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EchoGen: Generating Conclusions from Echocardiogram Notes

no code implementations BioNLP (ACL) 2022 Liyan Tang, Shravan Kooragayalu, Yanshan Wang, Ying Ding, Greg Durrett, Justin F. Rousseau, Yifan Peng

Generating a summary from findings has been recently explored (Zhang et al., 2018, 2020) in note types such as radiology reports that typically have short length.

HealthPrompt: A Zero-shot Learning Paradigm for Clinical Natural Language Processing

no code implementations9 Mar 2022 Sonish Sivarajkumar, Yanshan Wang

We developed a novel prompt-based clinical NLP framework called HealthPrompt and applied the paradigm of prompt-based learning on clinical texts.

Language Modelling Zero-Shot Learning

Extraction of Sleep Information from Clinical Notes of Alzheimer's Disease Patients Using Natural Language Processing

no code implementations8 Mar 2022 Haneef Ahamed Mohammad, Sonish Sivarajkumar, Samual Viggiano, David Oniani, Shyam Visweswaran, Yanshan Wang

In this study, we developed a rule-based NLP algorithm and machine learning models to automate the extraction of sleep-related concepts, including snoring, napping, sleep problem, bad sleep quality, daytime sleepiness, night wakings, and sleep duration, from the clinical notes of patients diagnosed with AD.

Sleep Quality

Neural Language Models with Distant Supervision to Identify Major Depressive Disorder from Clinical Notes

no code implementations19 Apr 2021 Bhavani Singh Agnikula Kshatriya, Nicolas A Nunez, Manuel Gardea- Resendez, Euijung Ryu, Brandon J Coombes, Sunyang Fu, Mark A Frye, Joanna M Biernacka, Yanshan Wang

The experimental results indicate that our proposed approach is effective in identifying MDD phenotypes and that the Bio- Clinical BERT, a specific BERT model for clinical data, achieved the best performance in comparison with conventional machine learning models.

EEG Text Classification

Extracting Lifestyle Factors for Alzheimer's Disease from Clinical Notes Using Deep Learning with Weak Supervision

no code implementations22 Jan 2021 Zitao Shen, Yoonkwon Yi, Anusha Bompelli, Fang Yu, Yanshan Wang, Rui Zhang

We performed two case studies: physical activity and excessive diet, in order to validate the effectiveness of BERT models in classifying lifestyle factors for AD.

A Qualitative Evaluation of Language Models on Automatic Question-Answering for COVID-19

1 code implementation19 Jun 2020 David Oniani, Yanshan Wang

However, such models are rarely applied and evaluated in the healthcare domain, to meet the information needs with accurate and up-to-date healthcare data.

Chatbot Language Modelling +2

Clinical Concept Extraction: a Methodology Review

no code implementations24 Oct 2019 Sunyang Fu, David Chen, Huan He, Sijia Liu, Sungrim Moon, Kevin J Peterson, Feichen Shen, Li-Wei Wang, Yanshan Wang, Andrew Wen, Yiqing Zhao, Sunghwan Sohn, Hongfang Liu

Background Concept extraction, a subdomain of natural language processing (NLP) with a focus on extracting concepts of interest, has been adopted to computationally extract clinical information from text for a wide range of applications ranging from clinical decision support to care quality improvement.

Clinical Concept Extraction Decision Making

How Good is Artificial Intelligence at Automatically Answering Consumer Questions Related to Alzheimer's Disease?

no code implementations21 Aug 2019 Krishna B. Soundararajan, Sunyang Fu, Luke A. Carlson, Rebecca A. Smith, David S. Knopman, Hongfang Liu, Yanshan Wang

The total lifetime cost of care for someone with dementia is estimated to be $350, 174 in 2018, 70% of which is associated with family-provided care.

Applications of Natural Language Processing in Clinical Research and Practice

no code implementations NAACL 2019 Yanshan Wang, Ahmad Tafti, Sunghwan Sohn, Rui Zhang

Through this tutorial, we would like to introduce NLP methodologies and tools developed in the clinical domain, and showcase the real-world NLP applications in clinical research and practice at Mayo Clinic (the No.

MedSTS: A Resource for Clinical Semantic Textual Similarity

3 code implementations28 Aug 2018 Yanshan Wang, Naveed Afzal, Sunyang Fu, Li-Wei Wang, Feichen Shen, Majid Rastegar-Mojarad, Hongfang Liu

A subset of MedSTS (MedSTS_ann) containing 1, 068 sentence pairs was annotated by two medical experts with semantic similarity scores of 0-5 (low to high similarity).

Decision Making Semantic Similarity +1

A Comparison of Word Embeddings for the Biomedical Natural Language Processing

2 code implementations1 Feb 2018 Yanshan Wang, Sijia Liu, Naveed Afzal, Majid Rastegar-Mojarad, Li-Wei Wang, Feichen Shen, Paul Kingsbury, Hongfang Liu

First, the word embeddings trained on clinical notes and biomedical publications can capture the semantics of medical terms better, and find more relevant similar medical terms, and are closer to human experts' judgments, compared to these trained on Wikipedia and news.

Information Retrieval

Stock price direction prediction by directly using prices data: an empirical study on the KOSPI and HSI

no code implementations27 Sep 2013 Yanshan Wang

In this paper, we propose a method that directly uses prices data to predict market index direction and stock price direction.

Stock Prediction

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