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More is Better: Enhancing Open-Domain Dialogue Generation via Multi-Source Heterogeneous Knowledge

1 code implementation EMNLP 2021 Sixing Wu, Ying Li, Minghui Wang, Dawei Zhang, Yang Zhou, Zhonghai Wu

Despite achieving remarkable performance, previous knowledge-enhanced works usually only use a single-source homogeneous knowledge base of limited knowledge coverage.

Dialogue Generation

APGN: Adversarial and Parameter Generation Networks for Multi-Source Cross-Domain Dependency Parsing

no code implementations Findings (EMNLP) 2021 Ying Li, Meishan Zhang, Zhenghua Li, Min Zhang, Zhefeng Wang, Baoxing Huai, Nicholas Jing Yuan

Thanks to the strong representation learning capability of deep learning, especially pre-training techniques with language model loss, dependency parsing has achieved great performance boost in the in-domain scenario with abundant labeled training data for target domains.

Dependency Parsing Language Modelling +1

Swin-Pose: Swin Transformer Based Human Pose Estimation

no code implementations19 Jan 2022 Zinan Xiong, Chenxi Wang, Ying Li, Yan Luo, Yu Cao

We are interested in exploring its capability in human pose estimation, and thus propose a novel model based on transformer architecture, enhanced with a feature pyramid fusion structure.

Pose Estimation

3D-ANAS v2: Grafting Transformer Module on Automatically Designed ConvNet for Hyperspectral Image Classification

no code implementations21 Oct 2021 Xizhe Xue, Haokui Zhang, Zongwen Bai, Ying Li

Experimental results show that the proposed method achieves much better performance than comparison approaches, and both adopting the proposed hybrid search space and grafting transformer module improves classification accuracy.

Hyperspectral Image Classification Neural Architecture Search

A Vertical Federated Learning Framework for Horizontally Partitioned Labels

no code implementations18 Jun 2021 Wensheng Xia, Ying Li, Lan Zhang, Zhonghai Wu, Xiaoyong Yuan

To address these challenges, we propose a novel vertical federated learning framework named Cascade Vertical Federated Learning (CVFL) to fully utilize all horizontally partitioned labels to train neural networks with privacy-preservation.

Federated Learning

DCF-ASN: Coarse-to-fine Real-time Visual Tracking via Discriminative Correlation Filter and Attentional Siamese Network

no code implementations19 Mar 2021 Xizhe Xue, Ying Li, Xiaoyue Yin, Qiang Shen

Discriminative correlation filters (DCF) and siamese networks have achieved promising performance on visual tracking tasks thanks to their superior computational efficiency and reliable similarity metric learning, respectively.

Metric Learning Real-Time Visual Tracking

Topological Luttinger semimetallic phase accompanied with surface states realized in silicon

no code implementations4 Mar 2021 Ying Li, Chi-Ho Cheung, Gang Xu

More importantly, the topological surface states in the LSM phase fill in the gap between the topological matters and silicon, which provide an opportunity to integrate the topological quantum devices and silicon chips together.

Materials Science

Plasmonic Waveguides to Enhance Quantum Electrodynamic Phenomena at the Nanoscale

no code implementations16 Feb 2021 Ying Li, Christos Argyropoulos

We demonstrate different ways to enhance a diverse range of quantum electrodynamic phenomena based on plasmonic configurations by using the classical dyadic tensor Green function formalism.

Quantization Optics

A Histogram Thresholding Improvement to Mask R-CNN for Scalable Segmentation of New and Old Rural Buildings

no code implementations8 Feb 2021 Ying Li, Weipan Xu, Haohui Chen, Junhao Jiang, Xun Li

This study proposes a novel framework based on Mask R-CNN, named HTMask R-CNN, to extract new and old rural buildings even when the label is scarce.

Instance Segmentation Semantic Segmentation

3D-ANAS: 3D Asymmetric Neural Architecture Search for Fast Hyperspectral Image Classification

1 code implementation12 Jan 2021 Haokui Zhang, Chengrong Gong, Yunpeng Bai, Zongwen Bai, Ying Li

Correspondingly, different models need to be designed for different datasets, which further increases the workload of designing architectures; 2) the mainstream framework is a patch-to-pixel framework.

