedding +5

Transform Network Architectures for Deep Learning based End-to-End Image/Video Coding in Subsampled Color Spaces

no code implementations27 Feb 2021 Hilmi E. Egilmez, Ankitesh K. Singh, Muhammed Coban, Marta Karczewicz, Yinhao Zhu, Yang Yang, Amir Said, Taco S. Cohen

Most of the existing deep learning based end-to-end image/video coding (DLEC) architectures are designed for non-subsampled RGB color format.

A proof by foliation that Lawson's cones are $A_Φ$-minimizing

no code implementations16 Feb 2021 Connor Mooney, Yang Yang

We also analyze the behavior at infinity of the leaves in the foliations.

Analysis of PDEs Differential Geometry

BRECQ: Pushing the Limit of Post-Training Quantization by Block Reconstruction

2 code implementations ICLR 2021 Yuhang Li, Ruihao Gong, Xu Tan, Yang Yang, Peng Hu, Qi Zhang, Fengwei Yu, Wei Wang, Shi Gu

To further employ the power of quantization, the mixed precision technique is incorporated in our framework by approximating the inter-layer and intra-layer sensitivity.

Image Classification Object Detection +1

Progressive Neural Image Compression with Nested Quantization and Latent Ordering

no code implementations4 Feb 2021 Yadong Lu, Yinhao Zhu, Yang Yang, Amir Said, Taco S Cohen

We present PLONQ, a progressive neural image compression scheme which pushes the boundary of variable bitrate compression by allowing quality scalable coding with a single bitstream.

Image Compression Quantization

A Unified Light Framework for Real-time Fault Detection of Freight Train Images

no code implementations31 Jan 2021 Yang Zhang, Moyun Liu, Yang Yang, Yanwen Guo, Huiming Zhang

Real-time fault detection for freight trains plays a vital role in guaranteeing the security and optimal operation of railway transportation under stringent resource requirements.

Fault Detection Region Proposal

The hybrid dimensional representation of permeability tensor: a reinterpretation of the discrete fracture model and its extension on nonconforming meshes

1 code implementation29 Jan 2021 Ziyao Xu, Yang Yang

The discrete fracture model (DFM) has been widely used in the simulation of fluid flow in fractured porous media.

Numerical Analysis Numerical Analysis

The Hybrid-dimensional Darcy's Law: A Reinterpreted Discrete Fracture Model for Fracture and Barrier Networks on Non-conforming Meshes

no code implementations29 Jan 2021 Ziyao Xu, Zhaoqin Huang, Yang Yang

In this paper, we extend the reinterpreted discrete fracture model for flow simulation of fractured porous media containing flow blocking barriers on non-conforming meshes.

Numerical Analysis Numerical Analysis

Upper Limits on the Isotropic Gravitational-Wave Background from Advanced LIGO's and Advanced Virgo's Third Observing Run

