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Learn to Adapt for Generalized Zero-Shot Text Classification

1 code implementation ACL 2022 Yiwen Zhang, Caixia Yuan, Xiaojie Wang, Ziwei Bai, Yongbin Liu

Generalized zero-shot text classification aims to classify textual instances from both previously seen classes and incrementally emerging unseen classes.

Classification Generalized Zero-Shot Learning +2

Investigating Transfer Learning in Multilingual Pre-trained Language Models through Chinese Natural Language Inference

1 code implementation Findings (ACL) 2021 Hai Hu, He Zhou, Zuoyu Tian, Yiwen Zhang, Yina Ma, Yanting Li, Yixin Nie, Kyle Richardson

These results, however, come with important caveats: cross-lingual models often perform best when trained on a mixture of English and high-quality monolingual NLI data (OCNLI), and are often hindered by automatically translated resources (XNLI-zh).

Cross-Lingual Transfer Natural Language Inference +1

MUSE: Multi-faceted Attention for Signed Network Embedding

no code implementations29 Apr 2021 Dengcheng Yan, Youwen Zhang, Wei Li, Yiwen Zhang

Signed network embedding is an approach to learn low-dimensional representations of nodes in signed networks with both positive and negative links, which facilitates downstream tasks such as link prediction with general data mining frameworks.

Link Prediction Network Embedding

Hypernetwork Dismantling via Deep Reinforcement Learning

no code implementations29 Apr 2021 Dengcheng Yan, Wenxin Xie, Yiwen Zhang, Qiang He, Yun Yang

Network dismantling aims to degrade the connectivity of a network by removing an optimal set of nodes.


Causal Learner: A Toolbox for Causal Structure and Markov Blanket Learning

1 code implementation11 Mar 2021 Zhaolong Ling, Kui Yu, Yiwen Zhang, Lin Liu, Jiuyong Li

Causal Learner is a toolbox for learning causal structure and Markov blanket (MB) from data.

Heterogeneous Information Network-based Interest Composition with Graph Neural Network for Recommendation

no code implementations11 Mar 2021 Dengcheng Yan, Wenxin Xie, Yiwen Zhang

Then, users' interests in each item from each pair of related meta-paths are calculated by a combination of the user and item representations.

Recommendation Systems

Session-based Social and Dependency-aware Software Recommendation

no code implementations10 Mar 2021 Dengcheng Yan, Tianyi Tang, Wenxin Xie, Yiwen Zhang, Qiang He

With the increase of complexity of modern software, social collaborative coding and reuse of open source software packages become more and more popular, which thus greatly enhances the development efficiency and software quality.

Graph Attention Recommendation Systems

HyperCI: A Higher Order Collective Influence Measure for Hypernetwork Dismantling

no code implementations10 Mar 2021 Dengcheng Yan, Zijian Wu, Yiwen Zhang

However, conventional network dismantling approaches focus on simple network which models only pairwise interaction between nodes while groupwise interactions among arbitrary number of nodes are ubiquitous in networked systems like integrated circuits.

Social and Information Networks Physics and Society

Ensemble Methods to Distinguish Mainland and Taiwan Chinese

no code implementations WS 2019 Hai Hu, Wen Li, He Zhou, Zuoyu Tian, Yiwen Zhang, Liang Zou

This paper describes the IUCL system at VarDial 2019 evaluation campaign for the task of discriminating between Mainland and Taiwan variation of mandarin Chinese.

Word Embeddings

Path of Vowel Raising in Chengdu Dialect of Mandarin

no code implementations11 Mar 2018 Hai Hu, Yiwen Zhang

He and Rao (2013) reported a raising phenomenon of /a/ in /Xan/ (X being a consonant or a vowel) in Chengdu dialect of Mandarin, i. e. /a/ is realized as [epsilon] for young speakers but [ae] for older speakers, but they offered no acoustic analysis.

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