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How does Multi-Task Training Affect Transformer In-Context Capabilities? Investigations with Function Classes

1 code implementation4 Apr 2024 Harmon Bhasin, Timothy Ossowski, Yiqiao Zhong, Junjie Hu

Large language models (LLM) have recently shown the extraordinary ability to perform unseen tasks based on few-shot examples provided as text, also known as in-context learning (ICL).

In-Context Learning Multi-Task Learning

Uncovering hidden geometry in Transformers via disentangling position and context

1 code implementation7 Oct 2023 Jiajun Song, Yiqiao Zhong

Given embedding vector $\boldsymbol{h}_{c, t} \in \mathbb{R}^d$ at sequence position $t \le T$ in a sequence (or context) $c \le C$, extracting the mean effects yields the decomposition \[ \boldsymbol{h}_{c, t} = \boldsymbol{\mu} + \mathbf{pos}_t + \mathbf{ctx}_c + \mathbf{resid}_{c, t} \] where $\boldsymbol{\mu}$ is the global mean vector, $\mathbf{pos}_t$ and $\mathbf{ctx}_c$ are the mean vectors across contexts and across positions respectively, and $\mathbf{resid}_{c, t}$ is the residual vector.

Dictionary Learning POS +1

Unraveling Projection Heads in Contrastive Learning: Insights from Expansion and Shrinkage

no code implementations6 Jun 2023 Yu Gui, Cong Ma, Yiqiao Zhong

Firstly, through empirical and theoretical analysis, we identify two crucial effects -- expansion and shrinkage -- induced by the contrastive loss on the projectors.

Contrastive Learning

Tractability from overparametrization: The example of the negative perceptron

no code implementations28 Oct 2021 Andrea Montanari, Yiqiao Zhong, Kangjie Zhou

In the negative perceptron problem we are given $n$ data points $({\boldsymbol x}_i, y_i)$, where ${\boldsymbol x}_i$ is a $d$-dimensional vector and $y_i\in\{+1,-1\}$ is a binary label.

A Selective Overview of Deep Learning

no code implementations10 Apr 2019 Jianqing Fan, Cong Ma, Yiqiao Zhong

Deep learning has arguably achieved tremendous success in recent years.

Robust high dimensional factor models with applications to statistical machine learning

no code implementations12 Aug 2018 Jianqing Fan, Kaizheng Wang, Yiqiao Zhong, Ziwei Zhu

Factor models are a class of powerful statistical models that have been widely used to deal with dependent measurements that arise frequently from various applications from genomics and neuroscience to economics and finance.

BIG-bench Machine Learning Model Selection +1

Differentially Private Data Releasing for Smooth Queries with Synthetic Database Output

no code implementations6 Jan 2014 Chi Jin, Ziteng Wang, Junliang Huang, Yiqiao Zhong, Li-Wei Wang

We develop an $\epsilon$-differentially private mechanism for the class of $K$-smooth queries.

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