General Classification Hyperspectral Image Classification +1

Memory-Efficient Hierarchical Neural Architecture Search for Image Restoration

1 code implementation24 Dec 2020 Haokui Zhang, Ying Li, Hao Chen, Chengrong Gong, Zongwen Bai, Chunhua Shen

For the inner search space, we propose a layer-wise architecture sharing strategy (LWAS), resulting in more flexible architectures and better performance.

Image Denoising Image Restoration +2

Hyperspectral Classification Based on Lightweight 3-D-CNN With Transfer Learning

1 code implementation7 Dec 2020 Haokui Zhang, Ying Li, Yenan Jiang, Peng Wang, Qiang Shen, Chunhua Shen

In contrast to previous approaches, we do not impose restrictions over the source data sets, in which they do not have to be collected by the same sensors as the target data sets.

General Classification Transfer Learning

Cirrus: A Long-range Bi-pattern LiDAR Dataset

no code implementations5 Dec 2020 Ze Wang, Sihao Ding, Ying Li, Jonas Fenn, Sohini Roychowdhury, Andreas Wallin, Lane Martin, Scott Ryvola, Guillermo Sapiro, Qiang Qiu

Point density varies significantly across such a long range, and different scanning patterns further diversify object representation in LiDAR.

3D Object Detection Autonomous Driving +1

Multi-view Classification Model for Knowledge Graph Completion

no code implementations Asian Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics 2020 Wenbin Jiang, Mengfei Guo, Yufeng Chen, Ying Li, Jinan Xu, Yajuan Lyu, Yong Zhu

This paper describes a novel multi-view classification model for knowledge graph completion, where multiple classification views are performed based on both content and context information for candidate triple evaluation.

Knowledge Graph Completion

Semi-supervised Domain Adaptation for Dependency Parsing via Improved Contextualized Word Representations

no code implementations COLING 2020 Ying Li, Zhenghua Li, Min Zhang

The major challenge for current parsing research is to improve parsing performance on out-of-domain texts that are very different from the in-domain training data when there is only a small-scale out-domain labeled data.

Dependency Parsing Domain Adaptation +1

Robust Correlation Tracking via Multi-channel Fused Features and Reliable Response Map

no code implementations25 Nov 2020 Xizhe Xue, Ying Li, Qiang Shen

Benefiting from its ability to efficiently learn how an object is changing, correlation filters have recently demonstrated excellent performance for rapidly tracking objects.

Visual Tracking

Pushing The Limit of Type I Codebook For FDD Massive MIMO Beamforming: A Channel Covariance Reconstruction Approach

no code implementations22 Oct 2020 Kai Li, Ying Li, Lei Cheng, Qingjiang Shi, Zhi-Quan Luo

There is a fundamental trade-off between the channel representation resolution of codebooks and the overheads of feedback communications in the fifth generation new radio (5G NR) frequency division duplex (FDD) massive multiple-input and multiple-output (MIMO) systems.

Hyperspectral Image Classification with Spatial Consistence Using Fully Convolutional Spatial Propagation Network

no code implementations4 Aug 2020 Yenan Jiang, Ying Li, Shanrong Zou, Haokui Zhang, Yunpeng Bai

However, the existing CNN-based models operate at the patch-level, in which pixel is separately classified into classes using a patch of images around it.

General Classification Hyperspectral Image Classification

Locality-Aware Rotated Ship Detection in High-Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery Based on Multi-Scale Convolutional Network

no code implementations24 Jul 2020 Lingyi Liu, Yunpeng Bai, Ying Li

Ship detection has been an active and vital topic in the field of remote sensing for a decade, but it is still a challenging problem due to the large scale variations, the high aspect ratios, the intensive arrangement, and the background clutter disturbance.

A novel random access scheme for M2M communication in crowded asynchronous massive MIMO systems

no code implementations13 Jul 2020 Huimei Han, Wenchao Zhai, Zhefu Wu, Ying Li, Jun Zhao, Mingda Chen

Simulation results show that, compared to the exiting random access scheme for the crowded asynchronous massive MIMO systems, the proposed scheme can improve the uplink throughput and estimate the effective timing offsets accurately at the same time.

Polestar: An Intelligent, Efficient and National-Wide Public Transportation Routing Engine

no code implementations11 Jul 2020 Hao Liu, Ying Li, Yanjie Fu, Huaibo Mei, Jingbo Zhou, Xu Ma, Hui Xiong

Then, we introduce a general route search algorithm coupled with an efficient station binding method for efficient route candidate generation.