no code implementations28 Jan 2021 The LIGO Scientific Collaboration, The Virgo Collaboration, the KAGRA Collaboration, R. Abbott, T. D. Abbott, S. Abraham, F. Acernese, K. Ackley, A. Adams, C. Adams, R. X. Adhikari, V. B. Adya, C. Affeldt, D. Agarwal, M. Agathos, K. Agatsuma, N. Aggarwal, O. D. Aguiar, L. Aiello, A. Ain, T. Akutsu, K. M. Aleman, G. Allen, A. Allocca, P. A. Altin, A. Amato, S. Anand, A. Ananyeva, S. B. Anderson, W. G. Anderson, M. Ando, S. V. Angelova, S. Ansoldi, J. M. Antelis, S. Antier, S. Appert, Koya Arai, Koji Arai, Y. Arai, S. Araki, A. Araya, M. C. Araya, J. S. Areeda, M. Arène, N. Aritomi, N. Arnaud, S. M. Aronson, H. Asada, Y. Asali, G. Ashton, Y. Aso, S. M. Aston, P. Astone, F. Aubin, P. Aufmuth, K. AultONeal, C. Austin, S. Babak, F. Badaracco, M. K. M. Bader, S. Bae, Y. Bae, A. M. Baer, S. Bagnasco, Y. Bai, L. Baiotti, J. Baird, R. Bajpai, M. Ball, G. Ballardin, S. W. Ballmer, M. Bals, A. Balsamo, G. Baltus, S. Banagiri, D. Bankar, R. S. Bankar, J. C. Barayoga, C. Barbieri, B. C. Barish, D. Barker, P. Barneo, S. Barnum, F. Barone, B. Barr, L. Barsotti, M. Barsuglia, D. Barta, J. Bartlett, M. A. Barton, I. Bartos, R. Bassiri, A. Basti, M. Bawaj, J. C. Bayley, A. C. Baylor, M. Bazzan, B. Bécsy, V. M. Bedakihale, M. Bejger, I. Belahcene, V. Benedetto, D. Beniwal, M. G. Benjamin, T. F. Bennett, J. D. Bentley, M. BenYaala, F. Bergamin, B. K. Berger, S. Bernuzzi, D. Bersanetti, A. Bertolini, J. Betzwieser, R. Bhandare, A. V. Bhandari, D. Bhattacharjee, S. Bhaumik, J. Bidler, I. A. Bilenko, G. Billingsley, R. Birney, O. Birnholtz, S. Biscans, M. Bischi, S. Biscoveanu, A. Bisht, B. Biswas, M. Bitossi, M. -A. Bizouard, J. K. Blackburn, J. Blackman, C. D. Blair, D. G. Blair, R. M. Blair, F. Bobba, N. Bode, M. Boer, G. Bogaert, M. Boldrini, F. Bondu, E. Bonilla, R. Bonnand, P. Booker, B. A. Boom, R. Bork, V. Boschi, N. Bose, S. Bose, V. Bossilkov, V. Boudart, Y. Bouffanais, A. Bozzi, C. Bradaschia, P. R. Brady, A. Bramley, A. Branch, M. Branchesi, J. E. Brau, M. Breschi, T. Briant, J. H. Briggs, A. Brillet, M. Brinkmann, P. Brockill, A. F. Brooks, J. Brooks, D. D. Brown, S. Brunett, G. Bruno, R. Bruntz, J. Bryant, A. Buikema, T. Bulik, H. J. Bulten, A. Buonanno, R. Buscicchio, D. Buskulic, R. L. Byer, L. Cadonati, M. Caesar, G. Cagnoli, C. Cahillane, H. W. Cain III, J. Calderón Bustillo, J. D. Callaghan, T. A. Callister, E. Calloni, J. B. Camp, M. Canepa, M. Cannavacciuolo, K. C. Cannon, H. Cao, J. Cao, Z. Cao, E. Capocasa, E. Capote, G. Carapella, F. Carbognani, J. B. Carlin, M. F. Carney, M. Carpinelli, G. Carullo, T. L. Carver, J. Casanueva Diaz, C. Casentini, G. Castaldi, S. Caudill, M. Cavaglià, F. Cavalier, R. Cavalieri, G. Cella, P. Cerdá-Durán, E. Cesarini, W. Chaibi, K. Chakravarti, B. Champion, C. -H. Chan, C. Chan, C. L. Chan, M. Chan, K. Chandra, P. Chanial, S. Chao, P. Charlton, E. A. Chase, E. Chassande-Mottin, D. Chatterjee, M. Chaturvedi, A. Chen, C. Chen, H. Y. Chen, J. Chen, K. Chen, X. Chen, Y. -B. 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Gaebel, J. R. Gair, J. Gais, S. Galaudage, R. Gamba, D. Ganapathy, A. Ganguly, D. Gao, S. G. Gaonkar, B. Garaventa, C. García-Núñez, C. García-Quirós, F. Garufi, B. Gateley, S. Gaudio, V. Gayathri, G. Ge, G. Gemme, A. Gennai, J. George, L. Gergely, P. Gewecke, S. Ghonge, Abhirup. Ghosh, Archisman Ghosh, Shaon Ghosh, Shrobana Ghosh, Sourath Ghosh, B. Giacomazzo, L. Giacoppo, J. A. Giaime, K. D. Giardina, D. R. Gibson, C. Gier, M. Giesler, P. Giri, F. Gissi, J. Glanzer, A. E. Gleckl, P. Godwin, E. Goetz, R. Goetz, N. Gohlke, B. Goncharov, G. González, A. Gopakumar, M. Gosselin, R. Gouaty, B. Grace, A. Grado, M. Granata, V. Granata, A. Grant, S. Gras, P. Grassia, C. Gray, R. Gray, G. Greco, A. C. Green, R. Green, A. M. Gretarsson, E. M. Gretarsson, D. Griffith, W. Griffiths, H. L. Griggs, G. Grignani, A. Grimaldi, E. Grimes, S. J. Grimm, H. Grote, S. Grunewald, P. Gruning, J. G. Guerrero, G. M. Guidi, A. R. Guimaraes, G. Guixé, H. K. Gulati, H. -K. Guo, Y. 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Zadrożny, M. Zanolin, S. Zeidler, T. Zelenova, J. -P. Zendri, M. Zevin, M. Zhan, H. Zhang, J. Zhang, L. Zhang, R. Zhang, T. Zhang, C. Zhao, G. Zhao, Yue Zhao, Yuhang Zhao, Z. Zhou, X. J. Zhu, Z. -H. Zhu, M. E. Zucker, J. Zweizig

Unlike in previous observing runs in the advanced detector era, we include Virgo in the search for the GWB.

