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Editable Scene Simulation for Autonomous Driving via Collaborative LLM-Agents

1 code implementation8 Feb 2024 Yuxi Wei, Zi Wang, Yifan Lu, Chenxin Xu, Changxing Liu, Hao Zhao, Siheng Chen, Yanfeng Wang

Furthermore, to unleash the potential of extensive high-quality digital assets, ChatSim employs a novel multi-camera lighting estimation method to achieve scene-consistent assets' rendering.

Autonomous Driving Language Modelling +2

An Extensible Framework for Open Heterogeneous Collaborative Perception

1 code implementation25 Jan 2024 Yifan Lu, Yue Hu, Yiqi Zhong, Dequan Wang, Yanfeng Wang, Siheng Chen

In this paper, we introduce a new open heterogeneous problem: how to accommodate continually emerging new heterogeneous agent types into collaborative perception, while ensuring high perception performance and low integration cost?

Set Prediction Guided by Semantic Concepts for Diverse Video Captioning

no code implementations25 Dec 2023 Yifan Lu, Ziqi Zhang, Chunfeng Yuan, Peng Li, Yan Wang, Bing Li, Weiming Hu

Each caption in the set is attached to a concept combination indicating the primary semantic content of the caption and facilitating element alignment in set prediction.

Caption Generation Video Captioning

MIRA: Cracking Black-box Watermarking on Deep Neural Networks via Model Inversion-based Removal Attacks

no code implementations7 Sep 2023 Yifan Lu, Wenxuan Li, Mi Zhang, Xudong Pan, Min Yang

In this paper, we propose a novel Model Inversion-based Removal Attack (\textsc{Mira}), which is watermark-agnostic and effective against most of mainstream black-box DNN watermarking schemes.

A Fusion Model: Towards a Virtual, Physical and Cognitive Integration and its Principles

no code implementations17 May 2023 Hao Lan Zhang, Yun Xue, Yifan Lu, Sanghyuk Lee

Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR), digital twin, Metaverse and other related digital technologies have attracted much attention in recent years.

Mixed Reality

Collaboration Helps Camera Overtake LiDAR in 3D Detection

1 code implementation CVPR 2023 Yue Hu, Yifan Lu, Runsheng Xu, Weidi Xie, Siheng Chen, Yanfeng Wang

Camera-only 3D detection provides an economical solution with a simple configuration for localizing objects in 3D space compared to LiDAR-based detection systems.

Depth Estimation

Exorcising ''Wraith'': Protecting LiDAR-based Object Detector in Automated Driving System from Appearing Attacks

no code implementations17 Mar 2023 Qifan Xiao, Xudong Pan, Yifan Lu, Mi Zhang, Jiarun Dai, Min Yang

In this paper, we propose a novel plug-and-play defensive module which works by side of a trained LiDAR-based object detector to eliminate forged obstacles where a major proportion of local parts have low objectness, i. e., to what degree it belongs to a real object.

Robust and Scalable Gaussian Process Regression and Its Applications

1 code implementation CVPR 2023 Yifan Lu, Jiayi Ma, Leyuan Fang, Xin Tian, Junjun Jiang

This enables the application of Gaussian processes to a wide range of real data, which are often large-scale and contaminated by outliers.

4k GPR +3

Robust Collaborative 3D Object Detection in Presence of Pose Errors

1 code implementation14 Nov 2022 Yifan Lu, Quanhao Li, Baoan Liu, Mehrdad Dianati, Chen Feng, Siheng Chen, Yanfeng Wang

Collaborative 3D object detection exploits information exchange among multiple agents to enhance accuracy of object detection in presence of sensor impairments such as occlusion.

3D Object Detection Object +2

Exploiting Instance-based Mixed Sampling via Auxiliary Source Domain Supervision for Domain-adaptive Action Detection

1 code implementation28 Sep 2022 Yifan Lu, Gurkirt Singh, Suman Saha, Luc van Gool

We propose a novel domain adaptive action detection approach and a new adaptation protocol that leverages the recent advancements in image-level unsupervised domain adaptation (UDA) techniques and handle vagaries of instance-level video data.

Action Detection Pseudo Label +2

RainNet: A Large-Scale Imagery Dataset and Benchmark for Spatial Precipitation Downscaling

1 code implementation17 Dec 2020 Xuanhong Chen, Kairui Feng, Naiyuan Liu, Bingbing Ni, Yifan Lu, Zhengyan Tong, Ziang Liu

To alleviate these obstacles, we present the first large-scale spatial precipitation downscaling dataset named RainNet, which contains more than $62, 400$ pairs of high-quality low/high-resolution precipitation maps for over $17$ years, ready to help the evolution of deep learning models in precipitation downscaling.

DeepSquare: Boosting the Learning Power of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks with Elementwise Square Operators

no code implementations12 Jun 2019 Sheng Chen, Xu Wang, Chao Chen, Yifan Lu, Xijin Zhang, Linfu Wen

In this paper, we pursue very efficient neural network modules which can significantly boost the learning power of deep convolutional neural networks with negligible extra computational cost.

Efficient Neural Network

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