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Learning Triangular Distribution in Visual World

no code implementations30 Nov 2023 Ping Chen, Xingpeng Zhang, Chengtao Zhou, Dichao Fan, Peng Tu, Le Zhang, Yanlin Qian

Convolution neural network is successful in pervasive vision tasks, including label distribution learning, which usually takes the form of learning an injection from the non-linear visual features to the well-defined labels.

Point Cloud Color Constancy

no code implementations CVPR 2022 Xiaoyan Xing, Yanlin Qian, Sibo Feng, Yuhan Dong, Jiri Matas

In this paper, we present Point Cloud Color Constancy, in short PCCC, an illumination chromaticity estimation algorithm exploiting a point cloud.

Color Constancy

Illumination Estimation Challenge: experience of past two years

no code implementations31 Dec 2020 Egor Ershov, Alex Savchik, Ilya Semenkov, Nikola Banić, Karlo Koscević, Marko Subašić, Alexander Belokopytov, Zhihao LI, Arseniy Terekhin, Daria Senshina, Artem Nikonorov, Yanlin Qian, Marco Buzzelli, Riccardo Riva, Simone Bianco, Raimondo Schettini, Sven Lončarić, Dmitry Nikolaev

The main advantage of testing a method on a challenge over testing in on some of the known datasets is the fact that the ground-truth illuminations for the challenge test images are unknown up until the results have been submitted, which prevents any potential hyperparameter tuning that may be biased.

Color Constancy Vocal Bursts Valence Prediction

Fast Fourier Intrinsic Network

no code implementations9 Nov 2020 Yanlin Qian, Miaojing Shi, Joni-Kristian Kämäräinen, Jiri Matas

We address the problem of decomposing an image into albedo and shading.

SDE-AWB: a Generic Solution for 2nd International Illumination Estimation Challenge

no code implementations11 Oct 2020 Yanlin Qian, Sibo Feng, Kang Qian, Miaofeng Wang

We propose a neural network-based solution for three different tracks of 2nd International Illumination Estimation Challenge (chromaticity. iitp. ru).

A Benchmark for Temporal Color Constancy

3 code implementations8 Mar 2020 Yanlin Qian, Jani Käpylä, Joni-Kristian Kämäräinen, Samu Koskinen, Jiri Matas

The conventional approach is to use a single frame - shot frame - to estimate the scene illumination color.

Color Constancy Test

Cascading Convolutional Color Constancy

1 code implementation24 Dec 2019 Huanglin Yu, Ke Chen, Kaiqi Wang, Yanlin Qian, Zhao-Xiang Zhang, Kui Jia

Regressing the illumination of a scene from the representations of object appearances is popularly adopted in computational color constancy.

Color Constancy

DAL -- A Deep Depth-aware Long-term Tracker

no code implementations2 Dec 2019 Yanlin Qian, Alan Lukežič, Matej Kristan, Joni-Kristian Kämäräinen, Jiri Matas

In this work, we propose a deep depth-aware long-term tracker that achieves state-of-the-art RGBD tracking performance and is fast to run.

Fast Fourier Color Constancy and Grayness Index for ISPA Illumination Estimation Challenge

no code implementations6 Aug 2019 Yanlin Qian, Ke Chen, Huanglin Yu

We briefly introduce two submissions to the Illumination Estimation Challenge, in the Int'l Workshop on Color Vision, affiliated to the 11th Int'l Symposium on Image and Signal Processing and Analysis.

Color Constancy

Flash Lightens Gray Pixels

no code implementations27 Feb 2019 Yanlin Qian, Song Yan, Joni-Kristian Kämäräinen, Jiri Matas

In the real world, a scene is usually cast by multiple illuminants and herein we address the problem of spatial illumination estimation.

On Finding Gray Pixels

2 code implementations CVPR 2019 Yanlin Qian, Joni-Kristian Kämäräinen, Jarno Nikkanen, Jiri Matas

We propose a novel grayness index for finding gray pixels and demonstrate its effectiveness and efficiency in illumination estimation.

Object Detection in Equirectangular Panorama

1 code implementation21 May 2018 Wenyan Yang, Yanlin Qian, Francesco Cricri, Lixin Fan, Joni-Kristian Kamarainen

We introduced a high-resolution equirectangular panorama (360-degree, virtual reality) dataset for object detection and propose a multi-projection variant of YOLO detector.

object-detection Object Detection

Revisiting Gray Pixel for Statistical Illumination Estimation

1 code implementation22 Mar 2018 Yanlin Qian, Said Pertuz, Jarno Nikkanen, Joni-Kristian Kämäräinen, Jiri Matas

We present a statistical color constancy method that relies on novel gray pixel detection and mean shift clustering.

Clustering Color Constancy

Recurrent Color Constancy

no code implementations ICCV 2017 Yanlin Qian, Ke Chen, Jarno Nikkanen, Joni-Kristian Kamarainen, Jiri Matas

We introduce a novel formulation of temporal color constancy which considers multiple frames preceding the frame for which illumination is estimated.

Color Constancy

Convolutional Low-Resolution Fine-Grained Classification

no code implementations15 Mar 2017 Dingding Cai, Ke Chen, Yanlin Qian, Joni-Kristian Kämäräinen

Successful fine-grained image classification methods learn subtle details between visually similar (sub-)classes, but the problem becomes significantly more challenging if the details are missing due to low resolution.

Classification Fine-Grained Image Classification +2

Deep Structured-Output Regression Learning for Computational Color Constancy

no code implementations13 Jul 2016 Yanlin Qian, Ke Chen, Joni-Kristian Kamarainen, Jarno Nikkanen, Jiri Matas

Computational color constancy that requires esti- mation of illuminant colors of images is a fundamental yet active problem in computer vision, which can be formulated into a regression problem.

Color Constancy regression

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