General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics

What social media told about us in the time of COVID-19: a scoping review

no code implementations5 Jan 2021 Shu-Feng Tsao, Helen Chen, Therese Tisseverasinghe, Yang Yang, Lianghua Li, Zahid A. Butt

With the onset of COVID-19 pandemic, social media has rapidly become a crucial communication tool for information generation, dissemination, and consumption.

Misinformation Social and Information Networks

Federated Unlearning

no code implementations27 Dec 2020 Gaoyang Liu, Xiaoqiang Ma, Yang Yang, Chen Wang, Jiangchuan Liu

In this paper, we take the first step to fill this gap by presenting FedEraser, the first federated unlearning methodology that can eliminate the influence of a federated client's data on the global FL model while significantly reducing the time used for constructing the unlearned FL model. The basic idea of FedEraser is to trade the central server's storage for unlearned model's construction time, where FedEraser reconstructs the unlearned model by leveraging the historical parameter updates of federated clients that have been retained at the central server during the training process of FL.

Data Poisoning Federated Learning

PURE: A Framework for Analyzing Proximity-based Contact Tracing Protocols

no code implementations17 Dec 2020 Fabrizio Cicala, Weicheng Wang, Tianhao Wang, Ninghui Li, Elisa Bertino, Faming Liang, Yang Yang

Many proximity-based tracing (PCT) protocols have been proposed and deployed to combat the spreading of COVID-19.

Computers and Society C.3; H.4; J.3; J.7; K.4; K.6.5

Learning to Check Contract Inconsistencies

1 code implementation15 Dec 2020 Shuo Zhang, Junzhou Zhao, Pinghui Wang, Nuo Xu, Yang Yang, Yiting Liu, Yi Huang, Junlan Feng

This will result in the issue of contract inconsistencies, which may severely impair the legal validity of the contract.

Blindfolded Attackers Still Threatening: Strict Black-Box Adversarial Attacks on Graphs

no code implementations12 Dec 2020 Jiarong Xu, Yizhou Sun, Xin Jiang, Yanhao Wang, Yang Yang, Chunping Wang, Jiangang Lu

To bridge the gap between theoretical graph attacks and real-world scenarios, in this work, we propose a novel and more realistic setting: strict black-box graph attack, in which the attacker has no knowledge about the victim model at all and is not allowed to send any queries.

Adversarial Attack Graph Classification +1

Denoising-based Turbo Message Passing for Compressed Video Background Subtraction

no code implementations10 Dec 2020 Zhipeng Xue, Xiaojun Yuan, Yang Yang

In this paper, we consider the compressed video background subtraction problem that separates the background and foreground of a video from its compressed measurements.

Denoising Optical Flow Estimation +1

Improving Knowledge Tracing via Pre-training Question Embeddings

1 code implementation9 Dec 2020 Yunfei Liu, Yang Yang, Xianyu Chen, Jian Shen, Haifeng Zhang, Yong Yu

Knowledge tracing (KT) defines the task of predicting whether students can correctly answer questions based on their historical response.

Knowledge Tracing

Unsupervised Adversarially-Robust Representation Learning on Graphs

no code implementations4 Dec 2020 Jiarong Xu, Yang Yang, Junru Chen, Chunping Wang, Xin Jiang, Jiangang Lu, Yizhou Sun

Additionally, we explore a provable connection between the robustness of the unsupervised graph encoder and that of models on downstream tasks.

Community Detection Graph Learning +3

Interpretable Signed Link Prediction with Signed Infomax Hyperbolic Graph

1 code implementation25 Nov 2020 Yadan Luo, Zi Huang, Hongxu Chen, Yang Yang, Mahsa Baktashmotlagh

Most of the prior efforts are devoted to learning node embeddings with graph neural networks (GNNs), which preserve the signed network topology by message-passing along edges to facilitate the downstream link prediction task.

Link Prediction

Query-aware Tip Generation for Vertical Search

no code implementations19 Oct 2020 Yang Yang, Junmei Hao, Canjia Li, Zili Wang, Jingang Wang, Fuzheng Zhang, Rao Fu, Peixu Hou, Gong Zhang, Zhongyuan Wang

Existing work on tip generation does not take query into consideration, which limits the impact of tips in search scenarios.

