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Categorizing Flight Paths using Data Visualization and Clustering Methodologies

no code implementations1 Oct 2023 YiFan Song, Keyang Yu, Seth Young

This work leverages the U. S. Federal Aviation Administration's Traffic Flow Management System dataset and DV8, a recently developed tool for highly interactive visualization of air traffic data, to develop clustering algorithms for categorizing air traffic by their varying flight paths.

PoSE: Efficient Context Window Extension of LLMs via Positional Skip-wise Training

1 code implementation19 Sep 2023 Dawei Zhu, Nan Yang, Liang Wang, YiFan Song, Wenhao Wu, Furu Wei, Sujian Li

Concretely, we select several short chunks from a long input sequence, and introduce distinct skipping bias terms to modify the position indices of each chunk.

Advanced Underwater Image Restoration in Complex Illumination Conditions

no code implementations5 Sep 2023 YiFan Song, Mengkun She, Kevin Köser

To validate the effectiveness of our approach, we conducted extensive experiments on simulated and real-world datasets.

Underwater Image Restoration

Efficient Large-scale AUV-based Visual Seafloor Mapping

no code implementations11 Aug 2023 Mengkun She, YiFan Song, David Nakath, Kevin Köser

Driven by the increasing number of marine data science applications, there is a growing interest in surveying and exploring the vast, uncharted terrain of the deep sea with robotic platforms.

3D Reconstruction

RestGPT: Connecting Large Language Models with Real-World RESTful APIs

no code implementations11 Jun 2023 YiFan Song, Weimin Xiong, Dawei Zhu, Wenhao Wu, Han Qian, Mingbo Song, Hailiang Huang, Cheng Li, Ke Wang, Rong Yao, Ye Tian, Sujian Li

To address the practical challenges of tackling complex instructions, we propose RestGPT, which exploits the power of LLMs and conducts a coarse-to-fine online planning mechanism to enhance the abilities of task decomposition and API selection.

RepCL: Exploring Effective Representation for Continual Text Classification

no code implementations12 May 2023 YiFan Song, Peiyi Wang, Dawei Zhu, Tianyu Liu, Zhifang Sui, Sujian Li

Continual learning (CL) aims to constantly learn new knowledge over time while avoiding catastrophic forgetting on old tasks.

Continual Learning Representation Learning +2

Can Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPT) Pass Assessments in Higher Education Programming Courses?

no code implementations16 Mar 2023 Jaromir Savelka, Arav Agarwal, Christopher Bogart, YiFan Song, Majd Sakr

We evaluated the capability of generative pre-trained transformers (GPT), to pass assessments in introductory and intermediate Python programming courses at the postsecondary level.


Learning Robust Representations for Continual Relation Extraction via Adversarial Class Augmentation

1 code implementation10 Oct 2022 Peiyi Wang, YiFan Song, Tianyu Liu, Binghuai Lin, Yunbo Cao, Sujian Li, Zhifang Sui

In this paper, through empirical studies we argue that this assumption may not hold, and an important reason for catastrophic forgetting is that the learned representations do not have good robustness against the appearance of analogous relations in the subsequent learning process.

Continual Relation Extraction

ConFiguRe: Exploring Discourse-level Chinese Figures of Speech

1 code implementation COLING 2022 Dawei Zhu, Qiusi Zhan, Zhejian Zhou, YiFan Song, Jiebin Zhang, Sujian Li

Different from previous token-level or sentence-level counterparts, ConFiguRe aims at extracting a figurative unit from discourse-level context, and classifying the figurative unit into the right figure type.

Natural Language Understanding

Robust Fine-tuning via Perturbation and Interpolation from In-batch Instances

1 code implementation2 May 2022 Shoujie Tong, Qingxiu Dong, Damai Dai, YiFan Song, Tianyu Liu, Baobao Chang, Zhifang Sui

For each instance in a batch, we involve other instances in the same batch to interact with it.

Marine Bubble Flow Quantification Using Wide-Baseline Stereo Photogrammetry

no code implementations14 Dec 2021 Mengkun She, Tim Weiß, YiFan Song, Peter Urban, Jens Greinert, Kevin Köser

Beside reporting the steps to make bubble characterization robust and autonomous, we carefully evaluate the reachable accuracy to be in the range of 1-2\% of the bubble radius and propose a novel auto-calibration procedure that, due to the lack of point correspondences, uses only the silhouettes of bubbles.

Refractive Geometry for Underwater Domes

no code implementations14 Aug 2021 Mengkun She, David Nakath, YiFan Song, Kevin Köser

Underwater cameras are typically placed behind glass windows to protect them from the water.

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