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Facial Affective Behavior Analysis with Instruction Tuning

no code implementations7 Apr 2024 YiFan Li, Anh Dao, Wentao Bao, Zhen Tan, Tianlong Chen, Huan Liu, Yu Kong

Our initiative on the dataset and benchmarks reveal the nature and rationale of facial affective behaviors, i. e., fine-grained facial movement, interpretability, and reasoning.

Instruction Following

Weakly-Supervised 3D Scene Graph Generation via Visual-Linguistic Assisted Pseudo-labeling

no code implementations3 Apr 2024 Xu Wang, YiFan Li, Qiudan Zhang, Wenhui Wu, Mark Junjie Li, Jianmin Jinag

However, previous 3D scene graph generation methods utilize a fully supervised learning manner and require a large amount of entity-level annotation data of objects and relations, which is extremely resource-consuming and tedious to obtain.

3d scene graph generation Graph Generation +1

The Wolf Within: Covert Injection of Malice into MLLM Societies via an MLLM Operative

1 code implementation20 Feb 2024 Zhen Tan, Chengshuai Zhao, Raha Moraffah, YiFan Li, Yu Kong, Tianlong Chen, Huan Liu

Unlike direct harmful output generation for MLLMs, our research demonstrates how a single MLLM agent can be subtly influenced to generate prompts that, in turn, induce other MLLM agents in the society to output malicious content.


Repositioning the Subject within Image

1 code implementation30 Jan 2024 Yikai Wang, Chenjie Cao, Ke Fan, Qiaole Dong, YiFan Li, xiangyang xue, Yanwei Fu

Our research reveals that the fundamental sub-tasks of subject repositioning, which include filling the void left by the repositioned subject, reconstructing obscured portions of the subject and blending the subject to be consistent with surrounding areas, can be effectively reformulated as a unified, prompt-guided inpainting task.

Image Generation Image Manipulation

Temporal Adaptive RGBT Tracking with Modality Prompt

no code implementations2 Jan 2024 Hongyu Wang, Xiaotao Liu, YiFan Li, Meng Sun, Dian Yuan, Jing Liu

RGBT tracking has been widely used in various fields such as robotics, surveillance processing, and autonomous driving.

Autonomous Driving Rgb-T Tracking

CSGNN: Conquering Noisy Node labels via Dynamic Class-wise Selection

no code implementations20 Nov 2023 YiFan Li, Zhen Tan, Kai Shu, Zongsheng Cao, Yu Kong, Huan Liu

Graph Neural Networks (GNNs) have emerged as a powerful tool for representation learning on graphs, but they often suffer from overfitting and label noise issues, especially when the data is scarce or imbalanced.

Memorization Representation Learning

A Novel Tree Model-based DNN to Achieve a High-Resolution DOA Estimation via Massive MIMO receive array

no code implementations15 Nov 2023 YiFan Li, Feng Shu, Jun Zou, Wei Gao, Yaoliang Song, Jiangzhou Wang

To satisfy the high-resolution requirements of direction-of-arrival (DOA) estimation, conventional deep neural network (DNN)-based methods using grid idea need to significantly increase the number of output classifications and also produce a huge high model complexity.

WALL-E: Embodied Robotic WAiter Load Lifting with Large Language Model

no code implementations30 Aug 2023 Tianyu Wang, YiFan Li, Haitao Lin, xiangyang xue, Yanwei Fu

The target instruction is then forwarded to a visual grounding system for object pose and size estimation, following which the robot grasps the object accordingly.

Language Modelling Large Language Model +3

A New Heterogeneous Hybrid Massive MIMO Receiver with An Intrinsic Ability of Removing Phase Ambiguity of DOA Estimation via Machine Learning

no code implementations16 Aug 2023 Feng Shu, Baihua Shi, YiWen Chen, Jiatong Bai, YiFan Li, Tingting Liu, Zhu Han

To address this problem, a new heterogeneous sub-connected hybrid analog and digital (HAD) MIMO structure is proposed with an intrinsic ability of removing phase ambiguity and a corresponding new framework is developed to implement a rapid high-precision DOA estimation using only single time-slot.