Decision Making

Text-Embedded Bilinear Model for Fine-Grained Visual Recognition

no code implementations12 Oct 2020 Liang Sun, Xiang Guan, Yang Yang, Lei Zhang

Specially, we first conduct a text-embedded network to embed text feature into the discriminative image feature learning to get a embedded feature.

Fine-Grained Image Recognition Fine-Grained Visual Recognition +1

Universal Weighting Metric Learning for Cross-Modal Matching

1 code implementation CVPR 2020 Jiwei Wei, Xing Xu, Yang Yang, Yanli Ji, Zheng Wang, Heng Tao Shen

Furthermore, we introduce a new polynomial loss under the universal weighting framework, which defines a weight function for the positive and negative informative pairs respectively.

Metric Learning Text Matching

Towards Fast, Accurate and Stable 3D Dense Face Alignment

2 code implementations ECCV 2020 Jianzhu Guo, Xiangyu Zhu, Yang Yang, Fan Yang, Zhen Lei, Stan Z. Li

Firstly, on the basis of a lightweight backbone, we propose a meta-joint optimization strategy to dynamically regress a small set of 3DMM parameters, which greatly enhances speed and accuracy simultaneously.

3D FACE MODELING 3D Face Reconstruction +2

AAG: Self-Supervised Representation Learning by Auxiliary Augmentation with GNT-Xent Loss

no code implementations17 Sep 2020 Yanlun Tu, Jianxing Feng, Yang Yang

Here we present a self-supervised representation learning method, namely AAG, which is featured by an auxiliary augmentation strategy and GNT-Xent loss.

Contrastive Learning Representation Learning +1

GIKT: A Graph-based Interaction Model for Knowledge Tracing

2 code implementations13 Sep 2020 Yang Yang, Jian Shen, Yanru Qu, Yunfei Liu, Kerong Wang, Yaoming Zhu, Wei-Nan Zhang, Yong Yu

With the rapid development in online education, knowledge tracing (KT) has become a fundamental problem which traces students' knowledge status and predicts their performance on new questions.

Knowledge Tracing

Learning Adaptive Embedding Considering Incremental Class

no code implementations31 Aug 2020 Yang Yang, Zhen-Qiang Sun, HengShu Zhu, Yanjie Fu, Hui Xiong, Jian Yang

To this end, we propose a Class-Incremental Learning without Forgetting (CILF) framework, which aims to learn adaptive embedding for processing novel class detection and model update in a unified framework.

class-incremental learning Incremental Learning

S2OSC: A Holistic Semi-Supervised Approach for Open Set Classification

no code implementations11 Aug 2020 Yang Yang, Zhen-Qiang Sun, Hui Xiong, Jian Yang

Open set classification (OSC) tackles the problem of determining whether the data are in-class or out-of-class during inference, when only provided with a set of in-class examples at training time.

Classification General Classification +1

Hierarchical Bi-Directional Feature Perception Network for Person Re-Identification

no code implementations8 Aug 2020 Zhipu Liu, Lei Zhang, Yang Yang

To solve this issue, we propose a novel model named Hierarchical Bi-directional Feature Perception Network (HBFP-Net) to correlate multi-level information and reinforce each other.

Person Re-Identification

Boundary Content Graph Neural Network for Temporal Action Proposal Generation

no code implementations ECCV 2020 Yueran Bai, Yingying Wang, Yunhai Tong, Yang Yang, Qiyue Liu, Junhui Liu

To address this issue, we propose a novel Boundary Content Graph Neural Network (BC-GNN) to model the insightful relations between the boundary and action content of temporal proposals by the graph neural networks.

Action Detection Action Understanding +1

History-Aware Online Cache Placement in Fog-Assisted IoT Systems: An Integration of Learning and Control

no code implementations1 Aug 2020 Xin Gao, Xi Huang, Yinxu Tang, Ziyu Shao, Yang Yang

Due to uncertainties in practice such as unknown file popularities, cache placement scheme design is still an open problem with unresolved challenges: 1) how to maintain time-averaged storage costs under budgets, 2) how to incorporate online learning to aid cache placement to minimize performance loss (a. k. a.

Networking and Internet Architecture Signal Processing

Service Chain Composition with Failures in NFV Systems: A Game-Theoretic Perspective

no code implementations1 Aug 2020 Simeng Bian, Xi Huang, Ziyu Shao, Xin Gao, Yang Yang

In this paper, we formulate the problem of service chain composition in NFV systems with failures as a non-cooperative game.

