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Knowledge-Augmented Contrastive Learning for Abnormality Classification and Localization in Chest X-rays with Radiomics using a Feedback Loop

no code implementations11 Apr 2021 Yan Han, Chongyan Chen, Ahmed Tewfik, Benjamin Glicksberg, Ying Ding, Yifan Peng, Zhangyang Wang

The key knob of our framework is a unique positive sampling approach tailored for the medical images, by seamlessly integrating radiomic features as a knowledge augmentation.

Contrastive Learning

Bootstrapping Your Own Positive Sample: Contrastive Learning With Electronic Health Record Data

no code implementations7 Apr 2021 Tingyi Wanyan, Jing Zhang, Ying Ding, Ariful Azad, Zhangyang Wang, Benjamin S Glicksberg

Electronic Health Record (EHR) data has been of tremendous utility in Artificial Intelligence (AI) for healthcare such as predicting future clinical events.

Contrastive Learning Data Augmentation

Pneumonia Detection on Chest X-ray using Radiomic Features and Contrastive Learning

no code implementations12 Jan 2021 Yan Han, Chongyan Chen, Ahmed H Tewfik, Ying Ding, Yifan Peng

Traditionally, radiomics, as a subfield of radiology that can extract a large number of quantitative features from medical images, demonstrates its potential to facilitate medical imaging diagnosis before the deep learning era.

Contrastive Learning Pneumonia Detection

Spending Your Winning Lottery Better After Drawing It

1 code implementation8 Jan 2021 Ajay Kumar Jaiswal, Haoyu Ma, Tianlong Chen, Ying Ding, Zhangyang Wang

In this paper, we demonstrate that it is unnecessary for spare retraining to strictly inherit those properties from the dense network.

Knowledge Distillation

Deep Learning with Heterogeneous Graph Embeddings for Mortality Prediction from Electronic Health Records

no code implementations28 Dec 2020 Tingyi Wanyan, Hossein Honarvar, Ariful Azad, Ying Ding, Benjamin S. Glicksberg

In this work, we train a Heterogeneous Graph Model (HGM) on Electronic Health Record data and use the resulting embedding vector as additional information added to a Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) model for predicting in-hospital mortality.

Mortality Prediction

Understanding Team Collaboration in Artificial Intelligence from the perspective of Geographic Distance

no code implementations25 Dec 2020 Xuli Tang, Xin Li, Ying Ding, Feicheng Ma

This paper analyzes team collaboration in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) from the perspective of geographic distance.

Coronavirus Knowledge Graph: A Case Study

no code implementations4 Jul 2020 Chongyan Chen, Islam Akef Ebeid, Yi Bu, Ying Ding

The emergence of the novel COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on global healthcare and the economy over the past few months.

graph construction Knowledge Graphs

Analysis of misinformation during the COVID-19 outbreak in China: cultural, social and political entanglements

1 code implementation21 May 2020 Yan Leng, Yujia Zhai, Shaojing Sun, Yifei Wu, Jordan Selzer, Sharon Strover, Julia Fensel, Alex Pentland, Ying Ding

COVID-19 resulted in an infodemic, which could erode public trust, impede virus containment, and outlive the pandemic itself.

Social and Information Networks Computers and Society

Analyzing Linguistic Complexity and Scientific Impact

no code implementations27 Jul 2019 Chao Lu, Yi Bu, Xianlei Dong, Jie Wang, Ying Ding, Vincent Larivière, Cassidy R. Sugimoto, Logan Paul, Chengzhi Zhang

In this context, scientific writing increasingly plays an important role in scholars' scientific careers.

edge2vec: Representation learning using edge semantics for biomedical knowledge discovery

1 code implementation7 Sep 2018 Zheng Gao, Gang Fu, Chunping Ouyang, Satoshi Tsutsui, Xiaozhong Liu, Jeremy Yang, Christopher Gessner, Brian Foote, David Wild, Qi Yu, Ying Ding

We propose this method for its added value relative to existing graph analytical methodology, and in the real world context of biomedical knowledge discovery applicability.

Biomedical Information Retrieval Information Retrieval +2

Examining Scientific Writing Styles from the Perspective of Linguistic Complexity

no code implementations22 Jul 2018 Chao Lu, Yi Bu, Jie Wang, Ying Ding, Vetle Torvik, Matthew Schnaars, Chengzhi Zhang

The observations suggest marginal differences between groups in syntactical and lexical complexity.

DIMM-SC: A Dirichlet mixture model for clustering droplet-based single cell transcriptomic data

no code implementations6 Apr 2017 Zhe Sun, Ting Wang, Ke Deng, Xiao-Feng Wang, Robert Lafyatis, Ying Ding, Ming Hu, Wei Chen

More importantly, as a model-based approach, DIMM-SC is able to quantify the clustering uncertainty for each single cell, facilitating rigorous statistical inference and biological interpretations, which are typically unavailable from existing clustering methods.

Meta Path-Based Collective Classification in Heterogeneous Information Networks

no code implementations20 May 2013 Xiangnan Kong, Bokai Cao, Philip S. Yu, Ying Ding, David J. Wild

Moreover, by considering different linkage paths in the network, one can capture the subtlety of different types of dependencies among objects.

Classification General Classification

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