Deep Learning for LiDAR Point Clouds in Autonomous Driving: A Review

no code implementations20 May 2020 Ying Li, Lingfei Ma, Zilong Zhong, Fei Liu, Dongpu Cao, Jonathan Li, Michael A. Chapman

In this paper, we provide a systematic review of existing compelling deep learning architectures applied in LiDAR point clouds, detailing for specific tasks in autonomous driving such as segmentation, detection, and classification.

3D Semantic Segmentation Autonomous Driving +2

Quantifying the Economic Impact of COVID-19 in Mainland China Using Human Mobility Data

no code implementations6 May 2020 Jizhou Huang, Haifeng Wang, Haoyi Xiong, Miao Fan, An Zhuo, Ying Li, Dejing Dou

While these strategies have effectively dealt with the critical situations of outbreaks, the combination of the pandemic and mobility controls has slowed China's economic growth, resulting in the first quarterly decline of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) since GDP began to be calculated, in 1992.

Toronto-3D: A Large-scale Mobile LiDAR Dataset for Semantic Segmentation of Urban Roadways

1 code implementation18 Mar 2020 Weikai Tan, Nannan Qin, Lingfei Ma, Ying Li, Jing Du, Guorong Cai, Ke Yang, Jonathan Li

Semantic segmentation of large-scale outdoor point clouds is essential for urban scene understanding in various applications, especially autonomous driving and urban high-definition (HD) mapping.

Autonomous Driving Scene Understanding +1

Range Adaptation for 3D Object Detection in LiDAR

no code implementations26 Sep 2019 Ze Wang, Sihao Ding, Ying Li, Minming Zhao, Sohini Roychowdhury, Andreas Wallin, Guillermo Sapiro, Qiang Qiu

To the best of our knowledge, this paper is the first attempt to study cross-range LiDAR adaptation for object detection in point clouds.

3D Object Detection Autonomous Driving

FPCNet: Fast Pavement Crack Detection Network Based on Encoder-Decoder Architecture

no code implementations4 Jul 2019 Wenjun Liu, Yuchun Huang, Ying Li, Qi Chen

Specifically, we first propose the Multi-Dilation (MD) module, which can synthesize the crack features of multiple context sizes via dilated convolution with multiple rates.

Variational quantum simulation of general processes

no code implementations20 Dec 2018 Suguru Endo, Jinzhao Sun, Ying Li, Simon Benjamin, Xiao Yuan

Finally, we introduce variational quantum simulation for open system dynamics.

Quantum Physics

Theory of variational quantum simulation

no code implementations20 Dec 2018 Xiao Yuan, Suguru Endo, Qi Zhao, Ying Li, Simon Benjamin

In this work, we introduce variational quantum simulation of mixed states under general stochastic evolution.

Quantum Physics

RGB-D Based Action Recognition with Light-weight 3D Convolutional Networks

no code implementations24 Nov 2018 Haokui Zhang, Ying Li, Peng Wang, Yu Liu, Chunhua Shen

Different from RGB videos, depth data in RGB-D videos provide key complementary information for tristimulus visual data which potentially could achieve accuracy improvement for action recognition.

Action Recognition

Variational quantum simulation of imaginary time evolution

2 code implementations9 Apr 2018 Sam McArdle, Tyson Jones, Suguru Endo, Ying Li, Simon Benjamin, Xiao Yuan

Imaginary time evolution is a powerful tool for studying quantum systems.

Quantum Physics

Simultaneous Modeling of Multiple Complications for Risk Profiling in Diabetes Care

no code implementations19 Feb 2018 Bin Liu, Ying Li, Soumya Ghosh, Zhaonan Sun, Kenney Ng, Jianying Hu

The proposed method is favorable for healthcare applications because in additional to improved prediction performance, relationships among the different risks and risk factors are also identified.

Multi-Task Learning

16-qubit IBM universal quantum computer can be fully entangled

no code implementations11 Jan 2018 Yuanhao Wang, Ying Li, Zhang-qi Yin, Bei Zeng

Entanglement is an important evidence that a quantum device can potentially solve problems intractable for classical computers.

Quantum Physics

A Mandarin-English Code-Switching Corpus

no code implementations LREC 2012 Ying Li, Yue Yu, Pascale Fung

Generally the existing monolingual corpora are not suitable for large vocabulary continuous speech recognition (LVCSR) of code-switching speech.

Boundary Detection Language Identification +2

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