Green Offloading in Fog-Assisted IoT Systems: An Online Perspective Integrating Learning and Control

no code implementations1 Aug 2020 Xin Gao, Xi Huang, Ziyu Shao, Yang Yang

In this paper, we formulate such a task offloading problem with unknown system dynamics as a combinatorial multi-armed bandit (CMAB) problem with long-term constraints on time-averaged energy consumptions.

Decision Making

Power Efficient LED Placement Algorithm for Indoor Visible Light Communication

no code implementations17 Jun 2020 Yang Yang, Zhiyu Zhu, Caili Guo, Chunyan Feng

Due to the interactions among LEDs and the illumination uniformity constraint, the formulated problem is complex and non-convex.

A Novel Received Signal Strength Assisted Perspective-three-Point Algorithm for Indoor Visible Light Positioning

no code implementations21 May 2020 Lin Bai, Yang Yang, Chunyan Feng, Caili Guo

The basic idea of R-P3P is to joint visual and strength information to estimate the receiver position using 3 LEDs regardless of the LEDs' orientations.

Artificial intelligence–enabled rapid diagnosis of patients with COVID-19

1 code implementation Nature 2020 Xueyan Mei, Hao-Chih Lee, Yang Yang

In this study, we used artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to integrate chest CT findings with clinical symptoms, exposure history and laboratory testing to rapidly diagnose patients who are positive for COVID-19.

Computed Tomography (CT) COVID-19 Diagnosis

Dataset and Enhanced Model for Eligibility Criteria-to-SQL Semantic Parsing

no code implementations LREC 2020 Xiaojing Yu, Tianlong Chen, Zhengjie Yu, Huiyu Li, Yang Yang, Xiaoqian Jiang, Anxiao Jiang

Compared to existing datasets, the queries in the dataset here are derived from the eligibility criteria of clinical trials and include \textit{Order-sensitive, Counting-based, and Boolean-type} cases which are not seen before.

Semantic Parsing Text-To-Sql

Feedback Recurrent Autoencoder for Video Compression

no code implementations9 Apr 2020 Adam Golinski, Reza Pourreza, Yang Yang, Guillaume Sautiere, Taco S. Cohen

Recent advances in deep generative modeling have enabled efficient modeling of high dimensional data distributions and opened up a new horizon for solving data compression problems.

Data Compression MS-SSIM +2

An Eigenspace Divide-and-Conquer Approach for Large-Scale Optimization

no code implementations5 Apr 2020 Zhigang Ren, Yongsheng Liang, Muyi Wang, Yang Yang, An Chen

Different from existing DC-based algorithms that perform decomposition and optimization in the original decision space, EDC first establishes an eigenspace by conducting singular value decomposition on a set of high-quality solutions selected from recent generations.

Guided Variational Autoencoder for Disentanglement Learning

no code implementations CVPR 2020 Zheng Ding, Yifan Xu, Weijian Xu, Gaurav Parmar, Yang Yang, Max Welling, Zhuowen Tu

We propose an algorithm, guided variational autoencoder (Guided-VAE), that is able to learn a controllable generative model by performing latent representation disentanglement learning.

General Classification Meta-Learning +1

Predicting molecular dipole moments by combining atomic partial charges and atomic dipoles

1 code implementation27 Mar 2020 Max Veit, David M. Wilkins, Yang Yang, Robert A. DiStasio Jr., Michele Ceriotti

In this work, we choose to represent this quantity with a physically inspired ML model that captures two distinct physical effects: local atomic polarization is captured within the symmetry-adapted Gaussian process regression (SA-GPR) framework, which assigns a (vector) dipole moment to each atom, while movement of charge across the entire molecule is captured by assigning a partial (scalar) charge to each atom.


High-Order Information Matters: Learning Relation and Topology for Occluded Person Re-Identification

2 code implementations CVPR 2020 Guan'an Wang, Shuo Yang, Huanyu Liu, Zhicheng Wang, Yang Yang, Shuliang Wang, Gang Yu, Erjin Zhou, Jian Sun

When aligning two groups of local features from two images, we view it as a graph matching problem and propose a cross-graph embedded-alignment (CGEA) layer to jointly learn and embed topology information to local features, and straightly predict similarity score.

Graph Matching Person Re-Identification

Probability Weighted Compact Feature for Domain Adaptive Retrieval

1 code implementation CVPR 2020 Fuxiang Huang, Lei Zhang, Yang Yang, Xichuan Zhou

Most of the existing image retrieval methods only focus on single-domain retrieval, which assumes that the distributions of retrieval databases and queries are similar.

