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Reduced Reference Quality Assessment for Point Cloud Compression

no code implementations3 Jan 2023 Yipeng Liu, Qi Yang, Yiling Xu

Specifically, we use the attribute and geometry quantization steps of different compression methods (i. e., V-PCC, G-PCC and AVS) to infer the point cloud quality, assuming that the point clouds have no other distortions before compression.

Point Cloud Quality Assessment Quantization

GPA-Net:No-Reference Point Cloud Quality Assessment with Multi-task Graph Convolutional Network

no code implementations29 Oct 2022 Ziyu Shan, Qi Yang, Rui Ye, Yujie Zhang, Yiling Xu, Xiaozhong Xu, Shan Liu

To extract effective features for PCQA, we propose a new graph convolution kernel, i. e., GPAConv, which attentively captures the perturbation of structure and texture.

Philosophy Point Cloud Quality Assessment

Evaluating Point Cloud Quality via Transformational Complexity

no code implementations10 Oct 2022 Yujie Zhang, Qi Yang, Yifei Zhou, Xiaozhong Xu, Le Yang, Yiling Xu

Full-reference point cloud quality assessment (FR-PCQA) aims to infer the quality of distorted point clouds with available references.

Point Cloud Quality Assessment

Point Cloud Quality Assessment using 3D Saliency Maps

no code implementations30 Sep 2022 Zhengyu Wang, Yujie Zhang, Qi Yang, Yiling Xu, Jun Sun, Shan Liu

Considering the importance of saliency detection in quality assessment, we propose an effective full-reference PCQA metric which makes the first attempt to utilize the saliency information to facilitate quality prediction, called point cloud quality assessment using 3D saliency maps (PQSM).

Point Cloud Quality Assessment Saliency Detection

Multiscale Latent-Guided Entropy Model for LiDAR Point Cloud Compression

no code implementations26 Sep 2022 Tingyu Fan, Linyao Gao, Yiling Xu, Dong Wang, Zhu Li

Besides, we propose a residual coding framework for the compression of the latent variable, which explores the spatial correlation of each layer by progressive downsampling, and model the corresponding residual with a fully-factorized entropy model.

H2-Stereo: High-Speed, High-Resolution Stereoscopic Video System

no code implementations4 Aug 2022 Ming Cheng, Yiling Xu, Wang Shen, M. Salman Asif, Chao Ma, Jun Sun, Zhan Ma

We utilize a disparity network to transfer spatiotemporal information across views even in large disparity scenes, based on which, we propose disparity-guided flow-based warping for LSR-HFR view and complementary warping for HSR-LFR view.


D-DPCC: Deep Dynamic Point Cloud Compression via 3D Motion Prediction

no code implementations2 May 2022 Tingyu Fan, Linyao Gao, Yiling Xu, Zhu Li, Dong Wang

This paper proposes a novel 3D sparse convolution-based Deep Dynamic Point Cloud Compression (D-DPCC) network to compensate and compress the DPC geometry with 3D motion estimation and motion compensation in the feature space.

Motion Compensation Motion Estimation +2

4DAC: Learning Attribute Compression for Dynamic Point Clouds

no code implementations25 Apr 2022 Guangchi Fang, Qingyong Hu, Yiling Xu, Yulan Guo

In addition, we also propose a deep conditional entropy model to estimate the probability distribution of the transformed coefficients, by incorporating temporal context from consecutive point clouds and the motion estimation/compensation modules.

Data Compression Motion Compensation +1

3DAC: Learning Attribute Compression for Point Clouds

1 code implementation CVPR 2022 Guangchi Fang, Qingyong Hu, Hanyun Wang, Yiling Xu, Yulan Guo

Finally, the estimated probabilities are used to further compress these transform coefficients to a final attributes bitstream.

No-Reference Point Cloud Quality Assessment via Domain Adaptation

1 code implementation CVPR 2022 Qi Yang, Yipeng Liu, Siheng Chen, Yiling Xu, Jun Sun

We present a novel no-reference quality assessment metric, the image transferred point cloud quality assessment (IT-PCQA), for 3D point clouds.

Domain Adaptation Point Cloud Quality Assessment

ANT: Learning Accurate Network Throughput for Better Adaptive Video Streaming

no code implementations26 Apr 2021 Jiaoyang Yin, Yiling Xu, Hao Chen, Yunfei Zhang, Steve Appleby, Zhan Ma

Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR) decision plays a crucial role for ensuring satisfactory Quality of Experience (QoE) in video streaming applications, in which past network statistics are mainly leveraged for future network bandwidth prediction.

Reinforcement Learning (RL)

MPED: Quantifying Point Cloud Distortion based on Multiscale Potential Energy Discrepancy

1 code implementation4 Mar 2021 Qi Yang, Yujie Zhang, Siheng Chen, Yiling Xu, Jun Sun, Zhan Ma

In this paper, we propose a new distortion quantification method for point clouds, the multiscale potential energy discrepancy (MPED).

Point cloud reconstruction

Inferring Point Cloud Quality via Graph Similarity

1 code implementation31 May 2020 Qi Yang, Zhan Ma, Yiling Xu, Zhu Li, Jun Sun

We propose the GraphSIM -- an objective metric to accurately predict the subjective quality of point cloud with superimposed geometry and color impairments.

Graph Similarity

A Dual Camera System for High Spatiotemporal Resolution Video Acquisition

no code implementations28 Sep 2019 Ming Cheng, Zhan Ma, M. Salman Asif, Yiling Xu, Haojie Liu, Wenbo Bao, Jun Sun

This paper presents a dual camera system for high spatiotemporal resolution (HSTR) video acquisition, where one camera shoots a video with high spatial resolution and low frame rate (HSR-LFR) and another one captures a low spatial resolution and high frame rate (LSR-HFR) video.

Learned Quality Enhancement via Multi-Frame Priors for HEVC Compliant Low-Delay Applications

no code implementations3 May 2019 Ming Lu, Ming Cheng, Yiling Xu, ShiLiang Pu, Qiu Shen, Zhan Ma

Networked video applications, e. g., video conferencing, often suffer from poor visual quality due to unexpected network fluctuation and limited bandwidth.

Video Compression

IoT Security: An End-to-End View and Case Study

no code implementations15 May 2018 Zhen Ling, Kaizheng Liu, Yiling Xu, Chao GAO, Yier Jin, Cliff Zou, Xinwen Fu, Wei Zhao

The work in this paper raises the alarm again for the IoT device manufacturers to better secure their products in order to prevent malware attacks like Mirai.

Cryptography and Security

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