MedAugment: Universal Automatic Data Augmentation Plug-in for Medical Image Analysis

1 code implementation30 Jun 2023 Zhaoshan Liu, Qiujie Lv, YiFan Li, Ziduo Yang, Lei Shen

The prevalent DA approaches in MIA encompass conventional DA, synthetic DA, and automatic DA.

Data Augmentation

Evaluating Object Hallucination in Large Vision-Language Models

2 code implementations17 May 2023 YiFan Li, Yifan Du, Kun Zhou, Jinpeng Wang, Wayne Xin Zhao, Ji-Rong Wen

Despite the promising progress on LVLMs, we find that LVLMs suffer from the hallucination problem, i. e. they tend to generate objects that are inconsistent with the target images in the descriptions.

Hallucination Object

Diffusion-NAT: Self-Prompting Discrete Diffusion for Non-Autoregressive Text Generation

no code implementations6 May 2023 Kun Zhou, YiFan Li, Wayne Xin Zhao, Ji-Rong Wen

To solve it, we propose Diffusion-NAT, which introduces discrete diffusion models~(DDM) into NAR text-to-text generation and integrates BART to improve the performance.

Denoising Text Generation

A Survey of Large Language Models

5 code implementations31 Mar 2023 Wayne Xin Zhao, Kun Zhou, Junyi Li, Tianyi Tang, Xiaolei Wang, Yupeng Hou, Yingqian Min, Beichen Zhang, Junjie Zhang, Zican Dong, Yifan Du, Chen Yang, Yushuo Chen, Zhipeng Chen, Jinhao Jiang, Ruiyang Ren, YiFan Li, Xinyu Tang, Zikang Liu, Peiyu Liu, Jian-Yun Nie, Ji-Rong Wen

To discriminate the difference in parameter scale, the research community has coined the term large language models (LLM) for the PLMs of significant size.

Language Modelling

Diffusion Models for Non-autoregressive Text Generation: A Survey

1 code implementation12 Mar 2023 YiFan Li, Kun Zhou, Wayne Xin Zhao, Ji-Rong Wen

In this survey, we review the recent progress in diffusion models for NAR text generation.

Text Generation

DISC: Learning From Noisy Labels via Dynamic Instance-Specific Selection and Correction

1 code implementation CVPR 2023 YiFan Li, Hu Han, Shiguang Shan, Xilin Chen

Then we propose a dynamic threshold strategy for each instance, based on the momentum of each instance's memorization strength in previous epochs to select and correct noisy labeled data.

Learning with noisy labels Memorization

Recent Advances in RecBole: Extensions with more Practical Considerations

1 code implementation28 Nov 2022 Lanling Xu, Zhen Tian, Gaowei Zhang, Lei Wang, Junjie Zhang, Bowen Zheng, YiFan Li, Yupeng Hou, Xingyu Pan, Yushuo Chen, Wayne Xin Zhao, Xu Chen, Ji-Rong Wen

In order to show the recent update in RecBole, we write this technical report to introduce our latest improvements on RecBole.

A 2030 United States Macro Grid Unlocking Geographical Diversity to Accomplish Clean Energy Goals

no code implementations19 Nov 2022 Yixing Xu, Daniel Olsen, Bainan Xia, Dan Livengood, Victoria Hunt, YiFan Li, Lane Smith

Some U. S. states have set clean energy goals and targets in an effort to decarbonize their electricity sectors.

Deep Learning Based DOA Estimation for Hybrid Massive MIMO Receive Array with Overlapped Subarrays

no code implementations11 Sep 2022 YiFan Li, Baihua Shi, Feng Shu, Yaoliang Song, Jiangzhou Wang

To improve the accuracy of direction-of-arrival (DOA) estimation, a deep learning (DL)-based method called CDAE-DNN is proposed for hybrid analog and digital (HAD) massive MIMO receive array with overlapped subarray (OSA) architecture in this paper.