Image Retrieval Quantization

A Big Data Enabled Channel Model for 5G Wireless Communication Systems

no code implementations28 Feb 2020 Jie Huang, Cheng-Xiang Wang, Lu Bai, Jian Sun, Yang Yang, Jie Li, Olav Tirkkonen, Ming-Tuo Zhou

This paper investigates various applications of big data analytics, especially machine learning algorithms in wireless communications and channel modeling.

Distributed Bayesian Matrix Decomposition for Big Data Mining and Clustering

2 code implementations10 Feb 2020 Chihao Zhang, Yang Yang, Wei zhang, Shihua Zhang

Such a method should scale up well, model the heterogeneous noise, and address the communication issue in a distributed system.

Distributed Computing

Color Point Cloud Registration Based on Supervoxel Correspondence

no code implementations IEEE Access 2020 YANG YANG, WEILE CHEN, Muyi Wang, DEXING ZHONG, Shaoyi Du

Different from traditional feature-based methods, we design a hybrid feature representation with color moments of the point, which could be applied naturally for any color point cloud.

Point Cloud Registration

In Defense of the Triplet Loss Again: Learning Robust Person Re-Identification with Fast Approximated Triplet Loss and Label Distillation

1 code implementation17 Dec 2019 Ye Yuan, Wuyang Chen, Yang Yang, Zhangyang Wang

This work addresses the above two shortcomings of triplet loss, extending its effectiveness to large-scale ReID datasets with potentially noisy labels.

Person Re-Identification

Calibrated Domain-Invariant Learning for Highly Generalizable Large Scale Re-Identification

1 code implementation26 Nov 2019 Ye Yuan, Wuyang Chen, Tianlong Chen, Yang Yang, Zhou Ren, Zhangyang Wang, Gang Hua

Many real-world applications, such as city-scale traffic monitoring and control, requires large-scale re-identification.

LaFIn: Generative Landmark Guided Face Inpainting

1 code implementation26 Nov 2019 Yang Yang, Xiaojie Guo, Jiayi Ma, Lin Ma, Haibin Ling

It is challenging to inpaint face images in the wild, due to the large variation of appearance, such as different poses, expressions and occlusions.

Facial Inpainting

Learning from the Past: Continual Meta-Learning via Bayesian Graph Modeling

no code implementations12 Nov 2019 Yadan Luo, Zi Huang, Zheng Zhang, Ziwei Wang, Mahsa Baktashmotlagh, Yang Yang

Meta-learning for few-shot learning allows a machine to leverage previously acquired knowledge as a prior, thus improving the performance on novel tasks with only small amounts of data.

Continual Learning Few-Shot Learning

Feedback Recurrent AutoEncoder

no code implementations11 Nov 2019 Yang Yang, Guillaume Sautière, J. Jon Ryu, Taco S. Cohen

In this work, we propose a new recurrent autoencoder architecture, termed Feedback Recurrent AutoEncoder (FRAE), for online compression of sequential data with temporal dependency.

Time2Graph: Revisiting Time Series Modeling with Dynamic Shapelets

no code implementations11 Nov 2019 Ziqiang Cheng, Yang Yang, Wei Wang, Wenjie Hu, Yueting Zhuang, Guojie Song

Time series modeling has attracted extensive research efforts; however, achieving both reliable efficiency and interpretability from a unified model still remains a challenging problem.

Graph Embedding Time Series

Interpretable Relevant Emotion Ranking with Event-Driven Attention

no code implementations IJCNLP 2019 Yang Yang, Deyu Zhou, Yulan He, Meng Zhang

Unveiling the hidden event information can help to understand how the emotions are evoked and provide explainable results.


Learning to Generate 6-DoF Grasp Poses with Reachability Awareness

no code implementations14 Oct 2019 Xibai Lou, Yang Yang, Changhyun Choi

Motivated by the stringent requirements of unstructured real-world where a plethora of unknown objects reside in arbitrary locations of the surface, we propose a voxel-based deep 3D Convolutional Neural Network (3D CNN) that generates feasible 6-DoF grasp poses in unrestricted workspace with reachability awareness.

CANZSL: Cycle-Consistent Adversarial Networks for Zero-Shot Learning from Natural Language

no code implementations21 Sep 2019 Zhi Chen, Jingjing Li, Yadan Luo, Zi Huang, Yang Yang

Thus, a multi-modal cycle-consistency loss between the synthesized semantic representations and the ground truth can be learned and leveraged to enforce the generated semantic features to approximate to the real distribution in semantic space.

