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Math-Shepherd: Verify and Reinforce LLMs Step-by-step without Human Annotations

1 code implementation14 Dec 2023 Peiyi Wang, Lei LI, Zhihong Shao, R. X. Xu, Damai Dai, Yifei Li, Deli Chen, Y. Wu, Zhifang Sui

In this paper, we present an innovative process-oriented math process reward model called \textbf{Math-Shepherd}, which assigns a reward score to each step of math problem solutions.

Ranked #12 on Arithmetic Reasoning on GSM8K (using extra training data)

Arithmetic Reasoning GSM8K +2

DiffAvatar: Simulation-Ready Garment Optimization with Differentiable Simulation

no code implementations20 Nov 2023 Yifei Li, Hsiao-yu Chen, Egor Larionov, Nikolaos Sarafianos, Wojciech Matusik, Tuur Stuyck

The realism of digital avatars is crucial in enabling telepresence applications with self-expression and customization.

Physical Simulations

Robust Control of Unknown Switched Linear Systems from Noisy Data

no code implementations19 Nov 2023 Wenjie Liu, Yifei Li, Jian Sun, Gang Wang, Jie Chen

This paper investigates the problem of data-driven stabilization for linear discrete-time switched systems with unknown switching dynamics.

TableLlama: Towards Open Large Generalist Models for Tables

no code implementations15 Nov 2023 Tianshu Zhang, Xiang Yue, Yifei Li, Huan Sun

Towards that end, we construct TableInstruct, a new dataset with a variety of realistic tables and tasks, for instruction tuning and evaluating LLMs.

Efficacy Analysis of Power Swing Blocking and Out-of-Step Tripping Functions in Grid-Following VSC Systems

no code implementations9 Nov 2023 Yongxin Xiong, Heng Wu, Xiongfei Wang, Yifei Li

Power flow oscillations can occur in power systems after major disturbances such as system faults, which may result in significant power swings and even lead to system collapse.


ADMM Training Algorithms for Residual Networks: Convergence, Complexity and Parallel Training

no code implementations23 Oct 2023 Jintao Xu, Yifei Li, Wenxun Xing

Convergence of the proximal point version is proven based on a Kurdyka-Lojasiewicz (KL) property analysis framework, and we can ensure a locally R-linear or sublinear convergence rate depending on the different ranges of the Kurdyka-Lojasiewicz (KL) exponent, in which a necessary auxiliary function is constructed to realize our goal.

Self-triggered Consensus Control of Multi-agent Systems from Data

no code implementations19 Oct 2023 Yifei Li, Xin Wang, Jian Sun, Gang Wang, Jie Chen

In the presence of external disturbances, a model-based STC scheme is put forth for $\mathcal{H}_{\infty}$-consensus of MASs, serving as a baseline for the data-driven STC.

FinEval: A Chinese Financial Domain Knowledge Evaluation Benchmark for Large Language Models

1 code implementation19 Aug 2023 Liwen Zhang, Weige Cai, Zhaowei Liu, Zhi Yang, Wei Dai, Yujie Liao, Qianru Qin, Yifei Li, Xingyu Liu, Zhiqiang Liu, Zhoufan Zhu, Anbo Wu, Xin Guo, Yun Chen

Our work offers a more comprehensive financial knowledge evaluation benchmark, utilizing data of mock exams and covering a wide range of evaluated LLMs.


Data-driven Polytopic Output Synchronization of Heterogeneous Multi-agent Systems from Noisy Data

no code implementations14 Jul 2023 Yifei Li, Wenjie Liu, Jian Sun, Gang Wang, Lihua Xie, Jie Chen

This method utilizes measured data and a noise-matrix polytope to ensure near-optimal output synchronization.

Can LLMs Express Their Uncertainty? An Empirical Evaluation of Confidence Elicitation in LLMs

no code implementations22 Jun 2023 Miao Xiong, Zhiyuan Hu, Xinyang Lu, Yifei Li, Jie Fu, Junxian He, Bryan Hooi

The task of empowering large language models (LLMs) to accurately express their confidence, referred to as confidence elicitation, is essential in ensuring reliable and trustworthy decision-making processes.

Arithmetic Reasoning Benchmarking +1

Neural Characteristic Function Learning for Conditional Image Generation

1 code implementation ICCV 2023 Shengxi Li, Jialu Zhang, Yifei Li, Mai Xu, Xin Deng, Li Li

The emergence of conditional generative adversarial networks (cGANs) has revolutionised the way we approach and control the generation, by means of adversarially learning joint distributions of data and auxiliary information.

Conditional Image Generation Generative Adversarial Network

A Survey on Knowledge-Enhanced Pre-trained Language Models

no code implementations27 Dec 2022 Chaoqi Zhen, Yanlei Shang, Xiangyu Liu, Yifei Li, Yong Chen, Dell Zhang

Natural Language Processing (NLP) has been revolutionized by the use of Pre-trained Language Models (PLMs) such as BERT.

Input-Tuning: Adapting Unfamiliar Inputs to Frozen Pretrained Models

no code implementations7 Mar 2022 Shengnan An, Yifei Li, Zeqi Lin, Qian Liu, Bei Chen, Qiang Fu, Weizhu Chen, Nanning Zheng, Jian-Guang Lou

This motivates us to propose input-tuning, which fine-tunes both the continuous prompts and the input representations, leading to a more effective way to adapt unfamiliar inputs to frozen PLMs.

Language Modelling Natural Language Understanding +1

Does Text Attract Attention on E-Commerce Images: A Novel Saliency Prediction Dataset and Method

1 code implementation CVPR 2022 Lai Jiang, Yifei Li, Shengxi Li, Mai Xu, Se Lei, Yichen Guo, Bo Huang

E-commerce images are playing a central role in attracting people's attention when retailing and shopping online, and an accurate attention prediction is of significant importance for both customers and retailers, where its research is yet to start.

Multi-Task Learning Saliency Prediction +1

Interpreting how nonlinear diffusion affects the fate of bistable populations using a discrete modelling framework

1 code implementation21 Dec 2021 Yifei Li, Pascal R. Buenzli, Matthew J. Simpson

One way of exploring this question is to study population dynamics using reaction-diffusion equations, where migration is usually represented as a linear diffusion term, and birth-death is represented with a bistable source term.

DiffCloth: Differentiable Cloth Simulation with Dry Frictional Contact

1 code implementation9 Jun 2021 Yifei Li, Tao Du, Kui Wu, Jie Xu, Wojciech Matusik

This work presents a differentiable cloth simulator whose additional gradient information facilitates cloth-related applications.

Extinction of bistable populations is affected by the shape of their initial spatial distribution

1 code implementation5 Jan 2021 Yifei Li, Stuart T. Johnston, Pascal R. Buenzli, Peter van Heijster, Matthew J. Simpson

In this work we study population survival or extinction using a stochastic, discrete lattice-based random walk model where individuals undergo movement, birth and death events.


An energy-stable parametric finite element method for anisotropic surface diffusion

no code implementations10 Dec 2020 Yifei Li, Weizhu Bao

We propose an energy-stable parametric finite element method (ES-PFEM) to discretize the motion of a closed curve under surface diffusion with an anisotropic surface energy $\gamma(\theta)$ -- anisotropic surface diffusion -- in two dimensions, while $\theta$ is the angle between the outward unit normal vector and the vertical axis.

Numerical Analysis Numerical Analysis

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