Recent Progress in Transformer-based Medical Image Analysis

no code implementations13 Aug 2022 Zhaoshan Liu, Qiujie Lv, Ziduo Yang, YiFan Li, Chau Hung Lee, Lei Shen

The mainstream classification and segmentation tasks are further divided into eleven medical image modalities.


Optimal Measurement of Drone Swarm in RSS-based Passive Localization with Region Constraints

no code implementations2 Aug 2022 Xin Cheng, Feng Shu, YiFan Li, Zhihong Zhuang, Di wu, Jiangzhou Wang

In this paper, optimal geometrical configurations of UAVs in received signal strength (RSS)-based localization under region constraints are investigated.

Affective Behaviour Analysis Using Pretrained Model with Facial Priori

1 code implementation24 Jul 2022 YiFan Li, Haomiao Sun, Zhaori Liu, Hu Han

As a result, we utilize AffectNet pretrained CNN to extract expression scores concatenating with expression and AU scores from ViT to obtain the final VA features.

Emotion Recognition

LQoCo: Learning to Optimize Cache Capacity Overloading in Storage Systems

no code implementations21 Mar 2022 Ji Zhang, Xijun Li, Xiyao Zhou, Mingxuan Yuan, Zhuo Cheng, Keji Huang, YiFan Li

Cache plays an important role to maintain high and stable performance (i. e. high throughput, low tail latency and throughput jitter) in storage systems.


Machine Learning Methods for Inferring the Number of UAV Emitters via Massive MIMO Receive Array

no code implementations2 Mar 2022 YiFan Li, Feng Shu, Jinsong Hu, Shihao Yan, Haiwei Song, Weiqiang Zhu, Da Tian, Yaoliang Song, Jiangzhou Wang

The simulation results show that the machine learning-based methods can achieve good results in signal classification, especially neural networks, which can always maintain the classification accuracy above 70\% with massive MIMO receive array.


High-performance Passive Eigen-model-based Detectors of Single Emitter Using Massive MIMO Receivers

no code implementations3 Aug 2021 Qijuan Jie, Xichao Zhan, Feng Shu, Yaohui Ding, Baihua Shi, YiFan Li, Jiangzhou Wang

The test statistic (TS) of the first method is defined as the ratio of maximum eigen-value (Max-EV) to minimum eigen-value (R-MaxEV-MinEV) while that of the second one is defined as the ratio of Max-EV to noise variance (R-MaxEV-NV).

$\rm ^{83}Rb$/$\rm ^{83m}Kr$ production and cross-section measurement with 3.4 MeV and 20 MeV proton beams

no code implementations4 Feb 2021 Dan Zhang, Jingkai Xia, YiFan Li, Jingtao You, Yao Li, Changbo Fu, Jianglai Liu, Ning Zhou, Jie Bao, Huan Jia, Chenzhang Yuan, Yuan He, Weixing Xiong, Mengyun Guan

$\rm ^{83m}Kr$, with a short lifetime, is an ideal calibration source for liquid xenon or liquid argon detectors.

Nuclear Experiment Instrumentation and Detectors

Bayesian optimization assisted unsupervised learning for efficient intra-tumor partitioning in MRI and survival prediction for glioblastoma patients

no code implementations5 Dec 2020 YiFan Li, Chao Li, Stephen Price, Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb, Xi Chen

Although successful in tumor sub-region segmentation and survival prediction, radiomics based on machine learning algorithms, is challenged by its robustness, due to the vague intermediate process and track changes.

Bayesian Optimization BIG-bench Machine Learning +2

Enhanced RSS-based UAV Localization via Trajectory and Multi-base Stations

no code implementations3 Nov 2020 YiFan Li, Feng Shu, Baihua Shi, Xin Cheng, Yaoliang Song, Jiangzhou Wang

First, fixing the nth BS, by exploiting multiple measurements along trajectory, the position of UAV is computed by ML rule.


Identification of Pleonastic It Using the Web

no code implementations15 Jan 2014 Yifan Li, Petr Musilek, Marek Reformat, Loren Wyard-Scott

In a significant minority of cases, certain pronouns, especially the pronoun it, can be used without referring to any specific entity.

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