Zero-Shot Learning

Alleviating Feature Confusion for Generative Zero-shot Learning

1 code implementation17 Sep 2019 Jingjing Li, Mengmeng Jing, Ke Lu, Lei Zhu, Yang Yang, Zi Huang

An inevitable issue of such a paradigm is that the synthesized unseen features are prone to seen references and incapable to reflect the novelty and diversity of real unseen instances.

Generalized Zero-Shot Learning

A Deep Learning Approach to Grasping the Invisible

1 code implementation11 Sep 2019 Yang Yang, Hengyue Liang, Changhyun Choi

The target-oriented motion critic, which maps both visual observations and target information to the expected future rewards of pushing and grasping motion primitives, is learned via deep Q-learning.


The Disruptions of 5G on Data-driven Technologies and Applications

no code implementations6 Sep 2019 Dumitrel Loghin, Shaofeng Cai, Gang Chen, Tien Tuan Anh Dinh, Feiyi Fan, Qian Lin, Janice Ng, Beng Chin Ooi, Xutao Sun, Quang-Trung Ta, Wei Wang, Xiaokui Xiao, Yang Yang, Meihui Zhang, Zhonghua Zhang

With 5G on the verge of being adopted as the next mobile network, there is a need to analyze its impact on the landscape of computing and data management.

Networking and Internet Architecture Databases Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing

Matching Images and Text with Multi-modal Tensor Fusion and Re-ranking

2 code implementations12 Aug 2019 Tan Wang, Xing Xu, Yang Yang, Alan Hanjalic, Heng Tao Shen, Jingkuan Song

We propose a novel framework that achieves remarkable matching performance with acceptable model complexity.

General Classification Re-Ranking +1

Curiosity-driven Reinforcement Learning for Diverse Visual Paragraph Generation

no code implementations1 Aug 2019 Yadan Luo, Zi Huang, Zheng Zhang, Ziwei Wang, Jingjing Li, Yang Yang

Visual paragraph generation aims to automatically describe a given image from different perspectives and organize sentences in a coherent way.

Decision Making Imitation Learning

X-LineNet: Detecting Aircraft in Remote Sensing Images by a pair of Intersecting Line Segments

no code implementations29 Jul 2019 Hao-Ran Wei, Yue Zhang, Bing Wang, Yang Yang, Hao Li, Hongqi Wang

Motivated by the development of deep convolution neural networks (DCNNs), tremendous progress has been gained in the field of aircraft detection.

Simultaneous reconstruction of the initial pressure and sound speed in photoacoustic tomography using a deep-learning approach

no code implementations23 Jul 2019 Hongming Shan, Christopher Wiedeman, Ge Wang, Yang Yang

Photoacoustic tomography seeks to reconstruct an acoustic initial pressure distribution from the measurement of the ultrasound waveforms.

BASN -- Learning Steganography with Binary Attention Mechanism

1 code implementation9 Jul 2019 Yang Yang

Secret information sharing through image carrier has aroused much research attention in recent years with images' growing domination on the Internet and mobile applications.

Image Steganography

From Zero-Shot Learning to Cold-Start Recommendation

1 code implementation20 Jun 2019 Jingjing Li, Mengmeng Jing, Ke Lu, Lei Zhu, Yang Yang, Zi Huang

This work, for the first time, formulates CSR as a ZSL problem, and a tailor-made ZSL method is proposed to handle CSR.

Recommendation Systems Zero-Shot Learning

Adversarial Category Alignment Network for Cross-domain Sentiment Classification

no code implementations NAACL 2019 Xiaoye Qu, Zhikang Zou, Yu Cheng, Yang Yang, Pan Zhou

Cross-domain sentiment classification aims to predict sentiment polarity on a target domain utilizing a classifier learned from a source domain.

Classification General Classification +1

ReshapeGAN: Object Reshaping by Providing A Single Reference Image

1 code implementation16 May 2019 Ziqiang Zheng, Yang Wu, Zhibin Yu, Yang Yang, Haiyong Zheng, Takeo Kanade

We present the tailored models of the proposed ReshapeGAN for all the problem settings, and have them tested on 8 kinds of reshaping tasks with 13 different datasets, demonstrating the ability of ReshapeGAN on generating convincing and superior results for object reshaping.

Missing Movie Synergistic Completion across Multiple Isomeric Online Movie Knowledge Libraries

no code implementations15 May 2019 Bowen Dong, Jiawei Zhang, Chenwei Zhang, Yang Yang, Philip S. Yu

Online knowledge libraries refer to the online data warehouses that systematically organize and categorize the knowledge-based information about different kinds of concepts and entities.

Time-Series Event Prediction with Evolutionary State Graph

3 code implementations10 May 2019 Wenjie Hu, Yang Yang, Ziqiang Cheng, Carl Yang, Xiang Ren

In this paper, we present evolutionary state graph, a dynamic graph structure designed to systematically represent the evolving relations (edges) among states (nodes) along time.

Time Series Time Series Classification +1

Inexact Block Coordinate Descent Algorithms for Nonsmooth Nonconvex Optimization

1 code implementation10 May 2019 Yang Yang, Marius Pesavento, Zhi-Quan Luo, Björn Ottersten

Interestingly, when the approximation subproblem is solved by a descent algorithm, convergence of a subsequence to a stationary point is still guaranteed even if the approximation subproblem is solved inexactly by terminating the descent algorithm after a finite number of iterations.

Anomaly Detection

Capturing Evolution Genes for Time Series Data

no code implementations10 May 2019 Wenjie Hu, Yang Yang, Liang Wu, Zongtao Liu, Zhanlin Sun, Bingshen Yao

The modeling of time series is becoming increasingly critical in a wide variety of applications.

Time Series

Learning Fair Representations via an Adversarial Framework

1 code implementation30 Apr 2019 Rui Feng, Yang Yang, Yuehan Lyu, Chenhao Tan, Yizhou Sun, Chunping Wang

Fairness has become a central issue for our research community as classification algorithms are adopted in societally critical domains such as recidivism prediction and loan approval.

Classification Fairness +1

Judging Chemical Reaction Practicality From Positive Sample only Learning

no code implementations22 Apr 2019 Shu Jiang, Zhuosheng Zhang, Hai Zhao, Jiangtong Li, Yang Yang, Bao-liang Lu, Ning Xia

Chemical reaction practicality is the core task among all symbol intelligence based chemical information processing, for example, it provides indispensable clue for further automatic synthesis route inference.

Snap and Find: Deep Discrete Cross-domain Garment Image Retrieval

no code implementations5 Apr 2019 Yadan Luo, Ziwei Wang, Zi Huang, Yang Yang, Huimin Lu

With the increasing number of online stores, there is a pressing need for intelligent search systems to understand the item photos snapped by customers and search against large-scale product databases to find their desired items.

Image Retrieval

Fast Single Image Reflection Suppression via Convex Optimization

1 code implementation CVPR 2019 Yang Yang, Wenye Ma, Yin Zheng, Jian-Feng Cai, Weiyu Xu

Removing undesired reflections from images taken through the glass is of great importance in computer vision.

Free-breathing and ungated cardiac cine using navigator-less spiral SToRM

2 code implementations16 Jan 2019 Abdul Haseeb Ahmed, Yasir Mohsin, Ruixi Zhou, Yang Yang, Michael Salerno, Prashant Nagpal, Mathews Jacob

An iterative kernel low-rank algorithm is introduced to estimate the manifold structure of the images, or equivalently the manifold Laplacian matrix, from the central k-space regions.

Automatic Grammar Augmentation for Robust Voice Command Recognition

no code implementations14 Nov 2018 Yang Yang, Anusha Lalitha, Jinwon Lee, Chris Lott

For a given grammar set, a set of potential grammar expressions (candidate set) for augmentation is constructed from an AM-specific statistical pronunciation dictionary that captures the consistent patterns and errors in the decoding of AM induced by variations in pronunciation, pitch, tempo, accent, ambiguous spellings, and noise conditions.

XJTLUIndoorLoc: A New Fingerprinting Database for Indoor Localization and Trajectory Estimation Based on Wi-Fi RSS and Geomagnetic Field

no code implementations17 Oct 2018 Zhenghang Zhong, Zhe Tang, Xiangxing Li, Tiancheng Yuan, Yang Yang, Meng Wei, Yuanyuan Zhang, Renzhi Sheng, Naomi Grant, Chongfeng Ling, Xintao Huan, Kyeong Soo Kim, Sanghyuk Lee

In this paper, we present a new location fingerprinting database comprised of Wi-Fi received signal strength (RSS) and geomagnetic field intensity measured with multiple devices at a multi-floor building in Xi'an Jiatong-Liverpool University, Suzhou, China.

Indoor Localization

Collaborative Learning for Extremely Low Bit Asymmetric Hashing

1 code implementation25 Sep 2018 Yadan Luo, Zi Huang, Yang Li, Fumin Shen, Yang Yang, Peng Cui

Hashing techniques are in great demand for a wide range of real-world applications such as image retrieval and network compression.

Image Retrieval